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  1. I would think most would look into it before pulling the plug. Hey, but thanks for educating the less informed. My bad.
  2. Obama saved GM. I'm pretty sure that's manufacturing. How many jobs did Trump save when he blew smoke up the GM workers asses to get their votes?
  3. No shit happy. Thanks for stating the obvious. Brilliant post.
  4. Thanks. I cashed mine out 2 months ago. There are other options.
  5. Just curious Rider. How is your 401K doing lately? Nice job raising your kids though. I respect that.
  6. I'm bored and it's late. We can continue tomorrow. Do you not read previous posts or are you unfocused? Either way I'm out for tonight. Take care all.
  7. I expected a more intelligent response from you but it is what is. So, what do you want to bet?
  8. Foamy, are you really Jon Meachum operating here under a pseudonym? Just kidding.
  9. Are you a betting man Ridge? I would bet he isn't the only one. There are very many of us here who believe Trump colluded. Patience is a virtue. Everything is just now starting to unfold. Untwist your knickers dude. Take a deep breath. It's all ok. If this is how you respond now, what will you do when your illusionary world crashes around you? Reality is quite a concept. I know I'll be watching.
  10. You could be right. She loves her rabbits though. I don't think she was that unstable that she would do that but ok. It's all good.
  11. Just curious, why would you think she would beat or throw the rabbit? They both are good pet owners. Have you watched them before? I never saw anything that would make me think they would abuse their bunnies? Have you?
  12. Why? They're free ranging rabbits. They treat them fine. You don't like rabbit turds everywhere? I don't. They're rabbits are fine.
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