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The Presidents vs. Congress

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Congressional Job Approval

ALL time low congress approval , and who was president ?

2013 Nov 7-10 worst

9 % approve   86 % disapprove   4 % don't give a shit

2012 Aug 9-12 2nd worst   

10% approve     86 % disapprove   4 % don't give a shit

2012 Feb 2-5 3rd worst  

10% approve    83%  disapprove   

7 % don't give a shit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


43 % Approve 48 % Disapprove Feb. 2012 Obama

40 % Approve 53 % Disapprove Aug. 2012 Obama

40 % Approve 56 % Disapprove Nov. 2013 Obama


Most recent congressional approval rating by Real Clear Politics

2017 Sep 25

14.3% Approve  74% disapprove 11.7 % don't give a shit



Trump approval rating most recent


HUMMM I think the media is focused on the wrong part of our government if you ask me. No wonder President Trump is raising hell with them, they SUCK

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