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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the time offline, I really needed to deal with power supply wires (if only you coud know how I hate wires!!) We have tweaked cam positioning in LR, hope you'll like it :)
  2. Of course (and don't be late :))
  3. It's called "white nights", it's one of the key features of Saint Petersburg
  4. he will join the fun a little bit later.
  5. Welcome Eva & Mark
  6. Glad you asked :) Almost ready, it might take another evening
  7. Will you celebrate your upcoming 10000th post? :)

    1. jabbath1987


      Haha actually I wouldnt recognize it when you did not say it. Thx for asking and for the interest my friend 🤗

    2. nack
  8. Gotta do some preparation tomorrow. Hope you'll like the result
  9. Met her about 2 weeks ago, she asked if we could go for a walk sometimes. No reason to call her my fan
  10. I'm not in the band now.
  11. I should have left a signature... She supposed to paint me :)
  12. talking about M/M apts. anybody else interested?
  13. perfect answer! two beers to this guy