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  1. Yeah you may well be right will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  2. lol yeah probably right there, don't think anything happened in the bathroom anyway apart from having her back massaged as don't think even the door was locked but hey ho, time will tell.
  3. Oh come on JJ no ones trying to stir up trouble but no doubt, whatever, things will play out over time, think you are probably making more out of it than there probably is.
  4. What's the problem JJ? i know it's Halloween but don't get carried away with all the ghosts and goulies it's only a forum you know 👍
  5. Must admit it is refreshing to get an open mind opinion about the goings on in CC as apposed to the somewhat biased views of many. Having said that many of us are prepared to find fault or criticise things if we feel it's deserved but many do like a good laugh and joke from time to time which is what a public forum is about. Many of those that do criticise those who criticise often do it themselves if it isn't their favoured apartment or tenants which is rather hypercritical to say the least but it makes a good read and laugh anyway. Enjoy your time here 👍
  6. Can't think who you may be thinking about young man
  7. Everything is psychological one way or the other i suppose.
  8. Seems the thought of Amy3 still gets under the skin of some members seems it's more their problem than anyone elses Just saying
  9. Yeah i was so worried at what i have missed it's such a worry for me, nearly took to the bottle suppose had better go back to the missus and the tele, AGAIN
  10. Many marks are very fresh look like cigarette burns to me.
  11. Seems to be an overload of guys there.
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