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  1. Hi my friend.Good to see you and others also,not watching much this cam sites anymore(for first time in many years i am not sub to any of them)so that makes me also come little to cc this days.Hopefully this "real life" cam sites will change again and replace the porn and scrips for nice,hot amateur stuff in cam,not a lot of hope but who knows right😅.Sorry for the very late reply.
  2. We need a NEW,good real life style cam site.Right now i am not subscriber of any of actual ones,one is about fake lesbians shows and endless vacations and other one about "cool" names given to residents but almost those residents are just boring and not interesting🤣.Positive in this..40€ saved per month😁.
  3. Thank god i leaved rlc when this bs started,i read that twins returned,i bet "Madame" will make some special "moments" for Martina,her and twins(have few doubths its already planied lol).Sad to see Martina and Alberto going this route,but just proves almost everyone have a price.No money in the world would make me acept my Wife,Girlfriend to do this shows in front of thousands of viewers,money is important but..dignity have no price(to most of us).
  4. Lol,seems its the same rlc of three,four years ago(same "real lesbians" performers like twins,Anna,Lola,Stella etc)but now you paying same price for two thirds less of avaliable houses and with "bonus" "Pimp&Madame" staying in their infinite vacations🤣🤣🤣.Thank god i opened my eyes to this bs🤣.They can have all the fake,emotionless shows they want(only rlc could make some pretty twins look emotionless,unapealing).
  5. Are they going vacations again🤣🤣.So she did the noze thing..to bad because she had a totaly fine,good looking noze,wonder who paid it🙂.As long as she dont do the horrible duck lips thing,everyone that do it looks a lottt worst than before,hope she doesnt do it neither put even bigger breats implants,but at this point wouldnt be surprising.
  6. Seems pretty natural,lets face we all passed with similar situations,"dear i am going a couple days vacations with my friend\lover".."ok dear".Seems this two womans are in love🙂,kinda like L&M passion.Just beautifull🥰.One of the very few truly genuine houses and couples site still had,but expected when they joined the "barca crew".
  7. It had potential,in rlc she had her mother staying(great tits)fucking her dad,several guest couples that were hot to watch,then also in rlc some wild and barely legal😅 big parties and crazy stuff.I like her personality(very few have those in this cam sites lol),well..still have Sadie place(that seems also slowing down a lot😬)so money its still worth to spend(and to watch all the guests).I would recomend some vh manager to try to get Carla&Yanai ex resident couple from rlc..but not sure if vh or managers would give them enought time to settle in🤣,comeone at least give this folks three months.The biggest tragedy...will not see blonde girl tits in all their glory
  8. Glad i dont pay anymore lol,not seing "pimp" Bogdan in his middle age crisis,tarzan hair style etc and bet he probrably bought some motorcycle and a jacket saying..born to be wild🤣.And his lady and work partner in their infinite vacations and going all over the houses is great.This girls cant be naked all they want because this couple just dont end their "vacations" at any cost🤣.
  9. Hehe,nop.Just some nice african ladies with some nice curves all over the place.
  10. Sugestion to VHTV..plenty of diversity in site,Russian,Asians,Latin etc.Would be really nice a couple houses with African women,large bones,big breats African ladies.Thank you.
  11. From what i am reading old Kitty is over,now there is a money starving woman is in her place,i sayed some weeks ago that they dont wish to be in site anymore so the usual in this case would be to be less and less in house and stop having sex in house(usualy its what happens with this type of residents),dont understand the talk about.."maybe Smith doesnt know"..when several times he knew she was talking with sugar dads and he was in house "locked" in bathroom waiting she finished "cheating" sugar dads..obviously both know and think its all about the $$$$.I read the talk about some nose job..probraby paid by one of the sugar dads.And to think she was one of my favourites of all time.
  12. To be fair N&B have their own house in Barca,so they can go to there when they wish and do all they want off cams.No ideia how they are in "vacations house" if they already live in Country for some time.Couples in vacations🤣.
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