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  1. Nah, I just have to double click this file and she is doing quite a bit more than teasing this fellow.😉 To be fair, that was last year
  2. I have a hard time getting a read on her as the microphones are shit in her room and she does most of her talking on her balcony. She looked sick earlier this week when she was being more antisocial than usual. I'll tell you want though, if she is tired of getting paid to spend 80% of her awake hours smoking on her balcony and 10 minutes a week doing a masturbating show then she better win a lotto or find a rich husband.
  3. It might be only you, as they have gone out shopping together several times this week and are currently out together.
  4. Did he say he was or did he ask her if she was due to all the cameras?
  5. I'm not sure what causes it. She isn't unattractive, but it sure seems like she is unsuccessful at having sex as she is successful. Could be just the circumstance (dudes are high and drunk) or her aggressiveness.
  6. The ice melted a bit the last week at least. Olya and Kim have talked and joked with both of them.
  7. No it does not. Banana republic means a country dependent on a single product, like bananas. 3rd world country originally meant a country not allied with NATO (1st world) or Warsaw Pact (2nd world). Now it has a meaning of a developing county.
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