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  1. "but might return in the future" gess thats our only hope.Till and if then basicaly no good houses left(that deliver what this house did).Great times we had watching this house,specialy during this 2020.That rlc cant take away from us.
  2. Finaly some info.C&Y left the project.Only house that had a ton of great guests,and two very energetic and entertaining residents as C&Y were.We are left with motel couple without any type of social life done in cams,L&T that arent intersting to me,k&S that barely move and M&A(probrably now the only hope to see some good guests from time to time).Well done rlc,the only good house in site is gone.Do the same regard M&A and goodbye from my part and my money.
  3. Indeed,or they could update us today when they puted b2 in MN info,never seen a company treating their clients so bad.Was very easy to just put a small info in site like..C&Y leaved project,or C&Y are moving to another house or even a simple mail sent to clients.But nothing.
  4. They had some long,great sex moments in the days before leaving,or was some way of leaving with a big bang or they know they are just moving to another house of rlc,i mean if you were being dumped,fired from site would you "give" them anything more..most probrably not.Think they will return soon,for now without any info given we just can expeculate and try to "catch" clues.My favourite house and dont know shitt about what hapened and will or not happen.Its not like rlc isnt using site..they puted the warning MN just a little ago in b2,would kill them to use,work a couple more minutes and updat
  5. Now i remember the dog,was from Salma(one of the guest girls)black and white dog.Could indeed been because of noise complains.We are "prisioneirs" of rlc and when and if they gona informe their clients.For now we seen them packing,leaving,house vanish from list and zero info given to us.Talking about treating clients like complete shitt😑.
  6. They are a fantastic couple(maybe the best in rlc?)hope they actualy didnt leaved rlc and maybe just moved to another house or maybe making a breack from cams and return next year.Its incompreensible how rlc let their best couple resident to leave this way.Just like is incompreensible(but expect from rlc of nowdays)the zero info towards their clients,there are actualy a lot of viewers,clients of rlc that watched a lot,cared for this couple and we feel abandoned by site.Just a mere info of if they leaved for good or are just moving to another place would make a lot of diference.
  7. Talking about Martina brother...when will him and his lovely friend return to visit and stay some days?Was really enjoyable watching all them in cams.
  8. Just hope N&B arent "dumping" C&Y so they can put in house some of their friends(by friends i mean the bald dudes with theirs girls or some girls of barca places).We were taken out the best,most active house of site.They better not screw this.
  9. Hoise is gone,still zero info given to clients,if they are gona to another house or leave project,if house will return soon or not.We have to try to gess.
  10. Looking to the house now i am remembering how they started putying new paper in walls,new furnitures etc,all just months ago.Think they were catch totaly by surprise,think they would had stayed for some more years with us.
  11. Amen.We seen so many great looking latinas in house,very sociable and fun.If its one of them and one with large natural brests...
  12. I like kitty a lottt,but if they are pissed and dont like what some people say of them and dont want to do stuff in cams anymore then better just leave.No way this two onky have sex one time per month,they obviously doing it outside.Gona just remember again,topic name says all..created to recieve all type of opinions.If they are that unhappy then maybe just leave.
  13. Looking to previews thumbs i can see N&B are in b4 sited near kictchen table..that puts them more far from this house..good😁.Now Gina.."queen" etc i not seing them😬.Will be happy(reliefed)if ANY of the many Carla&Yanai guests enter the house with their things and become next residents.
  14. You mean the hamster they have in the cage,dont think that would give any problem.Now the noise is pretty possible,they had music high a lot and guests,but still hard to believe they would leave because of that,wish we had some,any info from site.Never seen a company like this one😑.
  15. This is scary,seems they were ordered to empty house and leave it clean and read for next persons..house didnt enter offkine neither nothing.Really hope rlc didnt had the horrible ideia of sending out a normal couple like them with a really good social life and put in house some barca girls or N&B...all my hopes regard this house are that one of this couple guests will apear in house with their bags and become next residents.Hope C&Y will just move to another beter house or something(one with a good guest room.
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