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  1. Mine are ozone friendly 🤣👍
  2. Means its hard for us to see fuckall lol
  3. Yeah a right little cracker pal,thought you may like a reminder
  4. Hey you twat, leave that bloody phone alone can't you see I'm fucking naked 🤣😂
  5. Ooohhh look girls, have you never seen one of these before? 😂🤣🤭
  6. I assume you mean accidentally on purpose eh 🤭
  7. Yeah as has been said last year he didn't like how she cooked some chicken or something and he rather gave her a bit of a bollocking about it. Was rather funny at the time. Could imagine you Ash throwing it at him saying if you don't like it then bloody wear it.🤣👍
  8. Also back then many of the cams seemed to be better positioned. But lso generally there didn't seem to be much playing to the cams. They probably were but it wasn't so blatant.
  9. When I was subbing i found you are almost forced to watch for hours on end simply because you had paid and I was wasting many hours staring at the screen which was bloody stupid. Have had about a years break now though I would like to see some of them live etc am very wary of ending up as before wasting my time away.
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