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  1. Thanks, I didn't see the other cam.
  2. Saw the threesome video, Angie didn't seem very willing. But I finally got to see her do something. Couldn't imagine her sucking a dick, but she did briefly. She also did not seem to be into lesbian sex. What does she do for sex? Has she ever had sex in the house?
  3. How can you have a threesome without sex?
  4. I downloaded the sofie and nicole. it's the one where she lays between her legs and uses a vibrator on her. Then they masturbate alone. Good vid but I did already have it.
  5. keeper31

    Nina & Kira General Discussion

    So will there be another threesome tonight?
  6. That doesn't work for me. What name should google search for?
  7. keeper31

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    The Mab link works.
  8. The subject was the lack of comments for this apartment, those of us who do not have RLC accounts do not see the well placed cameras in the bedrooms and the apartment is not setup for them to be nude or bate anywhere other than the bedrooms so we have little to comment on. Not complaining just saying. actually Angie is my favorite and if I do get a RLC membership it will be because of the setup of this apartment.
  9. This apartment is setup so the tenants do not bate on public cams like the other apartments so most do not have the opportunity to see them. I am sure they are great but will not get many comments.
  10. Sounds really great, Did anyone record it?
  11. keeper31

    Nina & Kira - Videos (2018)

    Thanks for posting but when was this?
  12. keeper31

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    My take on this is if a vid is on a site I don't want to download from I don't download it and I don't bitch about it. So post away on his host you want I have no problem with it at all. Let's not complain about people trying to help. Thank you posters.
  13. Works better if you save it to MAB, most people here cannot access replays from RLC. But thanks anyway.
  14. Do they ever do more than rubbing each other? What about some actual sex?