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  1. Robwin

    Ary & George Part #3

    Maybe he hasn't got a dick 🤣 Has anybody seen it yet? Has anybody seen a lump in his pants? Has Ary seen it yet?.......Keep tuned in for the next gripping instalment 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Robwin

    Ary & George Part #3

    How about Pat, short for Patience 😂
  3. No doubt they would sign you up there and then and join all the other judges that are on Camcaps or VH
  4. Robwin

    Ary & George Part #3

    You are 100% right with the bonus being there for us to see intimacy at its best and worst depending on your point of view. Some play it out and others jump in with both feet lol. But If anyone thinks they are watching true life they are being deluded. Amy is dead right and honest in her novel (lol) on page 59 by her rating of apartments from 0-10 which i think is spot on. Don't get me wrong i watch it as much as anyone, perhaps not as much as some but watch it i do. But lets not delude ourselves it is something that it isn't is all i am saying.
  5. Robwin

    Ary & George Part #3

    Lets just say its 75% - 25% verging on the cynical side then
  6. Wish VH would add more options to the Like button instead of just "Like" surely we could have different reactions shown?
  7. Robwin

    Ary & George Part #3

    Am inclined to take your view, I I think they are playing the viewers like a bloody Violin and are dam good at it and everyone is being suckered in, staying at or around no 1 and laughing all the way to the bank.😎
  8. Robwin

    Alice & Spartak

    She didn't seem to mind about a week or so ago when her and Alice had a marathon sesson on the couch so I would assume it is your second option, tired of being second best.
  9. Robwin

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Tops still on though 🤔
  10. Robwin

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Oh whoops....trousers are off lol
  11. Robwin

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Edda of 2 months ago would have had those trousers off by now and have either shorts or just panties on. You mark my words she is definitely pregnant.🤰
  12. Robwin

    Zack & Blonde

    Yeah the girl in the bedroom with the human map certainly did not want him anyway.
  13. Robwin

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    I said it many weeks ago when Alan was feeling her tummy, I reckon Edda is pregnant? Or else eating to many doughnuts lol