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  1. Sorry for the multiple misspellings Naga. My bad.
  2. She is awesome Nega. She has always been one of my favorites on RLC. Glad to see her back.
  3. I think two wins. Nice show though. Good job girls.
  4. Nice entertainment art but how many will clean the tub when it's over? All of them, 3, 2 or 1? I say 2.
  5. That was probably one of the most awesome 3 way on RLC that I've ever seen. I guess you guys missed it. Check out replay. It went on forever.
  6. They're done but the over or under for 3 minutes was closer to under.
  7. She's sucking his dick right now. Go figure.
  8. I would love to hear what she's saying. Poor Smith. I would personally put up with this for less than 10 minutes and shut it down. Smith needs to do that but he's not strong enough. And it still continues.
  9. And now it continues in the bedroom. Poor Smith. Kitty is awesome and amazing to look at but a total nutcase.
  10. It's been going on for almost an hour. Kitty please take some meds. Poor Smith.
  11. Kitty is on a rampage. She needs to take her meds to chill. It's been going on for quite a long time. It's 3:23 on the morning there. Such an awesome girl but with a lot of issues.
  12. Rider, is it possible for you to be concise? Sometimes less is more. Just saying ole boy.
  13. So Tumpian Rider. Be better than that.
  14. Truth isn't truth according to Rudy G. Your truth? Let's go.