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  1. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    The house was fine with teya and Stan very active and even Eva and mark were more present,then someone had the bad ideia of putting two guests sleeping in livingroom,from that point the house got worst and worst.To bad because teya and Stan were the real deal.
  2. Margaret & Tony

    Most Probrably Just an little discution,nothing major for sure.
  3. Margaret & Tony

    Loved when in that time she sucked his toe.Great,sexy moments for sure.
  4. Margaret & Tony

    What..só that relatively small sofa in kitchen..transforms in an nice bed!Same regard the large coach in livingroom,very well tought fourniture.And in they position both coachs are Basicaly the couple can sleep with some privacy and an guest the same.Very nice.
  5. Margaret & Tony

    Love how Margaret does the things,she was riding reverse style and boom started sucking tony foot toes.
  6. Anna & Alex Part #3

    The red head it's hot,she looks an little like teya face wise at least to me.
  7. Zoi & Tim

    Maybe I didn't explain good(my bad English)what i mean it's in comparation with Red and even Sally she was in the house and with them a lot less.Basicaly the most times teases of threesome it was with Red,so expecting her and not this girl.But of course you are free to like it as me to expect other thing with other persons.Probrably because I watched four,five nights teases of Tim,zoi and Red.
  8. Zoi & Tim

    Well..tecnicaly it wasn't an threesome..just an lesbian thing and then an couple thing,Tim never played with the guest at all,hope this isn't the threesome talked..but lets face it maybe they should just stick to couple things and hope Tim can get it hard.Also no Red in sight..it was with this most unknown guest.Well things are what they are.
  9. Zoi & Tim

    Hope the threesome will be with Red..that's what's they were teasing all this time.
  10. Zoi & Tim

    Hep of course any man doesn't want something like that..cof..if you fallow them sinse day one you know they are just teasing an threesome night after night and it never happens.Seems that it will happen soon,then Probrably the tease will continue again.Basicaly the are attracting views by the suggestion that an threesome will happen,first night didn't happen so..ok maybe next..they second night,third,fourt etc and nothing...
  11. Sayed that in the day the cam was puted..it was puted in the very small hall but the larger one were they are always hidding nothing,seems that all them are just joking with VH users.
  12. Margaret & Tony

    An footjob by Margaret..it's not hot....it's very hot.Very good cast choose by Alex and lina.Look at them it almost like the cams aren't there,lovely.
  13. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    Exactly what i said Golfer.But every person have the right,it's free have their opinion.Maybe they aren't payed users of VH,in that case i understand that an cam more or less available doesn't make any diference.
  14. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    And then Dasha will move to there and live in the coach doing absoluty nothing as she did in this house..I liked Maya and Boris but no wish to see someone just camping in an house.
  15. Voyeur-House.tv

    Regard s,x,l,g,d house Maybe VH should look to the place every night or even most of the day and will see what most of us see..an empty dark house,the fact that should be an five residents place evens makes it worst,they aren't all there because they just don't want.Not an good image for VH.