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  1. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Say no more lol
  2. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Oh dear a misleading picture eh well my apologies then.
  3. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Oh isn't that surprising a spare room how very unusual lol
  4. Robwin

    Kiramy & May

    Both i think
  5. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Anyone ever felt like a spare prick lol
  6. Robwin

    Kiramy & May

    Can VH put these two out of their misery please lol
  7. Robwin

    Paisley & Cletus

    Hope it ain't in a big apartment where you are forever chasing from room to room.
  8. Robwin

    Paisley & Cletus

    Wow that was quick have they upset the neighbours already 😂
  9. Robwin

    Sina & Jules

    Looks blue from here lol
  10. Robwin

    Kate & Molly

    Even Molly ain't that desperate 😂
  11. Robwin

    Clara & Stas - Part #3

    Well she's squirted on the bed, pissed on the bed now may as well crap on the bed and make it a hat trick lol
  12. Robwin

    Kiramy & May

    They look like me and the wife.......Never fucking speak
  13. Robwin

    Kiramy & May

    Yep very true, have given up trying to predict what will happen on here now as am nearly always wrong anyway lol
  14. You don't have to fancy her pal as long as Dana is happy i am
  15. Can never understand yanks anyway loool what ever but now it just seems the whole thing has been blown up and no problem existed anyway. Still gives people something to argue about lool.