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  1. ???? I looked for the Great new move tonight. Could not find the right time on replay. I'm curious, when was it?
  2. Once again Irma Is doing a good job eating pussy. Lucky Gina.
  3. They have massaged each other but no lotion yet.
  4. Mimi is doing a good job riding this guys dick on the floor.
  5. Why does Mimi pee in the tub? I would not want to use it after her.
  6. Does anyone know what they call the guest girl?
  7. The only thing I have is Milena bating Monica. If she did bate I didn't catch it.
  8. Actually the best part was Malia rubbing Leora's pussy directly in camera 9 and they did both orgasm. Plus they cuddled and touched afterwards. Well worth watching.
  9. It is back up here in Virginia, but the replay is about three hours behind.
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