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  1. I am not sure but think the most watch porn,erotic content is b/g,think always been that way,but there is also a very large number of people that prefer g/g also of course."The girls do them only for the money and not because they would like to do so"..exactly.How many girls(of the undreds we seen in Barca) become couples or joined another woman and appeared in rlc..personaly don't remmber any.For exemple Naomi in b2..She been in rlc months and months always doing the shows with girls,never with dude..anyone really believes she doesn't like dudes and even mets several ones(one apearead in b2 some time ago)during this "vacations..but we just got to see the fake shows with the girls because site wants that,even if is mostly fake shitt.
  2. I think they recieve bonus when they go all the way,if not lets be honest how many girls would have sex in cams with dozens of viewers watching and probably recording it for eternity,but think they recieve not only for sex but also for all the shows.Gess for exemple Mindy its fine with recieving the "normal" payment and so no shows or sex from her in cams.Others like Sophie,Naomi,Aria,twins etc really like the bonuses😂.
  3. "If this girls were really lesbian she wouldn't sleep with men and talk on phone with their males partners....",exactly,rlc created this Barca houses with the "girls fantasy",were most the girls that join are really into girls and they love to give back massages,painting ones another's bodies etc,Its mostly adjust that..a fantasy created(that a lot will think is real and others know is mostly fake but they enjoy it for what it is)and they have fun watch it,personaly when i joined rlc many years ago and started watching this "special" Barca houses i was really turn on and tought the girls really like ones another's and didn't cared about men's,the girls just loved give massages and at some point they would go all the way and fok(that off course almost never hapened back then because was a tease show),now they go all they all many times but still most of times isn't genuine..it's just them doing it because they payed for that,not everytime,with every girls but most of times.
  4. Fine with that naga,I think the opposite,rlc knows if the girls weren't instructed to do certain things(for exemple not a coincidence 90% of this girls pretend to be bi,lesbians hehe)then not much would happen in cams,you Just need to take some atention to see how a lot of times they just do what they were instructed,payed to do,or at least suggested to do,for exemple during the shows they look so "in love" and horny then shows end and "in love" ends.But don't think they sign something were they ordered,imperative to do it,for exemple girls like Mindy just wanted payed vacations and don't cair about shows,So could be rlc suggestions of what to do and of course a nice $ncentiv$ for every time they do it.Those years of bodypaintings,massages,ass up to cams etc aren't just a coincidence that's for sure,to a point many of this girls just become "clones" one of another's.
  5. Think he is talking about rlc and all the fake "lesbians" we see in it(mainly in Barca houses),obviously the majority of this girls just make shows and pretend to be what they aren't and many don't show the life's they do in Barca..they meet the dudes outsides and then at night put out lame shows,any inteligente person would see rlc "ordered" this girls to do and even be what they aren't many of times,if you look to this 7girls and think they are into girls and not boys then sorry for you,that's why this shows aren't sexy or hot,just pretending crap.
  6. Agree,one of the few good houses left in rlc,it's nice to have diferent guests with regularly and many of them going all the way,and even surprises from time to time.Last house left with the original rlc "perfume".
  7. Never mind..not masha brother.Seems is just her next "special" guest of list,but seems things will take more time,wouldn't be surprised if he stays a couple weeks.
  8. with kitty we didn't knew what to expect..could be some fashion parade in hot bikini,maybe she would give a hanjob in livingroom with Finnish on boobs to lazy smith,she also had the most perfect,fit body that after she leave not a single replace girl resident managed to get even closer.But not saying Lana isn't attractive..she is,and probably the prettiest eyes in all site,But miss crazy kitty,house becomed dead,boring after she leaved.
  9. Maybe he is Masha brother or something.i notice last night when they were in bed and covering she kinda marked a separated point between them.
  10. Why does this show girls take always ages to pack and leave!?foking shows.Very desapointed with Aria,congrats Aria you become just anotehr clone.
  11. I just stoped trying to Gess what is the deal with Masha and dude,first i tought he was the next "special" guest,but now i just don't know what to think,she bought things for house with him,Seem was some winter blankets and things to kitchen,i don't know maybe he is Masha new cleaning boy or something😅.I would say they are good,old fri nds but when dude arrived he wasn't very familiarized with the house and cats..maybe a recent friend she made.Gess nothing hot will happen.
  12. Nelly&Bogdan puted COV place like it was never before(for better of course),they know how things work,they are nice and can work with cams in a way I think feels more "natural" than usual,even far from their homes they managed to make this house a little like their house.
  13. For the price of the rent of b4 rlc could open two,three new houses with ok size and probably with more "action" in it.
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