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  1. The doctor has done good job with Kitty's nose. it looks very good 👍 and she looks prettier 😊
  2. So Rena is that middle-aged brunette, IMO she is not that impressive. I guess Lauren is that blonde with short hair ( ? ), she is not bad, but nothing special.
  3. She is the only pretty girl that I have seen in this apartment for months, and Henry has no chance with her 😁
  4. yeah, like I said she had a few good weeks, and then she went on sleeping mode. she is just not reliable, so the managers are not willing to risk their money on her. she was a participant for only a few months in total, the rest of the times she's been a guest in different apartments.
  5. VH is full of interesting people,so I don't think you would have any problem finding entertainment elsewhere if you added these two to your very short ignore list 😂
  6. I bet he spends hours trimming that beard of his 😅
  7. or he should hang out with Ken and let Barbie and this girl, each find a new guy for themselves 😂
  8. she has perfect boobs but the boyfriend pays no attention to them, such a waste 😂
  9. thanks, I saw the thumbnail for this one, I thought it was that old couple so I did not click on it 😂
  10. cool, could you send it to me ? it wasn't archived. 😊
  11. did you save their sex session last time ?
  12. Bearded guy and his hot girlfriend. 👍
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