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  1. That's just it, people say things with such an authoritative air it gets believed but really it is just all speculation, ie a load of bollocks. So no one really knows sod all apart from the odd snippet we get when someone say they can translate russian and even then what starts of as a slight breeze ends up as a full blown hurricane.
  2. But prefers to get the full attention from Kira lool
  3. Yeah you aren't even allowed real life anymore then
  4. Wasn't even meaning you lool. Read it again.
  5. Their last apartment was absolutely terrible, it hardly had no furniture apart from a bed and sofa and the kitchen was a bloody joke as it was almost non existent. I don't think they even had a television in the living room.
  6. An even begining to believe that myself talking to you two plonkers 😁
  7. Must have bloody filled it by now, hasn't stooping since I first saw it 🤪
  8. Trouble is by the time I reach the end I've forgotten what was said at the start 😁😁
  9. Oh yeah, a fucking mind reader now added to your talents. Talents? What the fuck am I saying 😁😁😁
  10. It's ok pal I know deep doesn't apply to you 😁 And as for @Just In you bastard, stealing my thunder again 😁😁
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