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  1. does masha's ass look a bit mushy to you? i also think she stopped doing her yoga which could account for the extra weight.
  2. her breasts swinging from side to side like large pendulums would cause her to loose her balance
  3. does masha have a ring through her septum now? and what does she have on her forehead?
  4. obviously he's practicing for the calgary stampede roping competition
  5. she was more active sexually with mike, salima and lorraine.
  6. on another topic; is this the same blair with the long hair who was with mike?
  7. so, while leora gets the free appartment, what about the one in russia? no cameras no freebie for paul, so does he have to pay for the old place? i can't imagine what he thinks about his girl in a new place by herself exposing her body to all. sort of like being a cuckold.
  8. sigfried

    what if any

    i have a question that no one can answer which is why i'm curious. what do you think these girls do when they're not on RLC? they can't have steady jobs nor can they attend school. i wonder when they're back home, do they sit by their phones waiting to be called back?
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