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  1. A little late but if you're still looking get the Video Download Professional extension on chrome. chrome://extensions/?id=elicpjhcidhpjomhibiffojpinpmmpil
  2. I love Elletra and I for one hope she comes to stay! I'm sorry to hear other people shit on her just because they're mad there are no new girls. It's a pandemic, borders are closed, RLC are doing their best to stay afloat, cut them some slack. I like to watch people and I'm glad they've given me people to watch and luckily this group is not very show heavy and has some more naturally hangouts.
  3. Yes they need someone to look after their pet, Carla cleaned the cage right before leaving. Also they left a banana in the kitchen that will turn into a different animal by the time they get back if guests don't come.
  4. Well then maybe quote and reply to the right person because you definitely replied to me. Also again maybe it got lost in translation but you’ve completely misunderstood my point of view and are now going hard to prove that everything is real, my comment was in jest and just an observation based on what I have seen with my own eyes. If you go back months in this forum you will see that I am one of the main commenters for this apartment. I know these two and this apartment better than I do any other place in RLC. So please don’t start schooling me on these two. I never said only their gay
  5. Wow you hope we suffer economically just to spite Biden? I hope you're joking. Why would you want that for your country? For yourself? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  6. Yes I did know the apartment in Russia and I am aware of guest situation but as someone who has followed this couple since the beginning and watched a lot of their previous parties and gatherings before covid and I can tell you they looked nothing like this. Like I said MOST of the previous guests to this apartment were gay men, occasionally there would be a couple or a girl but they all used the hidden bathroom with no cams. It is only during and after lockdown that all of these friends are appearing out of nowhere all of a sudden. Not just appearing but also participating in the sexy shenani
  7. I heard that Barcelona is under voluntary lockdown (whatever that means) so I'd be pretty surprised if they went anywhere.
  8. Covid unemployment must be really bad Spain. All of Carla's gf's are coming out of the woodworks for that RLC paycheck. Before it was mostly only C&Y's gay friends that were comfortable being on cam. Even the sexy curly black haired girl that was the token female of the parties didn't really do much other than dance and wear sexy outfits for halloween. Now everybody and their bf is ready to strip for RLC. Im not complaining for the most part but as someone who has been watching them since their first day here it does seem a little disingenuous and too setup. Maybe I'm just a little pissed
  9. I know I'm in the minority here but I absolutely wouldn't mind seeing Kitty again especially if she is with a new bf or a gf, anybody but Steve or whatever his name was.
  10. Yes she is but they're both horrible at serving food and drinks to their guests. Especially drinks. Maybe it's a Spanish thing.
  11. Ok so what exactly happened in that Holly Cesar threesome video? Did they just stop everything because he couldn’t get hard? Everybody stopped just when it was getting good.
  12. Nipples huh? That’s hilarious! I watched that fight unfold and it looked like something serious had happened, it’s funny now to know that it was a stupid fight over something so trivial. They had a similar fight yesterday but they made up by the end of the day so it was probably over something stupid like that. I guess this means there’s probably very little probability of anything happening with guest girl and them.
  13. Just started watching them for the day but looks like they've had a fight again, they're not talking. Anyone know what it's about? This happened around a week or two ago too, hope it doesn't effect their RLC stay.
  14. Of course because you live in a world where he would have been sat at home like nothing happened. There's a lot of gray area in this case.
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