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  1. ze81


    So basicaly the place would be over(or What was till now,or till some point),I like Serena(and think she deserves an place for her)but without Kira and the blonde girlfriend,would be great an Serena house in the style of old Milty old place.
  2. ze81

    Chris & Dana

    Totaly agree.
  3. To bad Megan did so much to her face,she starting to look just like Belle,really don't understand,this girls were pretty and with absoluty beautiful faces and now they look more and more like joker😣.
  4. ze81


    Where is that star substitute?Only see an couple normal looking girl guests,the dude and Serena.
  5. ze81


    George how about th nice brunet(that was also in Nas place)or the hot blonde with nice boobs(that foxy tried to get some)..place really neads something and asap,Gess with foxy gone no more sargpet and other girls.House still can be saved.
  6. ze81

    Zoi & Tim Part #2

    As i said before,they had all the chances to be an good place but Tim was just to full of himself,Zoi looked nice and same Regard sister,Red was just like Tim..would be nice an house with the two sisters...hope this doesn't mean T&Z will be managers full time and apear a lot in other houses.
  7. ze81


    Also..when will the nudity start..it's just nonsense play for hours as it seems.
  8. ze81


    They have two zones without cams,the logia and the small room near bathroom,if they want some credibility at least the logia should have an cam in there.
  9. ze81

    Zoi & Tim Part #2

    We never know,a lot of residents and managers read cc and something they even make some changes(in cams etc)considering the complains etc,honestly would find more interesting zoi sister than an dozen of other girl residents in other houses,But to be fair my coment was mainly to other users and kinda saying what i tought could be an good ideia,but if it happened then the girl would have to have some freedom without "all might" manager Tim giving the orders.
  10. ze81

    Zoi & Tim Part #2

    Just an crazy tought but..why not rename the house with zoi sister(whatever is her name),let z&t and Red leave as they seem to be and let sister take charge..with her girlfriends and boyfriends.
  11. House it's terrible..the girls are ok but the house it's just to dam big,to many zones not filmed by the cams,kinda similar case to stella&stephan prior place,think it was perfectly possible to find an smaller house with the same two bedrooms.That feeling of intimacy and house feeling isn't were..just feel an shallow house.
  12. ze81

    Darren & Roberta

    Tough exactly the same westerday,they aren't an "couple" I like much but when i am zapping between houses and see this one so much low light then basicaly don't even care to watch,but Gess they will improve in this regard(seems already improving).
  13. Second game,Finland vs Italy:0/1 for Italy.
  14. ze81


    Hep that will work...two male(female)togheter.Were the hell are the hot girls from first couple months!?
  15. ze81

    Ella & Isaac - Part 2

    Almost never watched them(only in one or other orgy),hope next house will be with new residents,two houses in an row with usual guests and ex residents.