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Member cams down? or is it just me?


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I have had the same problem and so far have not been able to fix it using the cache-clearing method.  Last week I got 502 Bad Gateway and was able to fix that by the suggested solution of going to Google, searching for Real Life Cam, and clicking on FAQ.  This week I get the free rooms before logging in.  After I log in (even though I have many days of credit left), I get the black screen with the white circle in all rooms of all apartments, free and paid.  I tried both Chrome and Firefox, and with clearing the cache.

So if this keeps up, I may contact RLC, but I am likely to just drop the subscription.  I've spent a bunch of my paid days being locked out.

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Guest kevinbsam7

This has happened a few times recently but usually you can get in if you google reallifecam and then click on one of the non-english (German or Italian) versions of the home page.

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Guest Squirrel

cannot load site in U.S.

Nothing but Mr. Circling Swirl here, either.

1) NSA is blocking undersea cable trunk lines.

2) RLC's Commodore 64 servers are over-stressed.

3) NL is hogging and DNS'ing the lines in order to capture Nora videos...

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