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  1. Lina & Dominica

    doubles her chances for sex to bat from both sides of the plate ( baseball metaphor ).
  2. Catherine & John

    i'm still waiting for a black man/woman to be either invited to join in or given an apartment.
  3. Catherine & John

    i think john could give alan some 'stiff' competition for top cock, he's loaded for bear.
  4. i still don't understand why they dress like women in a bordello; or am i being sexist. how many women viewers dress like this a home, honestly.
  5. but she's kissing him as if it's a real relation, with feelings.
  6. Ella & Isaac

    he fucked her but he didn't cum; saving it for later?
  7. you can't say that she's not using what god gave her to good use.
  8. Ella & Isaac

    playing 'strip, spin the bottle'
  9. Lina & Dominica

    lesbian oral sex musics really sucks no?
  10. Misty - Part #2

    have her practice having a taste of Buckley's cough medicine, close enough.
  11. Ella & Isaac

    how come so many guys on VH jack themselves off when they have a woman next to them with a perfectly working mouth?
  12. Ella & Isaac

    maybe not kill you, but you'd need extensive plastic surgery to repair your face .
  13. Ella & Isaac

    a dog can usually only grab an arm or leg, maybe the throat but a cat can leap onto your face and really show you some wrath.
  14. Ella & Isaac

    needle sharp teethe and four sets of razor sharp claws can do that.
  15. Ella & Isaac

    baby wipes, lube and magic wants are big sellers at VH, a bulk discount or maybe coupons for residents should be made available.