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  1. saw them modelling wedding dress and suit..... she is smiling a lot these days, dancing and playful ...she must be so happy with this wedding and marriage coming …. she is a rare and exotic beauty and Tibor is lucky to have her.... Rock Star body doesn't hurt to watch and follow either...wow
  2. any pictures of that cute pussy you care to share... I have never seen such a treasure in all the time I have been watching...and she is favourite I always enjoy watching....
  3. wish my view was into Malia's and Leora's window......oh It Is..... thanks Cam Caps
  4. Believe me it's not worth it ..it is so dark, the cameras are so far away, other than it's cool to see her turned on, there is nothing to see....shades of grey, so far away.... I did hear a mans voice on her speaker phone so it appears she does this for her boyfriend...
  5. I have to ask a favour.... does anyone have any pussy pictures of Linda? I have never been able to see or capture such a treat... some from a distance but nothing close to clear picture.. I saw some pantiless kitchen moments and have been intrigued ( horny!? ) to see a nice view.... many thanks to all Linda fans ….
  6. hey keeper31 hadn't come to chat to chat area for awhile...you are very kind to reply to my curiousity….. I like this couple a lot and will look forward to wedding festivities and seeing Linda in some hot lingerie around that time …. lol
  7. Great exotic body and WOMAN!!!! I like the character her tatties bring to this exotic body.... some tattoos are poor looking, and lack of design????? but I like art like, meaningful tattoos ….a lot of people in this forum criticize tatties ??? so to each their own ……. but we all agree on what beautiful, bountiful, natural tits this sexy woman has.... I watch her everyday (I can) cleaning kitchen topless great show and boy, can this girl clean...lol
  8. Not quite ...it's more like a mutual shared Roleplay.... they are all in it for the super turn on...combination of voyeur (like to watch, in such close proximity) ...Sexual tension for Russ to be loyal but not allowed?????? to move on Viola , Kylie being the queen Bee..... That Viola gets this other outside relationship, watching her, ( and she answers to by pussy timing her other to bate to ) is a dynamic they are all feeding off of.... that being said I want to see Russ slip that ever ready Dick in Viola in front of Kylie or even better like a cheat in another room away from her.... but fuck her !!!! this is so fun speculating....
  9. you are a beast of a contributor... If you are new or unaware ..RLC places these round circle dark spots into their feeds?  when you repost from these members only (or free cams too) they find your IP address and ban you ...so be careful,,, ask stncld 316 or admin folks for more advice …. be careful or hopefully you have tech skills to protect or re-new IP addresses??? I have no skills and have been banned .. best of luck  I can't thank you enough for The Viola pic .. I am obsessed!!! now if you are on a kamikaze run feel free to find any Olivia pics ...she is everyone's obsession  take care  wow!!!1

  10. did you catch the short bate show Viola put on for her phone a friend...mostly close up pussy play..... so there is someone special out there...but obviously these are very sexually liberated people …. I want to play with them too...
  11. a super hero ...all the same... impressive... Hopefully the tech gods can protect him?
  12. don't know who you are..but you are certainly my best friend..... betond grateful to bring to life my blurred fantasy... I sent you 20 points and you could have them all for these amazing posts...thank you !!!!
  13. Kylie has found her sexual muse.... she gets power from controlling both of them ...surely Russ and then he gets performance turn on.... Viola gets her obedience turn on...you know very S&M
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