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  1. They are starting to play some sexy games,let me suggest one..guys must lick girls nipples to see which one gets th most erect nipples.
  2. Could also be that.But i feel a&l&p put A&G more at easy and comfortable.
  3. Looks like an nudist colony hehe.
  4. Anastasia it's so so sexy and exails sensually and sexuality..delicious girl☺️.
  5. Totaly,feels a lot better to watch and bet also feels a lot better to him.S&C still an bit shy(normal thing)But already cool.
  6. ze81

    Charlee & Liss

    Hehe,the question is..how long will this ones(third Nothings)will be online,original nothings..about two months..nothings two less than one month..Nothings three..are online at about 23 days..I would say jeka nothings are asexual..in front of cams..outside they have plenty sex.But for us..totaly asexual creatures😂.
  7. ze81

    Charlee & Liss

    Zero times i think,don't even think they are lesbians..one was naked in bed and that asshole seems to be used with some frequency..and not talking about dump😅.
  8. I can be wrong,but i feel Calvin feels much better in this house with a&l&p than he ever been in that zero nonsense place.Think some more visits and they will be completely at easy.Cool to watch😎.
  9. ze81

    Charlee & Liss

    Curious fact,house opened 23 days ago and the residents didn't had sex an single time in cams.They had massages..they had painting..they had topless tennis..they had guests that..had sex..but two residents of an VH house that don't have sex in cams,seems correct.
  10. ze81

    Alice & Spartak

    And you totaly choose the right angles hehe.Kudos for that.
  11. They should had turn on the tv.
  12. ze81

    Alice & Spartak

    She have a great body😍.
  13. ze81

    Ary & George Part #3

    Well it's confirmed..dude it's an robot.😅.
  14. ze81

    Ruby Part #3

    R&C Its Ruby&Calvin,nothing related to the rlc(thank god!).