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  1. Her "Husband" didnt slepp in house,maybe stayed with his cousin somewere else😁.
  2. Nowdays almost everything in rlc is previsible and without almost any surprise,some of the girls are taking a bath togheter..other is probrably arranging the scenary(candle lights and stuff),Curly and Gina will do their usual,in b2 the same..the dolls house you know..porn scene number 3 of their very short list.Only two,three houses are minimal worth to watch this night.What a far cry this site become of itself.Basicaly the first half dozens previews thumbs show very well what place become.I remember years ago how fun the weekends were,with some nice surprises with frequency.
  3. Alcool and she is obviously also bulimic,and dude have also issues..always shaking legs and starts eating buggs outa nothing like crazy.To bad we are paying this mess.Site not even cars putting info about a resident that leaved a lot of days ago.They better put barca crew working extra hours because wont be this failure house that brings them money amd more clients.
  4. Not sure if they got rid of her,she not in house thats true(unless if she is during the MNs)but all their stuff are still in guestroom.
  5. Could be,but they did it prior so wouldnt be an surprise.From what i am listening them they dont seem very close or knowing one another for to long,maybe they are togheter for just some months by now,but onky them know that for sure lol,lets see if they bring mutual friends home and they get along etc nicely then probrably i will change this feelings a bit.We had caviar(C&Y during most of 2020)so we have to adapt to maybe fish and chips😁.Lets see this second weekend if something more happens..and not talking about more MN🤣.
  6. Been listening to them in kitchen for an while..they dont seem very close,dont know how to explain but feels similar to Asia&Hakeem,need to listen them more times to see things better and take better my views of it.PS..house still online and its afternoon😅.
  7. Dont know if P&T splited..from what i understand one of them had problems with visa or something similar and one of the girls leaved first alone,think they reunited after already in Italy.Personaly i found both very atractive(P&T)and enjoy watching them toghter but..miss seing Piper with an dude and stuff.Even if they splited(have no info regard that at all)i hope to see a lot Piper and Taylor also..even if not togheter,they did tons of shows but also were very regulat,normal act a lot.Thankfull we have Masha and her house to see that and more.
  8. "What did i miss",not much..lots of sex as its seems and many MN,guest girl also MIA..but her travel cases still in guestroom.
  9. They sure sleep a lot.Sure hope house doesnt enter MN again today,that would be a big joke.
  10. This is sad to say but..i miss guest girl looking for food and eating it all.
  11. "They proved not to be the best casting",in that case was obvious right from day one😅.Now in this new couple lets wait and see(at least they already got a visit),a good sign..no MN tomorrow again😅.
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