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  1. Bloody hell is this a Amy takeover bid on cc lol, talk about Amy overload ha ha. Not that I'm complaining babe.💜
  2. I often wonder who married who in this apartment lool
  3. Must agree, this whole attempt to demonise Trump has in my view just been a very good coordinated witch hunt by the losers of your last election who had their noses put out of joint by Trump. We in the UK have had and are having the same problem with our Brexit debate. Most politicians just will not accept they got beaten in our referendum and in collusion with many others are doing all they can to wreck it by any means possible and in doing so are almost wrecking the entire system over here.
  4. Have said this before that Lisa from normal viewing angles looks nothing special but close up she is stunning. 🌹
  5. I do agree on all points but am disappointed to see Edda has lowered herself to let George fuck her noooooo noooooo. She must be desperate to get back somehow or other.
  6. Am shocked to see Edda has lowered herself to Georges demands or whatever. Great to see her again but not with that slimeball.👎
  7. Who the fuck is LUC anyway loool. You 2nd point, yes, quite agree would be much better particularly the ability to reorganise or even hide those we don't watch or like.
  8. You go for it babe if it makes you happy then that's good 💜
  9. To be honest I thought you had rejoined to be able to post what you did i would never have thought of capping the previews simply for that reason. They looked ok.
  10. Does it really matter? If you can see it you should be able to cap it surely what difference does it make.?
  11. Well at least it has had a good plucking.................and yes, you did read that right loool
  12. Just the usual merry go round of tenants lol yeah got things to do today, probably be on this evening sometime for a few comments to piss people off lol have a good one bud.
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