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  1. Too late, she already did 10 minutes ago. She might do it again in the future though.
  2. Since May 7th, they put up the scaffolding in the morning and the camera went down around noon. Camera came back online that night, went offline the next morning and has been offline since.
  3. Up to a point, you are right. For a "specific topic" a separate thread would work. The problem however is that there aren't very much "specific topics" that generate a lot of posts. I did as StnCld suggested and took a dive in the archives. I see that a topic was created not even daily, more like once every two days on average and that those topics got very little replies. That changed when @Frankster started his first "What are they doing now..." topics late 2015 that in 2016 became the General Chat topics started by the Admins, the first topics that had on average over a hundred posts per day. The General Chats were started for a simple reason then: They catered to something the community apparently wanted. The staff of this forum seems the only group that wants to go back to the pre-2016 situation. Why? To be able to "find" something? I agree, it will be much easier to find something in five topics per week with ten posts each than in one topic with over a hundred posts per day. But I think most users don't come here to find something, but to have a (slow-)chat with the other users about what they seen on camera.
  4. Thank you girls, you have been exceptional today! Most surprising (for me) was Avi. I might have not been paying enough attention to her so far, since she's a bit on the skinny side for me (that tiny little thing can be nowhere near half my weight) but she gave some spectacular views today. That is one fabulous pussy, thank you girl! And to Bea, who probably won't be here anymore when I return tomorrow: Thank you for everything you did, have a safe trip home, be happy and lots of fun on your next adventures.
  5. What's she watching? This morning I heard the theme song from Narcos from her laptop, but this doesn't look like Narcos very much.
  6. Mia wears a ring on her left middle finger.
  7. There's one cam and no sound in the small bathroom (cam 15). Two cams both with sound in the big bathroom (cams 9 & 10).
  8. As far as I know, the person who started a PM can remove others from the conversation...
  9. Thank you Kitty, that was a beautiful moment you shared with us. Love you girl.
  10. Lovely Lia. You don't move, I don't move, we'll spend the rest of the night like this.
  11. I would, I would lick it off Gina's butt.
  12. I have no idea how they are called in English, but in The Netherlands power companies, cable companies, gas companies, housing companies, they all have engineers who will also fix your issues on Holidays or at night. You might have to wait a while for them to show up, but they WILL fix your electrical or heating, even at 6AM on New Years day.