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  1. 1/0 for England. 1/2 for Belgium. 1/0 for Northern Ireland.
  2. Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 Vs Austria 🇦🇹.Who will win?Make your bet.
  3. Switzerland 🇨🇭 vs Belgium 🇧🇪.Who will win?Make your bet.
  4. Today games:Englandvs Croatia.Who will win?Make your bet.
  5. THE BETS:ooopel..2 points(nice),ze81..1 point,nagachilli..2 points(nice also),jabbath..1point,BBsq69..1 point.
  6. ze81


    Think you got an good point,and wasn't just this big mistake Regard Nina,others twiter posts says that an guest girl is with an resident..when she already name in site and it's an usual guest.
  7. ze81

    Hunter & Piper

    As long as They are natural fine with it and in some cases can be hot,when it's that esteroids clits(usualy in female bodybuilders),super pumped up and giant size..not hot at all.
  8. ze81

    Alan & Evi

    Curious,was going to say something similar but in Kiramy&May post,all gargamel residents(actual and past ones)seem just to be there,Altought k&M kinda tried to do things the firsts weeks after that..it's like they are waiting for contract,rent whatever ends.
  9. ze81

    Trixie & Leah

    Thanks golfer,think just one more cam(filming that big space without cam)would be an big improvement but if they didn't it prior Probrably won't do it now,don't know this new residents,so all my suppositions,impressions are based in all the prior residents,and they and their guests used and abused that spot,fine that any house needs an room,zone without cams,but they have at least two..th zone talked and also what seems an small balcony near bedroom.At least the house looks now a lot brighter,after zero&juliet dark covil it's nice to be able to see things clear.But if they start vanishing cams then byebye.
  10. ze81


    Hehe,"Alan and his new girlfriend",wathever twiter dude Its smoking must be real powerful shitt😂.Dude..that "new" girlfriend is called..Nina.
  11. ze81

    Trixie & Leah

    That would be an big improvement(if it's to catch the zone in right).
  12. ze81

    Trixie & Leah

    Imagine if all persons had the same tastes..iuksss.Always tought this house it's bad,not because cams are close or far(in this case are close enought)but it's that big zone without cams that makes it's bad,every resident prior used and abused that zone.
  13. ze81

    Trixie & Leah

    The problem for me in this case isn't th residents(they are not great,but ok enough)but the house..it's an horrible place,were the residents and guests are always vanishing cams to that big zone in right without cams.It hapenned with all residents prior And will continue,só from my part will watch as much as i watched zero&juliet.
  14. ze81

    Ruby & Calvin

    So cute.Very nice pic,great contrast between both sides action.