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  1. She had a night out he other night and got home pissed as a rat, needs doing it a bit more often i think Whether she is seeking solitude for a while for some other reason, who knows eh?
  2. Personally i don't think she is but then my opinion isn't often accurate
  3. It's impossible to get through to many who seem to have a different agenda. One can only believe and act as one see's fit and not to any propaganda. The media have a lot to answer for i'm afraid.
  4. Yeah mines due anytime soon.👍 Had my flu one last week.
  5. Well many on the VH forum think she is but i have my doubts to be honest. In fact they all think many of the girls are pregnant which is hilarious. Seems to be a bloody obsession over there The only one you can say for certain is Jesse.
  6. Suppose we are all waiting at the exit door but hopefully much further back in the queue
  7. She's always sticking something in her on the rare occasions we are allowed to see
  8. Funnily not many have i don't think as most, i would say, are nearly all fresh names over there. also a large gay group seem to be there as well now. At times it's almost like a gay forum Yes many of the VH old school are there and most seem to have jobs now (voluntary ones i may add) of what is now called Moment Operators who basically record stuff for the archives which makes them feel very important now as you can imagine and seem to have taken on more of a Jabbath attitude now Must admit i am usually on there in spasms but a lot of the chat is just crap anyway. Same old stuff, Mr Shitty cams, shit views in fact anything with shit attached to the explanation Must come back here more often and see you guys that's if you can stick me
  9. Rather a shame she never has any male or female friends to visit her.
  10. Anybody have any news at to the whereabouts of Budda?,is he ok? Very odd he has just vanished without any explanation at all. Rather worrying in fact but i do hope he is ok.
  11. They talk more shit on there than they do here 😂
  12. When my wife told me that the prime minister of Canada had been re=elected,. i thought she was lying. But it's Trudeau. She must have heard the news when it was Justin
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