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  1. So they were just putting on a show and went to bed alone?
  2. This raises so many questions; is there more to this? were they kidding or serious? What else do they do to each other? Is there a video? I would love to see them get it on.
  3. keeper31

    Julia & Eric - Videos (2018)

    Thank you Mittsy1, I love watching her masturbate. She gets intense.
  4. keeper31

    Julia & Eric - Videos (2018)

    Would someone please reupload this one? I have been on travel. Thanks
  5. I liked her tits, anybody got a recent picture?
  6. Are you guys kidding? She takes it in the ass, gets spanked and swallows. What more could you ask for? Oh yea she will jump into a threesome and eat pussy like there's no tomorrow. I'd do her even if her tits were made of bricks.
  7. Well someone needs to post a good bate vid of her to keep some interest in her.
  8. keeper31

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Yes I do
  9. keeper31

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Not to be difficult but the one I sawshe was in the tub with the dildo in her ass. Definitely in her anatomical ass.
  10. There was a bathtub vid where she had a dildo in her ass. I remember seeing it but no longer have it.
  11. Thanks, I didn't see the other cam.
  12. Saw the threesome video, Angie didn't seem very willing. But I finally got to see her do something. Couldn't imagine her sucking a dick, but she did briefly. She also did not seem to be into lesbian sex. What does she do for sex? Has she ever had sex in the house?