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  1. I hope she made good money from that guy, he got a decent show. Sounds like he got to cum also...and she watched
  2. "I need you inside me now" I wonder how much this guy is going to send her
  3. lmao..."no, I'm shy, maybe next time I won't be shy"
  4. I don't know.. Something about a baby now...she claims she is having a baby? She said she only has sex with the guy on the phone, not anyone else
  5. She is holding a master class on how to play guys...watch and learn how not to get sucked in by a beautiful girl.
  6. Could I also have it please? Thank you
  7. Could someone please Re-up this? Thank you in advance
  8. Ulysse comes trough again, thank you so much
  9. Thank you ulysse, she is an amazing woman and can't get enough of her
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