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  1. The brunet have a partner,boyfriend.Would be nice to see them in act.
  2. Seems they returned very late,the cute guest is still sleeping,or maybe she just doing a "Sophia" move😅.
  3. She won't crack up..the fake couple would lose the house and money.Only reason for both acept the situation.As i said other times..if Rlc stops paying them..they would imediatly leave apart.
  4. Lets hope one day she finds the World Wide Web..but she so naive,innocent,unknown of the world arround her that i feel she will never found out how she is being viscous betrayed by the devil Hakeem
  5. Looks like any other 50,60 old man,maybe more drunked,high than the usual 50,60 years old man but just that.Maybe is the "situation" that makes him looks creepy for some😂.
  6. Depends the panel you get with the tv..if is a good one than could be a good tv,if is a bad one..you're screwed lol.for exemple my Samsung(43ju6060)was about 400$ years ago (in promotion) and still is a good tv,and better than my 2019 lg(budget tv).But yes..for a good tv for all uses(gaming included)better spent more.
  7. LG oleds tv are very good.Same regard Samsung.But in more cheap,budget tvs i prefer by far Sam.The tv you bought is very good,not top of the line(like those 1000,2000$ models)but still very good,miles better than my lg😅.Enjoy it.
  8. Indeed.They probably a little more expensive than Lg but the quality increase compensates it in long run.Lg are fine,but Sam better in most respects.
  9. Agree,just talked about that prior,hope the guest to stay(if possible)is the brunet,she just in another level in comparation with blue hair girl.
  10. Hehe,well is carnival every dam day in Barca houses so a couple days carnival in Masha place seems fine and even normal😅.
  11. Really hope blue hair girl isn't the "replacment" for the brunette girl.She doesn't look bad at all but a big "downgrade" in everything(breats,body,face)compared to brunet.
  12. Personaly i really dig the style,look of this guest girls,i disliked Sophie giant tat in chest,but in this girls because they have tats in most of body it makes it look better,found both guests girls pretty sexy.Found the brunet one prettier than the blue hair girl but both look nice.
  13. They bought an new tv,Lg..hope is better than the one i bought..Lg 7100 2019 model 43"..bought it because price was great(just a little over 300$)butsadly my 4,5 years old Samsung is still a lot better😅.Advice..only But affordable LG for daily normal use like watching tv,movies,YouTube,for that they are pretty good(usualy they have IPs screens with great viewing angles)for gaming and stuff..spent a little more and get a Sam.
  14. Think she was missing not having a roommate,guest staying with her.
  15. Night still young😅.The usual dumb showers in group and massages,paintings probably will happen soon.But no doubths b4 will hard a hard job to "surpass" the nonsense that hapened in b2.
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