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For any of you (hopefully women) are looking for a way to earn cash with your sexiness, here is the guideline for making money on Chaturbate.com

Seems very interesting. Let us know if you sign up and we could be your first big tippers.

Getting Cash Broadcasting Your Webcam!

August 25, 2011, posted by admin | Leave a comment

There’s a lot of ways to make money on Chaturbate, some of them perhaps you didn’t know about already. So if you’re interested in making even more cash check this out:

To start off, there’s a $10.00 and $5.00 an hour prize for 1st and 2nd most watched cams,

Next, there’s tipping on site, which is worth $0.05 per token to you, I suggest you set your room topic to be “will show for 50 tokens†etc, incentivize the room to pay for what they want, and you’ll get it. Let’s say you put a goal of 300 tokens to do something, well let’s say a guy tips you 20 tokens, then reset the chat topic to be “280 tokens for showâ€Â, etc, it gets a lot of people tipping rather than waiting for one big tipper, you know?

Third, there’s an affiliate program that you can check out at http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/, you can get linkcodes at http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/linkcodes/ and check your statistics at http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/stats/. I suggest if you have a twitter account, say “I’m broadcasting on Chaturbate at bit.ly/2882389″, you’ve seen the links before, simply go to http://bit.ly, make a shortened link of one of your linkcodes (I suggest “Best Converting Tour if you’re not broadcasting and Your Chat Room if you are currently broadcasting), and send that to people however you please. You get $1.00 per signup if it’s from a Tier 1 country (north america, UK, etc), $0.50 per signup if it’s from a Tier 2 country, and $0.01 per signup from a Tier 3 country.

Lastly, there’s a model referral of $50.00. If you know any other girls, guys, couples or shemales that you think would like Chaturbate have them sign up under you link codes and when they earn $20.00 you recieve $50.00 comission.

No matter how you make money, it all goes to the same balance, you don’t have to request payout of the tips you got and then track down and request payout of model commissions for instance.. we make it easy! I just gave you a LOT of information, so ask me if you need any help or have any questions!!

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Yes...some of those people work their ass off, so to speak, but the ones I've seen who get the most tokens are the ones who have audio, are chatty and...should I say it...yes...smart.

Some of the models also link to Amazon so appreciative customers can buy them things.

Chaturbate seems to be a real money-maker for some.

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Yeah, I just read one of their Forums & it's crazy how nice they are. One woman said she just cashed a $950.00 check for one week! I think Pimps need to up their game & start putting their girls up on there. I know I will!  ;)

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I think I'm gonna set my wife up with Chaturbate later on today. If I see any of you there, and you don't tip, I'm booting you.

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