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  1. 🤭 ahha yeah good one that, must say you gotta watch these tranny's, sneaky little buggers you know 😁😉
  2. God, they're well pumped up up lol
  3. Lol I shall be forever grateful to my friends at CC for this wonderful opportunity 🤭👍
  4. What a failure eh lol not as good as he thinks he is then lol
  5. Though you said people don't go broke or lose their homes in an earlier message?
  6. Nice to speak to you ooopel, just something Amy has a bee in her bonnet about lol....... And no not another Amy, one is bad enough lol.
  7. Cause you're only a pleb like the rest of us so don't try and get above your station, you should know your place 😉🤭
  8. Lol people will always complain even when they are right, just human nature. As they say you can please some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.
  9. Lol that reminds me of something called Brexit but we had an election and as you lot would say, cleared the swamp. Now we have a government who at last will do what the people want. Well Brexit that is, they may fuck up everything else 😁 but only time will tell on the rest.
  10. Yeah well it's there own little self obsessed appreciation society 😁
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