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  1. Maybe the whole genre is losing popularity only time will tell.
  2. Why would you think that? Only jumping on another bandwagon. Whether the VHTV name will help but only another CC why would you want two?.
  3. Nothing wrong with Camcaps at least it's an established forum. Depends what people want but the new one is only a duplication really.
  4. Good to hear pal lol. We love Italy and have been to many places Rome,Sorrento,Pisa,Venice,Florence,Capri, etc etc. Have even gone up Vesuvius lol. The Amalfi coast is absolutely breath taking and so beautiful especially from the sea. What i have always liked is that it is very unspoilt, even where hotels have been built they seem to integrate them within the existing area without standing out like a sore thumb. Lovely country Whereas many of the coastal regions of Spain for example are absolutely ruined and destroyed much or all of the old character with ugly highrise hotels and bars of all types etc etc.
  5. Only in night vision i'm afraid there was also the normal fucking etc etc really, same old thing but different faces and sizes
  6. Well lets be honest the only reason people want to become managers is for one reason only and that is to make money. I don't believe they have any interest in the tenants at all apart from using them as a means to line their own bank accounts so if any fail that criteria they will be replaced with ones the managers think will be most profitable for them. They certainly ain't running any charity. The only exceptions are those like Hector & Marla who i assume own their own place and are free to lead their lives and run their VH lives as they wish, all others just have to do as they are told and perform or else they are out whatever time zone they are in. Just a dog eat dog situation as it's a hard world out there in pornland and only those that benefit the managers will survive. Any forum site is just doing the same thing basically and leeching off the tenants for their own benefit. Everybody it seems likes being a modern day pimp.
  7. Ah well that's you and I excluded then for a start 🤣
  8. Well he ain't getting it elsewhere lately 🤣
  9. Just logged on and saw this,what's this all about then some new forum. Invite only? 🤣
  10. Think the big guy is intimating to Henry, she's mine so keep yer fucking hands off
  11. Well it's not as though they are stressed out by hard fucking work and need a rest
  12. Well they are both getting it on now and Liam,i assume,looks as though he hasn't eaten for a week by the way he's munching her
  13. We know nobody got kicked,as Dave explained it's just a figure of speech duhhhhh like telling someone to go and get fucked they don't mean that literally but just to go away please or in more common terms, fuck off When we say it's raining cats and dogs it doesn't mean there are animals falling out the sky but just that it's fucking pissing with rain
  14. Not another pair on vacation again surely lol
  15. Well they are home now and i assume the guy could be Liam lol
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