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  1. She resembles an actress i cant remember her name🤔.
  2. Seems she is one of those "special" guests.So shower and maybe a partner to join seems very probrably.She looks great but i fancy more the usual guest girl.
  3. Indeed,think she is new.Dont think any more guest will arrive.
  4. One thing for sure most of their guest girls are atractive,gota love latinas.
  5. Didn't seen it,hope isn't nothing serious.She is a strong woman,been mostly alone all this months and did her best to entertain herself.Hopefuly house will return soon so we can see how she is.
  6. Seems that way,maybe he comes inside her.No doubths wouldbe nice to watch her taking a cumshot,in face or breasts.
  7. Well everyone have their valid reasons to pay or not for sites and it's respectable, i still pay because of Martina and now also Carla&Yanai place that they seem to do more regular stuff and basically that's it,rest of houses only watch for some sex that I think is hot and specialy when good(rare nowdays)guests apear.Most Probrably if M&Y and C&Y close i wouldnt renew subs(for the first time sinse many years).Sadly can't watch kitty in all her glory(that was in Summer times)anymore,but Martina will do it.
  8. More tats for Carla.As long as she doesnt do them in breasts,neck and face then fine for me😅.sacrilege to cover something as beautiful as boobs with tats.Still not recovered from Blue Dead Dear head giant tat in chest..she had such perfect looking brests.Yanai dude dont ever agree to let her do a giant dead dear dead tat in tits!
  9. Good guest,and not very bad looking.Wish she done more than shower but still nice.
  10. And over and over and over and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. Hehe.Guests in rlc are like total lunar eclipses,very few,rare and wonderfull.
  12. Hehe,one of the girls "residents" was watching the others vh houses and they moving the time archive line..i can show this house action/timeline..is this..bip....bip....bip..bip..bip..bip..biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiauuu.
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