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  1. Been saying that for a while now, don't even watch them just so choreographed now. They were brillant in their first apartment gone downhill ever since.
  2. She should pair up with Ken they would make a perfect couple, wall to wall video games.
  3. Yes welcome back Ze am sure you will find enough mammary's to keep your interest
  4. Fuck me, not gonna attempt to make a smartass remark to that ......good reply though from an exemplary tosser
  5. @letsdothisOk just rebooted and all ok now my puter must have had a funny boot up just now, bit like it's owner,not that good when first up in the morning
  6. Oh had you? sorry not bothered to read any of the back posts, well not back too far.
  7. Hey @letsdothisyou know all devil, is it just me or is all video quality in VH today bloody crap?
  8. Would be nice but think she could be put off by the cams. Still time will tell.
  9. Fuck me wish i hadn't read that now,by the way what's todays date?
  10. As my bestest pal Dave would say, i reckon you are a TOSSER, but by my reckoning that may be an over simplification, as i reckon, by all reckoning, that you are possibly a TOSSER of the highest order. Having said all that all this reckoning up is doing my fucking head in..........................I reckon
  11. Didn't see it at the time but thanks for catch up, did have a sneak view on the timeline though.
  12. You must be on the wrong channel nobody moans on here
  13. Reggie must be a very lonely girl i think, no one seems to stick with her for very long?
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