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  1. Maybe not Alla akbar, but Alla okay. I'm surprised those blue shorts didn't wear out. Sweet girl, wish her the best.
  2. No worries on the disagreement as it is very tongue in cheek joke. I agree that 120 days was to much for Holly and would rather had seen her left at 90. As much as I liked her I have plenty of criticisms as well, I just prefer to try and remain positive (my silly goodbye post to Alla is going to be very short). But lets break my rule for a moment. Holly has a very abrasive personality and it showed with the seemingly constant conflict she was in. That bubbly personality which can turn to quite the temper at the drop of a hat makes for a hard person to get along with. Most of what I described as bad luck could be simply attributed to bad decision making on her part. Don't get me fucking started on that damn Yankees pullover. So yeah, Hollylujah. Adorable, yet nuttier than squirrel shit. You're 100% correct though, everything is relative. If you want to see "the show" that is B4 Holly was the single bright spot in October (with occasional flickers from Evelyn and Cherry) so she gathered the only praise in the sea of criticism that is this board. Especially following on the high expectations of the summer crew. We will agree on the step down to rubs and good girl. Lord knows she has been called a bad girl and slapped around enough lately. 😉
  3. Holly was like something out of mythology, Aphrodite’s beauty, Baubo‘s laughter, and the screech of damn banshee. Her stay started off great for the first month. She had plenty of roommates to play with and got along great with everybody. And then she pissed of a local woodwitch and got cursed. Stupid argument with Evilyn divided the house against her for several weeks. Guy she brings back storms out after freaking out about the cameras. Purse is stolen off her arm with several very important items in it. House maintenance moves her all over the house. More house drama but with Cherry. She finally had her luck change in her last month and she finally found some people to play with again. I hope at home she sees a chiropractor as he back must hurt for carrying the B4 apartment for nearly two months. I hope she returns soon and has a better stay as she is perfect for “the show” that is the GOV apartments.
  4. Yup. "This house has cameras as it is watched by people on the internet." Is outside of her vocab though. Luckily her native language of Gigglesqueelese is universally understood.
  5. I've listened to Bruno quite a bit since he showed up as it's nice to hear the girls speak English for once. He isn't fluent by any means but like Mauri said, he speaks it well. Very rarely does he hesitate to find the right word. Holly speaks English well enough to communicate. She often has had to use Val or Cherry (Cherry has an excellent English vocabulary) to find the correct word but she has no problem holding a conversation. I wish I could remember what time it was last night as there was a funny moment when Holly yelled at Bruno and his buddy to speak English.
  6. Completely agree. Her stay was a bit of a train wreck for awhile but it was a very adorable train wreck.
  7. Barcelona might be still annoyed with being bombed by the side that was supported by the Nazis during the civil war. But, she found one in Russia so if anybody can find one she can.
  8. We have a real "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" situation going on with this girl.
  9. No worries Noldus, I was just joking how Val was telling everybody she had a big dick earlier tonight. Between her scent and voice it was funny as hell.
  10. Put some respect on Valeries name, she is self proclaimed “Biggest Dick in the House” Valerie. 😉
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