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  1. i could be wrong but they don't seem to attract the quiet intellectual types
  2. no tattoos on her breasts yet, what's taking so long
  3. i love that after he came on her belly he just tossed some napkins to her to wipe off, such a romantic
  4. meanwhile irma's vibrator looks like a rhino horn with a vibrator at one end
  5. it looked like she braided her hair with the tassels from a fancy curtain
  6. when looking for work how would you list RLC on your resume?
  7. so, a man visits a prostitute with a glass eye. he tells the woman he wants something new, so she tells him to so it in her empty eye socket. after he tells her it's the best sex he's ever had and wants to see her again; so she says i'll keep an eye out for you.
  8. it's like the prostitute who had an appendix operation; the wound didn't heal, so now she does a little business on the side.
  9. irma's breasts are getting really saggy
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