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  1. Holly was using a skill she's known since she was a baby the way she was trying to latch onto that titty.
  2. I agree with both of you here, most people would be weirded out by the cameras. Not to mention B4 the girls have 6 roommates and you need to get yourself there and back. It's no surprise to me that the guy would just say come back to my place. So as a subscriber I sure don't expect it, but it's a lovely surprise when it happens. Holly's smile returned once she got another lady in the tub with her. Atta girl.
  3. With this group? Nah. Several of them talk to guys (Alla, Evelyn, Mel, and Frida) on their phones almost nightly so it's likely that have boyfriends at home. Cherry was talking to a guy for awhile in English but that seems to have stopped, as did her staying out all night. Holly seems to not be very aggressive and with her looks I doubt she has ever needed to be. B4 doesn't look to exactly be convenient to travel to and from unlike B1 and B2. They all seemed very excited when those two guys showed up the other night but those two didn't exactly reciprocate. Not that I would blame them, if I was brought to a big house full of beautiful woman with cameras everywhere I would think I was about to be hunted for sport or at very least my organs harvested. I do find it interesting that the B4 doesn't seem to be interacting with the other Barcelona apartments as much as it did in the past (except for Laima's stay in B5 the other night).
  4. Good, I hope they lose them all. --Signed A Lowly Mariner's Fan (who are now the only MLB team to not make it to the World Series)
  5. Holly was having a shitty day before, I think it was her e-cig wasn't working earlier and now it looks like Cherry dropped the hot charcoal (I think) off the hooka and it either landed on or near Holly. She was wearing that sweatshirt she loves (stupid Yankees) so this might have just sent her over the emotional edge. Looks like the ladies are taking care of her though.
  6. Holly went through quite the culture shift in B4. It was fun watching Holly project a little Damira/Anabella last night and be the aggressor a bit more.
  7. Everybody gonna be looking for something different. I have a notice set a two days before the rebill so I think about whether or not to cancel the subscription. For me, Holly and a couple of the other girls are worth the price of admission (I also get a kick out of Martina and Alberto's big goofy lab and Masha's cats). Next month when Holly is gone that might change.
  8. I'm not sure I get the complaints about the Vacation apartments not being "real life". They are fundamentally not a representation of "real life". Real life would not have seven girls staying in a luxury house in Barcelona without jobs for 90 days. This whole scenario is fabricated from step one. It has always seemed to me that the vacation apartments was RLC taking care of their customer base who wanted to see a more fabricated show. The big problem I see now is the "real life" cams almost all went away and now the vacation cams make up the majority of the available cams whereas in the past they were a fraction. It isn't an issue that is going to be fixed for awhile as I'm sure the logistics behind recruiting and setting up new couples must be hell. As for the "fake shows" on the vacation houses. RLC has the data, they can see what is being watched by their subscribers and thus, like a tv station, will adjust the programming to keep the lights on. Interesting discussion though.
  9. I was wondering when that Anabella hand me down was going to make an appearance. Now we need Cherry to break out the rest of it.
  10. Mel, Cherry and one of the guys was down in the backyard for just a couple of minutes.
  11. She moves like a former dancer and that back support also tells me "former" dancer. She is lovely to watch though.
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