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  1. Usualy there is the misleading ideia that rlc image quality,cams are better than in VH,and in past was true,nowdays in a good number of houses VH image,cam quality is very superior than in rlc,and of course no big bubble watermarks in screen.
  2. Hehe,but when they get along(Like A&G pets)it's very funny sometimes.Could be a sucess or a disaster..i say..N&K time you girls get a nice dog(if you don't mind get it in animal shelter if possible).
  3. Pets sometimes are better than persons.To bad they don't have a dog also.
  4. It's good to see the cats back,they were together with Leora dog the pets i watched during more time(years),they aren't as funny(not even close)as Leora dog..but i take it.It will be cool watching the cat going to bed again😅.
  5. Basicaly was just that for the last couple years.And the one that is fingering the other having an boredom face expression.But to be honest i think they weren't wired for their sex performance but for their very above average intelligence and many talents(sing,dance,sports etc etc),they also have great cooking skills so wouldn't be surprised if we see some cooking lessons.
  6. We will have to wait to see what is or what is not,the first day was similar to the nothings,they were some hours in house then gone cam to other house the night..we will have to wait to see if it's a daily thing or not and how weekends are..tonight they basicaly sayed to viewers..screw you bye bye..empty dark house(again very reminiscent of the nothings),I hope they don't take VH as an part time job,easy incoming.Again..it's very soon to say things will all certain.Rest of weeks will show what this house is,i like they come from rlc but that doesn't mean they will be treated or espect less from them less than all others VH residents(that are as important as this ones,no goddesses or queens in my book..just residents of a cam site).Was a bad start and thing a good number of VHTV users will agree.Now lets see next days and nights.Vh is about real life mixed with regular or even good frequency sex in cams,even less active residents like h&M or N&K are still imensly mor actives in that regard than some old rlc houses and residents(that are closed now).
  7. Think three months is to much,unless is two couples at same time.Two months and then only repeat return after one year would be the ideal.Four months..even worst.
  8. I am afraid their house post could be a dry desert in some time,it hapened in other houses in other cam sites..seems there is two options..you like what you see..post post and post.You don't like what you see,want see some changes..no post,no posts,ignore it exists.Hope VH chat doesn't go that way.People have diferent tastes and..should..be equal rights to everyone.As long of course no big disrespects etc towards residents.
  9. VH needs to go get my kitty back,dont mind if she comes alone..but bring her backkkk to cams vhhhh!😁.
  10. Agree,i seen thing derailing in both sides..with people that like and people that don't.Honestly didn't seen anyone showing hate for this girls,people are just users of VH and they like to see some things others things don't.Ce la vie.
  11. Really hope this don't become a topic only for lovers of the residents,usualy in VH chat we talk about everything,good things,bad things,that what makes it interesting,a post just full of hearts and love "declarations" is plain boring.Some will enjoy n&K others dont.
  12. How much money is 5555 tokens?Would be cool to see that,not with my money lol,But would be cool to see the reaction.But don't know how this works..maybe 5555 tokens are like 50$ only lol.
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