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  1. I am gona be honest,will watch the place mostly because the pets,i love animals.Cute dog and cat,both have star quality.
  2. Always feel this n&K houses have all the potential to be great but some common errors put them down,i love how the house looks "real",the pets(that seems really from them),and that people aren't always naked and performing to cam,that is absolute great and should be present in all cam sites,but then is always the same errors that put all good things almost wasted..no regular sex life,no exciting moments,if they somehow managed a balance between both aspects This houses actually could be pretty good and most of the talk Usualy would be about the cool stuff going on.Open with a two days hairdresser marathon is not the best way at all lol.Its Friday so maybe something hot will happen later.
  3. As long as someone have sex in house and without hiding fine,right now looks like some hairdresser saloon and not a VH house.
  4. Kristy looks nice,Alana and the Kate i feel the same as you.Lots of showers and massages togheter incoming,big downgrade compared to R1.
  5. Anyone seen any kiss or more between any of the girls?
  6. We all have our history of life's,that why we all should be respected the exactly same way,Personaly i think that's a very private thing and should stay that way..mostly private and reserved to our real family and friends.But respect others feel more open to share such private stuff.In any case cc is a forum to express our views,opinions about this cam sites and was never a forum(and doesn't make sense)to be a forum to only talk when we have good,polite,nice things to say about the cam sites,even tought some have that ideia,no matter how good how shittier our life is..cc is a place to talk about all we feel about this cam sites.
  7. Dear god the dog is unbelievable cute.
  8. A evolution is always a good thing,an retrogression the opposite.will keep my good memories of Kristy,Mara and the angels of R1 and erase this stay in Barca show house.
  9. Really hope not.B2 was in MN today..so not sure if she packed her things or not.Only thing missing in b1 was a Rejoined girl for the 5 time😣.It needs to be a new,interesting girl.
  10. Just kidding..will be another rejoin we already seen to death two,three times in houses.
  11. It's Joanne,a very tall ebony girl,cute face,lovely and somehow naught smile,athletic body,great firm round ass,,really nice big breats,piercing in right nipple,welcome new B1 resident girl.
  12. The girls need to join again but in a new roomates houses,not in a GOV house.
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