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  1. That's ok then would hate to hurt anyones feelings How be you then me old fart? Think we have had an early season change down here today it's like fucking winter right now.
  2. Been trying that for fucking months but nothings worked yet
  3. Robwin

    Who is more pathetic?

    Yeah you are right as i have a very sensitive disposition i have to be very careful
  4. More people than watch CC i bet
  5. That's odd so do we lol, thought that was standard was what she using? then only just logged on.
  6. Cooking pancakes at 04:24am eh, trying to work out who has their lifestyle fucked up, them or us
  7. Gotta go gonna have to see what happens on the timeline later, enjoy guys.👍
  8. Yeah both of them do try hard, can't be easy to perform on cam.
  9. Think our young lady is a bit shy to undress so far but she is very passionate with Bev.
  10. No idea, no cards there can only assume its phone related?
  11. your prayers were answered @life+90 must admit she is gorgeous 👍
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