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  1. Could be. I've chalked it up to Holly and Megan being friends and Holly might not have liked him. Another answer could be Megan saw how handsy he got with Debbie and Anabella and she wasn't a fan. I'll agree though, Valerie gave Holly a partner in crime who was just as interested in making money as Holly was.
  2. After Megan and her BF did shows with other girls/couples I always expected them to do something with Holly. But both times he visited Holly barely said a word to him.
  3. Olya was the main reason I watched but I'll keep the subscription for a couple of months.
  4. Oh my Olya obsession is finally over. I will miss that ass, that laugh, and that high bird voice that made it impossible for me to understand a damn thing she said. I hope to see her again someday (just maybe not for 5 months).
  5. Most important question if B4 empties out. Who will take care of the cats? I saw one spent the night on the sofa.
  6. On day 44 of Babi's last day she did leave us. One of those girls that seemed to put a smile on the face of all of those around her, which is something RLC needs right now. Thank you Babi for bringing your guests the last month, it was a nice reminder of what the GOV apartments once were.
  7. I didn't hear or see any red flags like with those other two nut jobs. From talking to Olya he knew she wasn't open to everything and he did a good job of making sure she was okay with everything. Olya has broken my heart though. She said the Dr Pepper was no good.
  8. Sure, it would be the most boring apartment ever. I would make Assol and Amelie took like Damira in comparison.
  9. Yeah, that was passion. It's really my only complaint with these shows is so many of them lack it.
  10. Are their shows scripted? Yup. A bit repetitive? Yup. But unlike what went down in B4 yesterday I can watch this and not feel like I need to scrub my conscious with bleach and a sand blaster.
  11. 18:50 and after. RLC Replay REPLAY.REALLIFECAM.COM Watch your favorite cams in 24-hour recording
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