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  1. Must admit i am finding Microsoft Edge is getting very good and am using it more and more. I use the beta version which is updated regulary but it is updated without you knowing so you don't have to check for any updates. they reckon the final version will be released in January but currently i find it works extremely well.
  2. But then if anyone is wanting to cause them problems they only have to join VH for a month and they can have it all? Doesn't really make sense.
  3. One has to ask, if they are that concerned why are they even online in VH? 🤔
  4. Let's just say if only I knew then what I know now it would have been an even bigger blast 😁👍👍👍
  5. Sina's partner Jules.
  6. Someone or some thing 🤣
  7. I often look back at those times and think myself lucky I was there, as you say a great period what with the hippies and flower power, rock & roll lol brilliant times. I wouldn't say it was just kissing I think we had our little fumbles too 😁👍
  8. Best times of my life the 60's youngsters these days know fuckall about enjoying life apart from staring at a fucking screen 🤣😂
  9. Funny how they all seem to drop in with the same routine 😁. Is there an instruction list of behaviour? 😁
  10. You both made me laugh but yep you are right, if we have a few flakes in the uk now everyone turns into a bunch of fucking wimps. Ooh shut down the schools,cancel living and stay in doors. They wanted living in the 60's they would fucking shit themselves yet we carried on regardless. In fact it was a brilliant time.👍
  11. Those pizza shops over there must earn a bloody fortune
  12. I bet there were many had withdrawal symptoms this morning when CC had its offline outage 😁
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