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  1. Prague probably has a very good free healthcare system so they don't care. A Canadian friend once told me that condoms and STI's are not seen as a big deal there because of the free healthcare available. Chlamydia is very easy to treat and HIV is no longer a death threat. I was shocked, but this is how some people think.
  2. Fashion week makes a lot of sense. Her and her photographer friend were probably working on a project for it when they did that photoshoot in the apartment a couple weeks back.
  3. Because there is a story in this apartment and as a voyeur I like watching a real-life story unfold. If I was really just into watching sexy nude women this is not the site I would be at. The sex and nudity is just an added bonus (when it is real and not forced), but without the story the sex is just sex which is all over the internet.
  4. I hadn't even considered that but that would make a lot of sense. But then again would Masha date a guy that's too shy to be on cam?
  5. Even if I was sick I don't think I could lay on a couch for 3 days straight and not want to shoot myself. How is she not bored out of her mind??
  6. I think they may surprise you. I don't actually think she is coming here for vacation but I'd love to see the two of them going at it. Masha may not be inexperienced enough for him though lol
  7. I think they already know each other. I have this strange feeling that Hakeem got put on to RLC through Masha. Masha is on vacation so let's see if she stops by the lion's den to kick all the amateurs out. Honestly I would love to see them together but I don't think Hakeem can handle a girl like Masha even with all the practice he puts in.
  8. You called it! She's gone. You have Masha all figured out now.
  9. I don't think you can blame these two those. As much as possible they seem to incorporate a part of their real lives into the project. So when they go away I assume it is for a good reason. Maybe they do dance performances in the weekends....
  10. I'd love to see her with her BF, hope RLC gives them a good incentive.
  11. Thank you, lol shaky legs is such a bad name for this sexy girl.
  12. No not Sophia, I was asking about the other girl that was in the apartment tonight. I've seen her before with her bf during New Years and Masha's birthday but I think that's it. Sounds like she's been around for a while though.
  13. Oh wow I didn't expect all of that. I've only just recently noticed her with her bf. Has she done anything with her bf in the apartment?
  14. I like this girl, hope she gets comfortable around the cameras. She's got this real sweet innocent yet wild thing about her.
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