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NOTICE to ALL B1 GIRLS & Visitors


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Just a reminder from RLC .  Now all you residents make sure that whenever you sit on the sofa, you slide way down so that only the top of your head is visible on Camera  #1  !  We

definitely don't want any non premium members to know what your doing . Also make sure the lights are out , and if anyone is feeling frisky and would like to do anything sexual ,

you must immediately drop to the floor and make noise like your fooling around.  But under no circumstances will you show anything to Camera #1  watchers , who are not Premium

members.  If they want to see what's happening on the sofa or floor ( usually nothing ) ,  it will cost them at least $40.00 or more !   Be good girls now and heed this notice from a 

dumb  RLC  Executive  !  WE'll get them to pay sooner or later ...........LOL  .  (  or maybe just bypass this apartment altogether ) .

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10 hours ago, CowArt said:

You get what you pay for. Oh wait... you don't pay a thing, so you already get an infinite amount more than you pay for. 🤐

I get everything the other non premium members get .  The things that RLC gives away free !  


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