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party time with the leora

Guest leedsrock

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Guest Chatterbox

there at it again guys

not sure what game she is playing? It's like she gets herself all worked up during the day and then half pretends to be interested in the evening...then cuts him off.....and goes to sleep....

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Guest Squirrel

my dear fellow..she is not "playing him"..she is playing "us"...comprende?

You must be very good to have garnered such terrific karma so soon. Some of us have worked very hard for months to accrue such honorable statistics.  ;)

My verdict:

A) You may very well be right.

B) There are those of us, thusly slayed by her naked charms, who cannot possibly comprehend the motivations or actions of this woman, now known to us as "The Leora."

Truly she is a mix of beauty and perplexity. If she's faking it, she's terrific actress, and Paul is a most masterful leading man.

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