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  1. Talking only about rapunzel,that girl never seen her doing absoluty nothing,now nyusha she did a good number of things for sure.Rapunzel reminds me a lot of Ashley and both are very suited for being on cams.
  2. Viki & Kate

    Only s&c house I know were Sabrina and Carina in rlc.
  3. Maybe she will get "scared" ofleave and lost the "job" and starts doings things and skin a lot more,remember perfectly the case of Ashley.But this girl seems even more covered all the time.
  4. Viki & Kate

    What house it's the S&C place sparkles said?And what happened there!?
  5. Viki & Kate

    You can't go wrong with fuck€€g dam pulp fiction.
  6. Linda & Leon

    When Carrie was there they had some friends,Think family also but it was like we seen,after that only remember an couple guests(an gothic look girl,and an tall dude)but neither was particularly interisting,Think Linda and Leon are cool and with some fun guests things could be interisting for sure.Well Christmas it's near maybe then.
  7. Linda & Leon

    And they can have all the friends they wish(and that's an good thing)but if I don't like to see and fallow this friends(Tim and zoi)in their own place for sure will not be in were that i will,at least for me(in my personal tastes)just makes Linda and Leon place on the Not watchable list for some hours.But others that like to fallow T&z will watch them and l&l but not me for sure.
  8. Linda & Leon

    Hep,means also that only gona watch the place in end of night,that when Probrably Linda and Leon gona be alone and doing something fun and interisting.
  9. Viki & Kate

    Hehe,more or less.Bur they are an expensive family.
  10. Viki & Kate

    Was someone that like to see,watch more older persons on cams..would be nice to see dad and mom in house
  11. Viki & Kate

    I canot believe this is an Jeka house hehe(well j&v are cool also),I think he gived the task to other person and sayed it's an place of him hehe.
  12. Viki & Kate

    It's just to dam obvious hehe,but kinda interisting to watch and write about it(Gess that's what matter).So it's an nice play.
  13. Viki & Kate

    Well I think at least Jeka it's trying something(mantain some interest and diferent things)in the house,instead of just letting the thing to the bat(you know what i mean)so kudos for him.
  14. Viki & Kate

    Everything it's possible,but it's an nice "plot" to have viewrs grabed.
  15. Viki & Kate

    Please watch the next chapters lol.