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  1. Em & Sid

    Yep a much better way of putting it, its a shame as it could be so much more.
  2. Em & Sid

    Have given up watching this apartment as most of the time they behave like overgrown school kids.
  3. Looks as though she has worn herself out lol
  4. Maria & Mari

    We normally say " The lights are on, but nobody's home" meaning as you say nothing up top lol
  5. Lisa & Chloe

    Just to Just to deviate slightly lol was just looking at the apartment layout and the shower room is almost bang in the middle of the lounge lol....It sure is a crap place.
  6. Em & Sid

    Should Em keep being girlfriend of Sid??? Yes/No............NO Who should fuck Em??? Sid/Logan/Insert Name ............ANYBODY Sid wants to be given his marching orders pretty soon or this is going to be a wasted apartment.
  7. Lisa & Chloe

    Says it it all hun just for viewers i imagine. As Sparkles says the second option is spot on.
  8. Maria & Mari

    Just clicked on this apartment,all lights on, television is on so some body is there SOMEWHERE and fast begining not to care in this apartment. If they want to play hide and seek or silly buggers well they can do it without me i'm out of here grrrrrrr.
  9. David & Carrie

    Well Carrie has certainly had the last laugh on Linda eh
  10. Am begining to think that Darcie is hyperactive or something she just can't keep fucking still shes like a cat on a hot tin roof When she's eating she has so many bowls of stuff in front of her and doesn't know what to eat next just keeps stuffing it in lol. She wears me out just keeping tabs on her lol.
  11. Em & Sid

    Sorry Sid you have to go, I think if you get rid of Sid Em could be a right little raver and up for anything. She has shown glimpses of what she could be like but Sid is holding her back........Bye Sid (hopefully)
  12. Lisa & Chloe

    Quite agree, cams and apartment are crap i bet Lisa misses her old apartment, don't understand why the change as she is no better off still only one bedroom and a crap apartment to go with it lol. And her other one had a lovely loggia the loggia here is rubbish. Obviously Lisa has been down graded?
  13. Maria & Mari

    yeah bit of a bugger that at least we were always sure of seeing one pussy lol
  14. That isn't on the free cam Amy
  15. Maria & Mari

    Where do we send the wreaths & flowers