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  1. An advice for this amateur actors..change the daily routines/scenes at least an little,that way you could still convince some distracted viewer😆.
  2. The thing is they think they are smarter than everyone else but seing all this lame tactics to get views would call th m everything less smart people😂.They are willing to go this low and without any problems shows well what type of persons they are.Cant wait for the scene..The reconciliation of the trio🤣.And we talking so much time about Masha getting her own house lol,this is their house and never stop being.
  3. It's all another teather planied the the three and guest.Lost my doubts about If was or not.Was never an breakup between S&D&M,it just proves this three have no limits to get things..even if they had to simulate an break up.Gess they have another house or motel were they continue having sex.My only doubts are if is someone else involved in the theatre..N&B could had an part in this also.
  4. Man city have an really bad player..that Bernardo Silva is subpar😋.
  5. Ho god..the girls are watching their marks in face and stuff..please don't do plastics(specialy duck lips),you all look wonderful natural and when you reach 30,40 you will still look good,best prevention to not do plastic..go watch an little the other roommates "house".
  6. Masha and guest arrived from the fun..lets watch they doing nothing hehe.
  7. I like this house p,specialy how it was in start,basicaly clean of Barca shows crap.It only start being worst when the Barca shows arrived to the house big time.Maybe bringing couples that have no prior connection to Barca houses would prevent the shows and would be an nice house with normal couples and stuff.Well..goodbye to Kyle&Rus they were ok,to bad so much connections to the other barcas.
  8. I like this house,but for some reason seems to be more dudes in house than girls lately.
  9. Only see two angels😁.Kristy always with that naught girl look🤤.
  10. So hot and not planied right,but the hottest night is still to come..soon We gona have another amazing party.
  11. Agree,i sayed the same prior,this three and her friends have the thing so well tought(replacements ready etc)that only way something will change is if we clients of rlc talk to them,but we know how rlc is...But we have one recent good decision by rlc..the other roommates houses was very similar to this one and finaly rlc too kind dramatic changes.Only way to make this house valid is to "clean" the place 100%,all "residents" out and new not related in any way to them new residents to take the spot.
  12. You guys know that horror movies series the grudge..watch cam6😬.
  13. Oficial daily Blowjob in bathroom in action,of course masha&guest are out and will arrive after S&D end the scene🤣.
  14. Basicaly.At least we can count with the back massages from guest to Masha pretty soon😅.Faklowing the script order those are next in line.Wish we could see the real fun but Masha is taking that joy away from rlc viewers.
  15. Lol they don't fool anyone,all four getting ready to leave(just like westerday).
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