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  1. This is the link to the current live periscope. It'll run for a while, then they'll end it and restart with another 'scope. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yoKMMmvvPoKQ I just tried this link in Opera, Chrome, FireFox and Edge. It works on all of them.
  2. This is what the Russian text says (according to Google Translate): 12 suicide bombers wanted to repeat the experiment of the twentieth century. Each week, one person will be executed. Donut: http: //www.donationalerts.ru/r/1deathper7days The @ilbusiness Periscope page is showing a live broadcast at this moment. Here is the label for this broadcast: 12 VOLUNTEAR WERE PUT IN PRISON! EVERY WEEK 1 WILL BE CLEARED ON THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! LIVE! The @ilbusiness Twitter page has other stuff: https://twitter.com/ilbusiness
  3. JoJoGunne

    Used to be on ww

    I'm still around. Oh, I don't say much on CC anymore, but I check in almost every day. I don't have any info on spygirl. In fact, I never had much to do with her. I got onto ww after her heyday. She had gone through a bunch of hassle with viewers and had pretty much stopped showing stuff. From what I heard, though, I don't blame her for becoming the cold bitch I saw from time to time. After all the changes at ww...and my own interactions with "J"...I just let her and the others go their way and I went mine.
  4. I don't fault you for your desire to monetize your product. If it sells, you should try to make money. However, as someone who has followed y'all for years...from ww.com to your free servers to those token sites...in three homes...I cannot help but be disappointed that I can't afford to pay...that it all has come to an end. In any case, I wish y'all great health, prosperity and happiness.
  5. I like this site, but as someone else said...it's too expensive. Now, I can understand WHY it cost this much...high quality video, nice apartments, good looking couples...but I just cannot bring myself to spend this much on only 3 apartments. I will say, though, that you have a lot of free cams and I appreciate that very much. Side note: I use Win10 and Edge. Your site works excellently with this combination. (I also strongly recommend anybody using Win7 to dump it and move over to Win10. Much better and you won't regret it. Oh...I wanted to ask if you have any co
  6. JoJoGunne


    I don't know of any other site like the old ww.com or camarades.com. If it's TNCouple you want to see, they still broadcast their own cams...though they have been offline lately. Their last url that I know of was this one: but it doesn't work right now. There is another site that shows their cams...when they are working. That site is http://sitebis.serge-sandrine.com/listes-webcams-ip-voyeurs/tn-couple-webcam You'll need to register. It's free. At this time they have one of TNCouple's cams online.
  7. I'll admit that not having the right-click menu items available is irritating, but I don't find it a deal breaker. As far as saving images, if you have Win10, there is a work-around. Just press Win-prnt scrn and you'll save a screen shot. You can then crop whatever you want. On the other hand, a lot of their archive links result in downloading when clicked. One thing I find really nice is that various voyeur sites are readily available without having to visit a bunch of different websites...most notably, all of WM247. All 5 cams from Marina and Max display on one screen. All I have
  8. Time to take another look at this site. They've added an enormous amount of content including all of the WM247 feeds (without the ads), CamSoda, various well-known webcam people like TNCouple, WebSeth, At Home 66 (the old Chezmoi66) and others. Of course, they have their own webcams and they still do sex on their couch as before. They also have an extensive archive of photos and videos from all the stuff on their site, including Marina and Max. They have a huge collection of miscellaneous webcam links that sometimes work and sometimes don't. And the newest thing is a "VIP" area. I haven'
  9. Could be the result of "corporate espionage". Say...someone from VV goes to work for RLC...infiltrates them, so to speak. Get's data (email addresses, etc). Goes back to VV, who starts a offshoot company with that new information. Now...legal problems can ensue. Depends on how aggressively RLC wants to protect their data. It would probably depend on how much money they are losing. This sort of thing happens quite a bit in the corporate world.
  10. Well, based on the posts I've read here...and not having looked at any of these sites (Voyeur House, Voyeur Villa (similarity in name, eh?))...I guess it's safe to say we still won't see any tenants speaking English. Too bad...
  11. Again, there is nothing unusual about them advertising their deal for interested investors...and, just like any other investment offer, that disclaimer about risk is quite normal. You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion. I'm not interested in any investment. I'm simply pointing out that your suspicions are about things that are very commonplace in the investment world. Nothing to get excited about.
  12. I have no reason to believe that. I mean, it's not unusual for commercial enterprises to advertise for investors.
  13. Interesting twist having the member interactions of up/down voting and replacement voting. English-speaking is, for a lot of viewers, quite welcome. The price seems very reasonable...depending on the number of tenants. I really won't have any feedback until the finished product is available and the only recommendation I can give is to pay attention to equipment/server quality. The better it is, the happier your members will be. Take your time to get a quality product to your customers, good luck and I'll be checking your site from time to time.
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