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putlocker versus mediafire versus direct upload

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Guest Chatterbox

Hi Guys

I have just begun uploading some of my collection from way back. I understand that the preferred method is the direct upload to CC (I also prefer this from a downloader's point of view). Mediafire would be my second choice BUT I am having big problems with uploading as my uploads keep on stalling. Putlocker seems to work for me as far as uploads go (and it has had some positive comments form other CC members) so this is my third and current choice - apologies for those who don't like it. Personally, I find Uploaded a complete ball ache - from the download point of view!

Basically what I am trying to say is that I understand that putlocker can be a pain in the ass for downloading but I have no alternative at the moment. Unless, someone can suggest a QUICK and FREE and EASY way of me splitting my many large  files into manageable chunks for direct upload. I can't afford to spend hours converting, etc on top of uploading so something very QUICK would be great. Then I can upload directly.

Thanks in advance

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