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  1. And contrary to RLC, VHTV seems to allow Nicole and Karl not only to read but also to comment in the CC forum (account "n&k").
  2. This is known for nearly 10 months already https://camcaps.net/forums/topic/12465-nicole-karl-2019-part-1/?do=findComment&comment=1635498356
  3. Alla fans are keeping the cam open, in order not to miss the start of her show
  4. You still did not get it: B4 is intended as a vacation appartment and not for permanent residents (like R1 and R2). If it is too big than not for the viewers but for RLC, because RLC has to pay 7 girls instead of 3 (in B1) and hence should achieve a much higher interest rate for B4 than for the other appartments. The comment regarding Asia and Hakeem was ironic and addressed to @ze81.
  5. You are talking about a boys apartment with girls as visitors, right? Alladino is voting for an apartment with mixed singles ... We have already one apartment, where a boy is bringing his girl friends, one night stands, etc. But he has to arrange himself with his roommate Asia.
  6. True, but as they are professional performers, their real life is completely different to ours.
  7. And they will never do. RLC mixed girls and their BF's in COV appartments, but the interest rate is smaller than for the GOV apartments. The concept mixing male and female singles in apartments with cams is called Big Brother and has nothing to do with real life at all.
  8. Nina and Kira are doing professional cam shows and are fully aware and very interested that everything they do is public. This is the worst exaple you could chose for "realism".
  9. I don't want to offend you, but if you really believe in that, you are quite naive. When cams are installed in the apartments and the tenants are aware of it (what they have to from a legal point of view), it is a show and will newer be authentic real life. The presence of cams has an impact on the persons being in the spotlight and, as I said before, the persons do not show their real life but only the part they are willing to show. Whether it's more or less authentic or a non-authentic show for the visitors depends on the actors and it definitely does not matter whether boys are present or not. However, I understand that you prefer girl/boy action than girl/girl action. So why don't you watch the COV apartment B5 or one of the couples apartments, as some others of this forum quoted already? As couples in the couples apartments live there more or less as permanent residents, their behaviour or even the behaviour of the girls in the single's apartments should match much more with you expectations of a real life. Mascha has a social life, gets visits of couples and different BF's, etc. But in the end, everythig that happens in the RLC appartments is a RLC show and the traffic in the different apartments under different conditions is analyzed by them. RLC draws it's conclusions and decides how to proceed regarding No. and type of apartments, combination of tenants and most likely tells the girls what they are allowed to do and not to do. As there is already a mixed vacation apartment (now B5, before B3), which is obviously not so much of interest as the GOV apartments B1, B2, and B4, RLC will never take boys in these 3 apartments as tenants. That's a matter of fact and - ironic or not - real (business) life.
  10. I understand your point, but to be honest, when you watch cam shows (and that's what RLC is all about), you can only judge what you like and what you don't like and believe in that it's real or not. You will never know for sure whether things you see on cams are staged or not, and this is also valid for the appearance of the boys in B1. You claim it's real, because this is your understanding or expectation of real life, others claim it's arranged by RLC. Maybe it's something inbetween and Sara and Stella agreed with the boys to perform in front of the cams, in order to make themselves more interesting for the viewers and more valuable vor RLC. My oppinion is: as it happened only in one apartment, it seems to be more a concept then coincidence. Now we have one BF showing-up once in a while in B2 ... when Aria left, some BF's or male guests might visit B4.
  11. Please keep in mind that some of the girls might be lesbian or bi already and that even hetero girls don't have to but might be intersted to try intimacies or sex with other girls, without getting lesbian or bi automatically. People do a lot of special things on vacation, especially when they are without their partners in groups and alcohol and other things are involved, and young people do it more often.
  12. I agree in most points, but not in all regarding "real life". The couple apartments show (or should show) real life in everyday life. People are at work during working hours, have sex or not, meet with friends, etc. The GOV apartments show girls on vacation and being on vacation they might do things which are oposite to everyday life. Even if the girls have boyfriends at home and are not lesbians, they might have fun and even sex together. They might bring boys to the apartment and have sex, but they don't have to. This is how a lot of young people act on vacation. From my point of view the girls can do whatever they like in the GOV apartments, but I prefer if they don't do it for show purposes only. Some people in this forum wrote that the girls are solely doing what they are told to do (by RLC) or what the RLC viewers would like to see. That's wrong. In the end all girls do what they are willing to do in front of the cams, nothing more and nothing less. Some girls might do what they are told to do, and some simply don't care and do what they want to do, e.g. more or less excessive shows, more or less authentic activities, or even nothing at all. Whether all of these types of girls ar suitable or should be in RLC projects has to be decided by RLC. It's their business and they have to decide how they can run their business in the most profitable way (looking at the traffic numbers of their website, they could do much better obviously!). A lot of us have different preferences and oppinions, and this is the reason that it is impossible that the girls do what all viewers want, even if they wanted to. Whatever they do, some viewers will like it and some will not, and I am curious what the future will bring.
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