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  1. Sadly think won't be any game,just talk and maybe an shower from Andreea if much.
  2. Mary & George

    I can see what oldstalker says,George seems very "intense",maybe yoga would help or something,myself don't want diferent situations(at least for now),think their best chance of success it's this situation..the three togheter.For exemple i watch them a little from time to time but today watch them for hours,of course the reason the trio.Hopeful tomorrow no one will get drunked and they will "deliver".Basicaly will be their.....redemption.
  3. Foxy, Kira

    Hardy Kira with the friend and back massages will be top VH house....this isn't Rlc.Most expected what it's usual in vh(thank god)sex.
  4. Mary & George

    Hopeful he will be able to control better,couldn't agree more they are doing well,specialy the three togheter are a lot of potencial and to be an good place,prefer this anytime than an boringgggg couple playing games on computer 20hours a day.
  5. Foxy, Kira

    Well it's tastes,she looks ok,but the last girls were a lot hottier(always personal tastes of course),the thing was that was funny to watch both foxy and Kira fooling and playing with their friends,then if course sex was an very good plus.Love sex,but it's also nice before it se some nice connection.But..........if instead of this girl was an larger girl,with big big boobs..then i would be ok just with sex.
  6. Mary & George

    As Divitto sayed to Arnold..today(tomorrow:)will be your night my bro.
  7. Mary & George

    Think he never tought,not even in his wildest dreams to end the night....cleaning the vomit of Mel hehe,poor bastard.
  8. Foxy, Kira

    Not very nice,don't know if it just my impression but feel this are hired guests(this blonde)and not an friend of them,doesn't feel the same as when Kira was with the other girls,same with foxy and the last dude..seem they didn't know one another at all.
  9. Mary & George

    Hopeful tomorrow will be the day.
  10. Mary & George

    She drinked to much,,George just picked her and take her to bed.
  11. Mary & George

    They need to drink less,try to not be so stressful,and it will happen ok,Mel with them make an good trio,that it's sexy and appealing to watch.
  12. Mary & George

    Well..one thing for sure..it's being an crazy night in this house,not boredom people to watch lol.
  13. Mary & George

    Probarby it's because what happened,they really trying a lot,think they deserve kudos for the efort they are doing,even if isn't in the best way,but they are trying.
  14. Mary & George

    They should drinked just soda or something,but gess was to get things happen more easily.Lesson learned..Mel can't drink a lot.
  15. Mary & George

    I think after that event him and her want to show an great "event",it's obvious the stress and trying to get thing happen,don't think neither of them are being very bad,but from what I am watching maybe tonight give an little space to the girls,or only join them after they are already having fun in bedroom.The three need to relax a little(of course not easy)and let.or try things flow.