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  1. rammer

    Updates Spring 2018

    Please respond. OK? I've done nothing wrong. Where are my points?
  2. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    Did you guys ever see this? This is for Harley and all Zep fans. Jimmy frickin Page with a cello bow @ 3:30. How good was this 48 years ago?
  3. rammer

    Updates Spring 2018

    I lost about 1200 points and am not getting credited for newly earned points. Can you fix this for me?
  4. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    If you want to move them please do it. It's all good.
  5. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    Pecans and scotch? It'd a shame we're logistically challenged but thanks for the offer. It'[s always good Foamy. I just need to stay off of the political threads for now until after the election.
  6. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    I have them all too on vinyl starting with Syd. Good times back in the day Foamy. Remember back then? I think I still do. It's fading just a little bit though. You?
  7. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    The lyrics are from the 70's but are so appropriate to today and for this site. Just my thoughts.
  8. rammer

    Your All-time Favorite Song

    Sorry guys. I'm a diehard Pink Floyd fan. Here's another one from me:
  9. Nope I won't bite. This is my last post on any political thread Spew on Rider until we meet again. Just remember you don't speak for all Americans. You only speak for yourself and your minions on this site. See you after the election. We'll talk then. My fricken man.
  10. I'll really getting bored with this. It's the same old BS day in and day out. There aren't any intelligent conversations here. I'm done until after the election. Take care my friends we'll talk then.
  11. Will they comply with a federal judge's opinion? Facts or opinion? How about your post that all Americans agree with you? How megalomaniacal is that? Have you evolved? You are a moderator on a chat room professing to speak for all Americans. Frickin hypocrite.
  12. Has anything changed from May 9th which is when this was written. Get up to date. It's July and you're posting stale thoughts. Today is July 7th.
  13. I'm sure you understand.
  14. Your source please Rider? Some of us would like to see your source for everything you post. Just saying. It's all about credibility.
  15. I would be interested to learn your opinions on what you believe is " fake news" and what is real news. If you could explain why you feel that way would help move the topic forward. Let's do it!