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Overview of Apartments.


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Just my personel opinion of all the apartments.

Catherine & John……A very normal couple who ignore the cams.Who have sex to please them not others.

 Anastasia ……………..A very exhibitionist person who is not shy of the cams and just wants to enjoy herself.Nothing  pre arranged  just as it comes.

 Lina & Dominica…..Seem to be a very normal and loving couple who are very tactile.

 Ella & Isaac………….Seem to want to provide sex shows on a nightly constant theme.

 Lily & Noah………..Another normal couple who know why they are there and have a regular sex life with nothing out of the ordinary,

 Stella & Stephan…What can you say here just professional cam show artists whose apartment seems to been set up specially for them.

 Ary & George……I love these two just completely normal people  who enjoy each other and ignore the cams.

 David & Carrie….Carrie did seem to be rather false in her first apartment with Linda but here she seems to behave quite normal with David.

 Betty & Rick……These two arrange and produce their daily shows with many others just for us really and do a pretty good job sometimes with hilarious results.

 Viki & Kate……A pretty normal lesbian couple who seem very fond of each other with members of family often visiting which piss people off but hey ho that’s life.

 Pavel & Alice…A normal loving  couple who seem to act ignoring the cams and have a good sex life. I understand Alice is pregnant so wish them both good luck.

 Maria…………Since her break up with Grisha seems a bit mixed up, bit of a crap apartment for many of the cams. Used to have a good sex life with him but now not often.

 Chad & Todd (Gay)… No comment, not my cup of tea.

 Mira & Henry….Very happy couple now married who used to have many foursome nights but this not happened for a while now, still enjoyable to watch.

 Edda & Joe….This apartment seems to have gone off the boil lately but if you want blow jobs then Edda is your girl lol.I think Joe is an acquired taste and Edda seems to have lost her girly fun recently whether this is down to Joe I can’t say only assume.

 Jeff & Violet….. A very enjoyable couple who like to perform for us.

 Em, Nyusha….Nyusha tries to have as much fun as she can at many parties and in the apartment. Em is very nice but needs a much more energetic boyfriend not the nerd she has now lol.both Em & Sid seem to have a hobby of sleeping lol.

 Lisa, Chloe..… Fun people whose boyfriends seem to be rather lazy, neither of them shy of the cams but could be a bit more energetic  sometimes, both like sleeping.

 Clara & Stas……A very enjoyable couple to watch and  not cam shy in fact clara treated us to a bating session today which was one of the best I have seen on here.

 Anna & Alex, Drew & Bree…… Another exhibitionist couple who don’t care where the cams are and good to watch, have had many parties but lately many have fallen a bit flat.

 Misty…….What can you say about Misty, just loves shagging anything which has a dick lol.

 Nina & Alan & Serena. Gone off the boil recently a bit and getting a little boring and predictable but have been great to watch but I feel now needs a different direction with fresh players.

 Zoi & Tim…..Well without  being rude the sooner  they leave the better personally.

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