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  1. You need pulling up the anchor and moving west more then lool
  2. cough cough, fuck, nearly choked on my fucking coffee then
  3. Wow that's rather good for you pal I'm impressed 🤭🤭
  4. Am sure Amy will appreciate your kind thoughts pal 🤭
  5. That's what I like a nice friendly reply 😁
  6. Can we have your word on that 😁😁
  7. Must admit it makes you wonder if they ever were and just linked up for the apartment and the earnings?? You have never really seen them in any romantic liason but just doing all the sex acts.
  8. Lol wouldn't call it a minor thing pal loool Never really liked Darcie when i was subbing, a great body but so bloody hyperactive it was so frustrating watching her as she could never make up her fucking mind what she wanted
  9. Must agree with Let's the video download helper is brilliant works every time.
  10. Seems to download ok babe but when played back all you get is a load of flashing colours and no picture.???
  11. Yeah I no longer subscribe but still on cc so still see your postings. I think when you have been on a long time like you or I it does tend to get a bit boring and repetitive. Take care Ze.
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