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  1. thank you, i sent them all my inquiries and all thoughts had going on my mind.i don't know if they will respond very soon.
  2. if that is the name of the Developer for this software i'm on his page currently.
  3. Perhaps that is not so new for you as the Admin of this Forum, for me it's new actually that's first time i which see it,in my opinion it seems as weak point in the other theme default and on the software update.and i don't know if you think the same but the best solution to this problem is to install the software on one main theme.
  4. the question is continuous. where is going the box of settings on top of right corner when you clicking on the other theme of default? is there anyone can helps me to understand that.it's not A complex mathematical issue in fact it's gap hole of software update.🤓
  5. sorry i'm not a Moderator. but the thing which you wonder about it, is become down of the page, and there are two options of languages, only English as the default language and the other is the French language.
  6. In the shape: In the default of screen mode the forum is seems so brightly no matter of the shape of the theme you which think to chosen, and no matter if it's was a light or a dark theme and which means that it is necessary to re-calibrate the screen brightness for the regular member because the lighting is looks very bright.. In appearance: the font it appears to faded and affect vision.. In the shape: it take up a long time to know where to find all the functions and features of the forum,who make that up date of that software didn't think about which kind of member's are have already
  7. when i clicked on my name. it takes me to my profile and no there any function of sign out.
  8. where is the logout function..? nothing!can't find it her.is this forum working by ghost..🥺
  9. Hi......goodbye that's ain't CC Forum. certainly that's wrong address,could be this a teenagers school. #Back to Old Theme..
  10. then pay see her for you alone.i don't care of her..😉
  11. drinks alcohol with drugs, doesn't related with joining of any group, it's Obviously she have Psychological issues and she couldn't adapting with the other girls.
  12. must rlc send of Elettra to home, nobody need a girl have psychological problems.🤔
  13. dmit!This is a most expensive (piss) I've ever seen it.
  14. both way she could be mistaken fall in alcohol with drugs or fuck her boyfriend more than 10 in only 24 hours just for make more money and not for her self pleasure.If she has schizophrenia, this is not the best place to treat her.🤔
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