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  1. She has a sexy body shape, delicious pussy to look at ( can't touch this da, da ,da ,da) and parades herself very sexy.... I can live with fake tits … Why do you get yourself so worked up ...find the good things or don't visit the apt. I never understand this criticism???? but people like you fill these pages so you have an audience... carry on.... I guess I will stop commenting and just enjoy the show I see and enjoy....
  2. As I say...I am a free loader voyeur.... but I thought the ones who pay get access to all this bedroom and shower nudity and screwing around....Is there really that little nudity from Sera... ? I guess I will stop commenting as everything will play out
  3. Who are you...lol.... what a strange observation and comment..... for me if the tree has no tits...I will never notice..... maybe you are a detective in your real life???? funny thanks
  4. LOL... remember the good old days of free living room camera that showed the whole floor area... the dancing, the exercising of Irma /Stella and visiting beauties on the couch playing... sad and this view would ours
  5. Great captures Just Man (as usual) but this Varvara seems a little more sex energized on her own and performing to us ,,,than I ever recall... vacations do wonders
  6. Gone as in Sera has Left The Building??? a couple things on her bed ???
  7. found them... forget who gets the credit …. but set those tities FREE and I just won't tire of these random moments and will miss this way more than the so called Haters... cause this is still a Hot and Sexy Woman …!
  8. This works for me ….More ...of course … I was so hoping for a slip and I'm sure if Sera could talk she would say.... and thank you again for the hot pics recently of her full frontal from her bedroom made it worth hanging around
  9. ABSOLUTELY Agree..... I mean to tease a voyeur is Money in this wacko forum (all CamCaps ) and so many other looking.... I don't even know how I found Cam Caps? That (the SERAFinas , the new girls/couple, the visiting guests is the ?bait that reals us in...… I might add how laughable that so many don't get that immediately and enjoy the game..... yet they voice there dislike/hatred as Jughead pointed out with today.... The DEMAND of more nudity/sex seems such an entitled attitude.... I could criticise this wacky freelance /kinky world doesn't meet my MY needs but I am only in this for the surprises... others...well to each there own right
  10. yup.... but more nudity from Sera would release some pent up frustration of my imagination....hahahahaha cause I dontgetnone either...
  11. getting closer on sweet Blair ..what a pair of tits worth waiting for ...super hot...so turned on in the anticipation.... and this Kylie I just want to lick and fuck and the fuck and lick and ,,.... and HOPE85 you are a fucking SUPERHERO!!! a dream maker
  12. I don't hate such a tease...I look forward to any slip of her body loosely wrapped in sexy lingerie, panties, loose robes ...and every so often a sneak peak of her beaver and full tities from a generous voyeur who courageously releases a capture from the taboo land of those that afford to pay..... I have been turned on by a simple silhouette of her T-Shirt packed full of her hot hanging, suckable TITS!!!!!!!! Nothing to hate far as I can see..... RLC must love the torment she causes in some of our dicks..... and hey! she cleans really well...
  13. even Hotscope archives have some.... or those reallifecam hd /vip sites... all the time...her preference it appears and he is $Eager to please
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