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  1. sigfried

    Lana & Robert - Pictures (2018)

    on the other hand the fish gets to watch them having sex for free, that's got to be worth the 2 weeks, no?
  2. it does seem to be their lot in life in this apartment; a, wear underwear a lot, b, lie in bed together with or without underwear and c, massage each other a lot.
  3. i think they are made from surplus parachute straps from WW2
  4. mirror mirror on the wall who's the vainest of us all?
  5. these ladies remind me of pictures from brothels in by gone eras when they would sit around in lingerie in the salon waiting for clients. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/the-prostitutes-orworking-ladies-at-sheris-brothel-an-hours-news-photo/542629096#/the-prostitutes-orworking-ladies-at-sheris-brothel-an-hours-drive-picture-id542629096
  6. sigfried

    Adeline & Markus - Pictures (2018)

    lovely tan line
  7. sigfried

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    northern hemisphere, far north as it's the 'white nights' when the sun never sets.
  8. sigfried

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    it's bigger than her older one
  9. sigfried

    Anabel & Efim - Pictures (2018)

    that was a lot of baby oil. imagine him and leora, shazam
  10. sigfried

    Linda & Tibor - Pictures (2018)

    so a genuflect is permitted?
  11. sigfried

    Jane & Dick - Pictures (2018)

    she may have been attacked by a giant squid.
  12. sigfried

    Kitty & Smith - Pictures (2018)

    make your mother proud.
  13. sigfried

    Jasmin & Jim - Videos (2018)

    betty crocker would be horrified, as would martha stewart, but not the pillbury dough boy i think.
  14. sigfried

    Linda & Tibor - Pictures (2018)

    i stand corrected and bow to you
  15. like the saying goes; she stuck two 38's in my back, she also had a gun, when i kissed her good night her legs closed and broke my glasses.