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  1. dalia searching for porn so sit back and enjoy the 'bate'
  2. sigfried

    Lana & Robert General Chat

    i think he fucked faster tnan kitty's bf
  3. on another item, you can hear the wind and rain blowing outside, quite a storm. it's not always about sex.
  4. some guy was banging emily when his phone rang, he jumped off her like he was shot; was his mommy calling?
  5. so amina visits another appartment wearing her nighty?
  6. she massaged angie's back and buttocks and left
  7. sigfried

    Adeline & Markus

    i've have noticed when adeline has sex, she talks a lot and many times seems to find it funny and smiles and laughs a lot.
  8. sigfried

    Eva & Sam General #2

    who is sam with now?, i;m so confused.
  9. sigfried

    i've noticed

    i've noticed that a lot of the girls have a picture ID stuck on the back of their cell phones. i wonder if it's for identification or in case of theft.
  10. stella was the black girl with the amazing breasts, correct?