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  1. Mika & Layne

    Do you think you're fun and entertaining? We have an offer for you! Just tell us what are you doing on a daily basis, attach some portfolio (photos, sex videos, etc), and we could connect you to VHTV! (* if we like you) </irony> I don't give a damn about comments anymore. I'm too tired last weeks because of the thing that we're doing on my work. I'm upset that the girl left yesterday (I haven't seen her for 2.5 years, and last time we were having fun was the foursome with my ex wife, this girl and her twin sister).
  2. Mika & Layne

    Mika had to rest in a hospital for a while. Now as she got better, she could stay at home. I didn't meant to offend anybody
  3. Mika & Layne

    Do you need any?
  4. Mika & Layne

    I have never met Masha. Stan stayed at Dasha's apt for a long time, there were some thoughts that they may have something. and there he met Teya as far as I know
  5. Mika & Layne

    how much?
  6. Mika & Layne

    Don't know anything, really
  7. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    I'll be here at Teya's place for an hour or less. So ATTENTION PLS. If you have noticed any technical issues which are not fixed yet, please contact me directly via PM or twitter https://twitter.com/LayneMika as soon as possible, so I could do something today. Thank you.
  8. Mika & Layne

    just a coincidence. I was in Moscow this weekend, having fun and drinking with guitar buddies
  9. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    btw me and Mika are buying a flat
  10. Mika & Layne

    she was walking outside for at least 6 hours
  11. Mika & Layne

    2000nd post in this topic
  12. Mika & Layne

    2k get, sup folks
  13. Mika & Layne

    Blackmailing ;) Don't know about "soon", they're travelling I don't watch them. Are they really hot?
  14. Mika & Layne

    neither, she's leaving tomorrow. as I hear, she's still packing
  15. Ideas & Feature Requests

    It's hand made by me :) I don't know how it's called in english, so there's a link https://www.maxidom.ru/catalog/tovary-dlja-sada-i-otdykha/teplicy-parniki-i-ukryvnye-materialy/plenka-parnikovaja/ Take a piece of proper size, wrap a side 3..4 times, make some holes. Profit.