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  1. Eh the twins have done stuff before. One of them let Sher (I think that was her name) go down on her way back when they were in B1 and Gina fucked them in B2 last time around. But I don't see them taking dick on cam.
  2. And Rosemary, Monica, Amina and Megan. Girl's been around.
  3. ^No doubt... The girls are getting dressed. Store run?
  4. That was Carolina eating out Lola while Belle masturbated Carolina and Stella covered them up.
  5. Gina looks a whole fool trying to twerk. 🥱
  6. IIRC that was Carolina's request. Lola kept telling Stella to put it down.
  7. Last time Gina and the twins were together, the three of them plus Amy ended up fonduing on that table. I think the three of them alone at Gina's may prove to be a good idea. Last time I remember Stella and Lola being together, there was that orgy with Carolina (I think that was her name) and Belle.
  8. Last time the twins were around, we got multiple lesbian shows between them and Gina. The last one I can remember was on Gina's birthday and involved the twins and Amy. Their return is fine in my book, though I'd have preferred a Megan/Belle, Irma or Rosemary combo instead.
  9. Not much room for Stella now. Guess she'll stay on the balcony.
  10. Oye, those damned phones. Always in the way.
  11. Where did Stella go? The baths all ready for them.
  12. Last time I saw Stella hop in the bath with another female, she ended up fingering and eating out Irma.
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