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  1. June Rlc profits:2 million dollars.July Rlc profits:200 dolars..
  2. If not mistaken Russian persons can only stay some months in other European country at a time(like we see with Barca girls)so for exemple seing couples that were in Russian houses moving in to Spain,Italy is very very improbable.So they need new residents that live in this countries..being the only Russian residents will be the Barca girls.
  3. Amazing how things change so fast,westerday rlc were the major site,the big shark,today..they have 8 houses online,half of them useless and surprise..VHTV is now the major site,the big shark.This just shows how important is to give atention an de care to your clients because one day you could really need them..sadly they did all the opposite.
  4. Fok..this is it..cybernet took the lead..John Connor didn't saved us.19/06/2019..blackout day.
  5. I can only imagine the amount of money they gona lose the next months..just there isn't enough to satisfy all users..the Barca fans have four houses..the real life style houses have four also(and some of them are pretty bad),Probraby is worth the 20€ if..they Fast open new normal houses,think four Barca show places are enought(girl are always changing)but..only four normal houses..iukssss.
  6. They need to talk with for exemple Masha and put her sister in an Italy house..Martina they need to do the same,being with the actual guest she have in house or someone's else she knows that wants to join in,and convert Barca houses into normal houses.
  7. Worst thing is that of the normal four houses left i really don't care or enjoy one of them(linda&tibor)so..i have three houses to fallow,one of those they aren't house most of time(Asia place),we lost a lot of good houses,and sadly all Barca houses survived😭.
  8. Nop,check it better,20€ basic subs.35€ premium&replay.Crazy high prices for the offer.
  9. As i said..in desesperated times..desesperated acts..they should asap convert at least two of the barca houses into regular houses,find new couples,residents to live in them.They can keep the big Barca house and keep in it two dozens show girls at same time.
  10. They have one house they can open tomorrow if they want(and ho boy if they need it)the Spain house they closed just few weeks ago.Also the other Spanish house closed some time ago.Thats already two..minimal should be at least twenty..so if they open,reopen those two..only 10 houses to open to be minimal competitive again.....😬.
  11. Only positive thing i see in this is that the Motel travel agency Ladies and their pimp can't pimp us anymore,that motel was the best exemple on how the site treated their clients.
  12. Basicaly anyone that wants to watch rlc..real life in cams..it's screw big time..three and half regular houses..four Barca houses.
  13. The prices are there,it's 20$ basic subs,35$ premium&replay.
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