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  1. Seems it was just for "show" that they use the yard..after that they already gone to balcony several times and zero to yard again.Gess they gona use the yard one time a day if so then always the balcony..that way thy can say..hey we use the yard....
  2. Indeed the cam is too far..BUT..at least there is on there.Now in the balcony zero cam..that's why the house seems abandoned so much..they are all in the dam balcony.
  3. Anna places can be an strange thing,Probrably seen there the most shocking scene sinse I am in VH,they had an party and the guest were strange...the girl guest was totaly drunk and almost sleeping in coach(in their past apartment) and the partner kicked her in head,belly very hard.Really shocking not like those things at all.Tankfull didn't see them again in VH.
  4. Well cams not loading,but really don't cair.Worst apartment in VH.
  5. Completely agree.VH have an vibe and kind of situations that we always expect to see,that's why a lot of us pay for VH and not other cam sites.This house it's not the only exemple but it's the new one and almost anything that happen in it are what we expect from VH.We don't expect almost only people watching tv,and talking and eating etc,it's boring to watch and not deserve the VH name.This residents must start showing some activity,stop going all the time to balcony(they have an nice,big yard that they never use)etc.
  6. This couple(Grisha and Maria)passed from behing an fun and sexy couple to watch to become extremely boring,nothing special happened sinse this average house opened.The "parties" are two balloons and them all looking boring and only eating and talking.Just terrible.
  7. Could be that also,but no buying the tecnical work at all..if it were for few hours that would be understandable,but usual in layne it's always this,Probrably the house only return online by tomorrow middday or even latter.
  8. Lol..apartment will be off till morning due to tecnical work..this happens a lot in this apartment and every tecnical work goes for long hours...dam wat an coincidence it's weekend..strange that Layne does a lot tecnical work but then this happens so much.Well bet gona be an fun night there.
  9. Wasn't watching but most certain they are all in balcony without cam.Yard isn't used..because there is an cam in there...
  10. This girl boyfriend it's an smart ass...in previous apartment the dude moved the guest bedroom cam to catch only the corner and not them..and the cam stayed that way all night...hope he doesn't happear in were,but the house it's so bad that almost doesn't matter.
  11. Started westerday,the cams not loading etc.But no be fair we are not loosing much.
  12. Funnn..funnn all over that place...NOT..hehe
  13. One thing I notice it's that the drunk dude kind resembles Grisha..and if it's family then the dude will not leave.
  14. Agree,but VH can warn them that people aren't liking the new house and guest,neither the vanishings and that thing of always use balcony and never yard.My opinion it's that VH didn't say them an thing regard those things.Specialy the vaniahings and yard thing should already been fix.
  15. Really don't get the point of having the Maid and drunk dude in the house..she does zero and in the end on day always vanish(go home maybe).the drunk dude also doesn't zero and only makes the all vibe of the house creepy and depressing.Also with both in all the time Maria doesn't walk arround nude anyomore like in previous house and nothing happens in open place..it's all in bedroom or wc closed door.Zero advantages..All desavantages.