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  1. ze81

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    Nina was out for long weeks and then returned and her health problems always return as well,why to keep an house opened for months without minimal activity it's beyound me.In VH start We had an house with the same very low activity and vh(the old one)closed the place due to inactivity.Of course that VH is gone and new one it's the one that open places like,Gi&Ant and it's constantly putting places offline for long hours,days with poor excuses.
  2. ze81

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    I would kinda acept the no action for ages(to some degree)and the imensly crap teasing if..the girl was absoluty stunning and with that cam star quality like for exemple Serena had.But(in my tastes)she looks absolutely average,lots of pretending(look look I am so naive and inocent..),it's a no win situation.But gives this Manager One "merit"..to have one of the worst houses in VH and with less going on.
  3. Gess they are really cheap residents(probraby paid one gram of sugar per day)so the manager and site acepts all the hide and specialy all the bs offlines times.The last residents of the houses were most of time online,but then this dru& heads apered and place constantly offline.
  4. Lyu it's sick,hope she gets well fast.
  5. Stella it's the perfect exemple on why i don't like cam shows chaturbate style,isn't sexy at all,all fake exaggerated "feelings",nothing real there.Cam shows suck.
  6. Kitty is beyound sexy,would love to see her with other dude,someone like Sasha,she have plenty of energy and with the right partner(that can perform for long time and do some pretty epic shitt)she could shine,but well kitty&smith are an couple and probably we never gona see them(in cams)having sex with other persons.Always that feeling that kitty have so much more to give..
  7. I always defended George but at some point there is no reason for doing it,he treats woman's like ass and honestly strong,well resolved woman's wouldn't let him act like he does a lot of times,best recent exemple i seen was that one in Kira place,he treated her really bad,disgusting way Even and she just acept it and did what he wanted.No money,drugs can buy you dignity and self respect.
  8. George Its violent during sex and outside sex..just look how the treated the brunet girl in Kira place,he grabed her violently by the hair and put her in corner of Kira bedroom,just imagine what he does without cams...
  9. Expected,R&C had everything to be an top house in site but plenty of bad decisions(some of them by the manager).Never,ever tought Ruby would leave first than Juliet.
  10. Ho god..when we tought this house couldnt go worst..Stella the fake queen is back,get read for an dozen orgasms in ten minutes.What a souless house.
  11. Couldn't agree more,the fault of an vital third cam in livingroom Its bad not only to the actual couple but also was bad to prior residents,as pretty as she is we have to watch her in sofa very close way or..watch her in sofa very close way.Others livingroom cams are very far and with crap bird view.It really needs an third cam near windows zone.
  12. What will happen with Gi&Ant...let me resolve that question fast..NOthing.User of both sites for years(VH and rlc)for me VH is better but last months in VH really gone downfall..so nowdays maybe a tie.Cheers.
  13. Wrong type of trio,correct one..two girl and one dude.
  14. Kinda,But Lyu actualy have energy and doesn't feel an dead fish during intimacy moments.