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Cat Fights, Move Outs And Other Breakups


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I wasn't around to see the breakup of Maria and John, so I don't know about the drama of their relationship.  I've heard on this forum that their relationship really sucked leading up to the end.

I have seen:

The break up of Olga and Sergey. 

In the little more than a month I watched them, I saw their relationship slowly deteriorate until, suddenly, Olga packed up and was gone.  A couple of days later, Sergey and Olga come back to pack up everything else in the apartment and the feed ended.  I never really thought that the cameras played a role in their break up, but if they did, I think there is a possibility...albeit slim...that they might get back together outside of RLC.

The cat fight between Ana and Danna.

These two girls love each other.  I don't think anyone can deny that.  Regardless the pain and suffering both of them have gone through, I believe they both want to repair their relationship.  They've made good progress, but they are not yet back to the way they were before...if, indeed, they can ever get there.  But they are trying.  Unless something else occurs to test their relationship, I think they will have some form of success.  As with Olga and Sergey, I don't think the cameras played a role in their drama.

Alina and Anton.

Sigh...  If there ever was a time I thought one of the tenants SHOULD end their relationship...but they didn't...this is the one.  I started watching right before New Years and that was an extremely traumatic time for Alina.  Anton completely ignored her in favor of his computer games.  And I mean completely.  At one point, she crawled all over him...kissing him, caressing him, getting between him and his laptop...and he just gently moved her out of the way, went back to playing, while not saying a word to her or even looking at her.  I don't know how the judicial system in their area...or any other area...would look at this, but in my mind this was a case of domestic abuse.  However, she didn't end the relationship...she didn't leave.  Maybe she really loves him.  Maybe she just wanted to keep a place to live.  Whatever the reason, it appears they've worked out a deal and she gets the sex she desires and a modicum of attention.  I still don't see much intimacy on his part, though.  I don't think it'll ever be a problem for Anton...he always has his games...but if Alina can tolerate this stage in their relationship, I don't see them breaking up.  Again, the cameras don't seem to play a role.

As far at the rest of the couples are concerned, I don't see any impending explosions in the near future...with the possible exception of Gia and Ian.  I think they are in danger, but it's too early to make any predictions.  I think the rest are stable and mature enough to weather the inevitable spats and stay together.

So.  There you have it.  Those are my thoughts.  What are yours?

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I think the cameras have a role in Gia & Ian lives.

Very likely.

I expect she might have been more uninhibited about her nudity in their previous apartment...especially in bed.  Having to always worry about showing something or not must put a damper on things.

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i don't think maria and john broke up, they just bailed.  i started watching on and off in november, and maria was by far my fav.  but john always seemed pissed.  she was very caring and nurturing, but he was always really cold to her.

then all of a sudden they were on "holiday" for weeks and when they were scheduled to come back, their cam turned off.

i was bummed out.

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