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  1. ze81

    Becca & Ben

    Hope the place continues this way,with this vibe,seems sinse opening an fun place to watch,we had other places that started this way and now are what they are.But Ben seems the real deal..expecting lots of girlguests in the next months.
  2. ze81

    Becca & Ben

    I never tought much how an apartment with an male version of Misty would be..now that I am watching this place..it's really an nice thing.Instead of Misty..guy number4,guy number20..we will have girl number4,number20..hope Ben can Archie the greatness of Misty,in terms of hot moments,delivery and ritm.
  3. Wish you writed in English or even Spanish,think only word I understand was periodically.
  4. ze81

    Misty & Sara

    Nice pics,Love her boobs,stunning looking girl.
  5. Couldn't agree more,as pretty as she is for long long time she doesn't do much and of course she have the worst partner as possible(Sid),think Em and Lisa are two good exemple(opposite evolutions in cams)both girls were pretty shy when they apeared and did little(long long months ago)but one(Lisa)as able to adap,get an good boyfriend that isn't limiting her in any means and be as active and participate as most VH residents,all the contrary Regard em(and Sid)no evolution,improvments at all.As I said may items before,Lisa&grant deserves an good couple to "team" with them in this house,house will always be more interesting with two nice couples.
  6. Looks their plan is this..do nothing..bring dudes but sleep separated in bed..do the rest outside..vacations many vacations from..nothing..some minutes topless a day..an bate or other for an couple minutes max...and receive paycheck at end of month..crapiest house and residents i seen in Rlc.
  7. Totaly respect your opinion Waldi,and your point(s)are very valid,but think my ones are also,i loved this place in start,was just fantastic, now to me it's just an far cry of the place it was,i understand that maybe foxy and Kira got in an relantioship but we all are free to like or not how the places are going and express it,I don't think it's malicious pics,it's just what i feel nowdays when looking to the place(and bet not the only one),but gona try to not post many pics like that(not stop completely of course)for this house in consideration for you and others users that feel the same and even f&k.cheers my friend.
  8. Of course she will,they aren't very shy so Gess everything(good)will happen,also love Marla curves and more curvessss.
  9. ze81

    Mary & George

    Good for them,they probarby will find another job after this few months in VH.wish they all the best.
  10. This is fox and Kira before actual "girlfriends" apeared..this is actual foxy and Kira now...
  11. ze81

    Becca & Ben

    You my friend you😄😎.
  12. You can delet them if you want(you're premium)but if course that is if you wish.
  13. ze81

    Becca & Ben

    So..this Ben it's like an male version of Misty..nice😎.