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  1. Mira & Henry

    Nice...seems other poker/sex night at the house.
  2. Have to agree,George was an bad thing to the house.Just open an house for him and it's done.
  3. Edda & Joe

    Hehe..Nop..seen her,then almost sleep..then changed to other cam because how boring it was to watch.
  4. Edda & Joe

    Even them are changing..I mean they still do they thing but they more and more act like the rest of Rlc houses..they now have guests after guests to just tease.sad.
  5. Chad & Todd

    Just an tought..house just opened and already An bunch of nice pics,think an nice,nice looking house,with good lighting,and what seems also ok residents makes people make pics more frequently,of course if it's an darker,colder house,empty a lot of time people will feel less connection.Just my personal tought in this regard.
  6. Chad & Todd

    I think some mess depravated things gona happend in this place lol,with George,Nina,Alan,Serena this new couple..everything can happen.Not sure if want to see it but dam it could be an wild wild ride hehe.
  7. Chad & Todd

  8. Chad & Todd

    House,residents,cams all looks fine.lighting also looks ok.Seems indeed an George house.
  9. Zoi & Tim

    Not just us golfer others users sayed just the same thing,basicaly that's what it happen..have no ideia if it was Tim..zoi..red..Sally..the managers..the viewers..faults..of nobody fault..what I know it's what I seen and still see..the place and residents changed a lot for worst,they were fun,did things,sexy things happened..now it's just what we see..the only highlight was the Sally and her friend show,fake or not I bet that's the most views they got in all month and the most coments by far their post had in long time.
  10. Zoi & Tim

    Where do I support my view/opinon?On my brain..that watch all the nights of the thressome teases of them..were red played with Tim penis an little one or other night..Tim..sucked Red boobs..but they never passed that..and then they sayed..people thressome Finaly will happen..(and i thoug..finaly after all those nights of the three(Tim,zoi,red, teasing they gona do it)and surprise surprise..Clara appears and no Red...more..red praticaly desapears from picture..thays what i seen..but maybe i seen wrong.
  11. Freddy & Jeson

    Hehe,glad for you,mib and the rest,bet gona be an great house,George first house was an great surprise for me and delivered some great moments,fun girls,great sex,good cams,few hidding,think will be an good place and just like you said..two places it's best than one,this place i think it's ok,seems they are active,maybe not a lot but seems an wortwile VH house.
  12. Edda & Joe

    Whyyy jabba why you choose that infamous name to this girl hehe.
  13. Freddy & Jeson

    I think something very nice it's arriving for people that like this type of places/houses/residents.
  14. Maria & Grisha Part #2

    Agree,Edda and joe place it's not small but the cams are nice positioned,so I can imagine even in an big place like Maria last place George would manage to get good cam views and as important as that..few zones without cams filming it.
  15. Zoi & Tim

    Because it's my opinon,just like you have your,its your view,diferent from mine but I acept you view of course.