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  1. I started at page 16 I see the answer has been covered already lol nevermind then we all get the picture lol
  2. no one said or would know! that Bogdan would say or prevent nudity...he is European esp. East Euro where nudity is common everywhere... this is a ridiculous speculation... he has been around plenty of the nudity and especially with Elian who is 90% nudists... he played with them nude at poolside ....ridiculous ... does he remove himself , yes most times out of a certain amount of respect for the girls to hang loose and maybe for his wifes sake to prevent any jealous feelings ...which I doubt Nelly would have .. Nudity is normal and especially with GOV in a Villa with a Pool in hot hot hot Bar
  3. wow thats a lot of revealing info... I have always liked them both ...a year back I was sure there was trouble in Doggy Land and Linda was ??? maybe having an affair? ?? but this couple has cooled a lot since her my Only Fans thing...perhaps she is being drawn in to that world and the freaks are next level at tempting these girls away and along their cons and tricks ... who knows but this info of her extra bates and not registering on (a major surprise to me -- so many soc. media platforms ) is fuel for the affair fires .... thanks for the cool insight
  4. it was so funny from an 80 year old granny... not a word a lady would use or like in Canada let alone from someones grandma .. lmao
  5. well yes but you are also totally right about the cowards and would be annoying pricks who use them to well 'annoy' and as you say not related to the content... do you brits use 'TWATS'? your pretty easy going on using cunt... lol one day I'm in a pub in Aberdeen ...big screen football game with Beckham playing for England .. so this drunk guy is following Becks along the screen and pointing at him continually yelling at him " you're SHITE, your fuckin SHITE ... ok I'm sitting ringside beside screen and then this top 70's year old lady keeps screaming across the bar at this guy to "S
  6. hahahaha FG in da House.... No way! but many here would love that...
  7. yes !!! and it was 3's a company John Ritter and Suzanne Summers and ? but he was the wack job landlord ...
  8. ya know they are in Barcelona .. sexy beaches and this is a very uninhibited culture there ....so any hot guy has massive pickings with the young girl tourists that come there by the thousands (many college girls from North America Europe and the world ...typical and Barcelona and world class IBIZA is there... so you could be fucking Don Knotts (old guy reference USA (Andy of Mayberry, 3 is a crowd? , was he in Maxwell Smart ) and get laid a lot ... tough to be a monogamous couple I'd say and too easy to stray..
  9. very nice ... I believe Eli is out of sorts today...on a major cleaning binge, some cooking for the guests ( Ariana ran the kitchen hard however and it was great fun to see) but kept a low profile (in and out of bed ? I heard that time of the month and could take her period hard .... so very sweet of Tesla to massage away some blues .... always more and more dimensions to these 2 Twinkies
  10. I'm not sure we watched from the same universe (and it seems like that some days around here ) but Viv was in a good mood, smiling, talking, joking, in and out of the groups ???? Nana is fine while figuring this all out and a fine ass I must add. As far as returning favors could be as they all eventually all put on a social get together, as they should, for this Russian community away from home ... but I believe the Villa with the Pool and hot tub and biggest facilities should/will become an early day regular thing ... fun in the sun, some food and relax, then go and raise some he
  11. bubble bath time !.... a very good life in the Villa today would have been a great promo commercial for RLC recruiting video
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