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  1. Try living here in America with our nonsense. The people listen to the politicians instead of the experts. We will have the virus running the streets forever.
  2. Malia is doing a good job on Leora's pussy right now. I hope there is a happy ending.
  3. True she is remotely interesting. would be nice to have someone actually interesting.
  4. I was thinking she should have a place off camera, maybe in a shed out back. Just my opinion.
  5. Well how about if Elmira does some of the things Ginger did? Maybe she could practice eating pussy. I loved the time Ginger ate Irma while she was cleaning the bathtub. Sorry I had a flashback.
  6. Give Irma a little more time I am betting Megan eats her pussy within a week.
  7. I watched Babi with Ulyana, Ginger, Elettra and Fiora, now it's time for Masha who would be a very willing participant. Lets hope.
  8. Ok then carefully dispose of the teddy and try a new recipe with the Koala.
  9. Elmira is beautiful with a great body. Glad she is here. She doesn't seem shy at all.
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