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Who's left?


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With the loss of two apartment in as many days, it's time to take stock of who we have left from the viewpoint of stability and, that thing we all want to see, nudity and sex.

I'm going to list them in order of longevity.  For a reference, I'm using the Wayback Machine.  http://web.archive.org/web/20120601000000*/http://reallifecam.com/  The earliest cache was Feb. 20, 2012.  At that time there were three apartments.  Lora & Max, Alina & Anton and Maria & John who are listed as "New".

Lora & Max - Probably the most stable couple on RLC.  They've had their spats, but they always seem to make up.  They are good for interesting sex shows and some of their female guests take showers.

Alina & Anton - I really thought these two were going to break up (and I thought they SHOULD have broken up) back in early Jan.  But they didn't.  They've seemed to reach an agreement that has left us with their current condition...in a word:  inconsistent.  I never have any idea when they are going to have sex...take a bath...sleep...or anything else.  Add to that Anton's actions of always starting out covered by a blanket and I really don't bother to watch them much.  I'm more interested in seeing Alina's girlfriends take a bath.  (like that big-titted blond...who didn't)

Lina & Mark - They came into their apartment sometime between Jan 1 and Jan 7.  I'd say they are pretty stable, though only because of the wisdom, compassion and maturity of Lina.  She has tolerated a lot of inattention from Mark over the last month or so.  It is my opinion, his inattention stems from an inability to give her an orgasm but I could be wrong.  It is obvious, though, that he has been trying new techniques lately that have been pretty successful...much to Lina's delight.  I hold out good prospects for them...and for our viewing pleasure.

Gia & Ian - They arrived sometime between Jan 7 and Jan 14.  Sigh...  Unfortunately for us, they will probably be together long after they leave the apartment and Gia won't abandon her obsessive efforts to avoid exposure.  It wouldn't be so bad if RLC would FIX THE DAMNED CAMS IN THE WHOLE APARTMENT, but that doesn't seem to be about to happen.  We suffer.

Elena & Artur - They are new.  I really have no idea about their stability, though I think their youth is a strike against them.  We'll see.  Once they, apparently, discovered that whatever they do in the apartment will be splashed all over the internet (why they didn't know that I can only attribute to their youth and lack of experience), we've been presented with the split personality of Elena in terms of nudity and the hair-trigger and lack of consideration for Elena kind mind-set of Artur.  I really have no desire to follow them.  Other than Elena's bathes, they are both boring.  (now, if Mighty Mouse came to visit and masturbated in the tub again...THAT would get my monkey to attention for sure)

So.  That's it.  Five couples.  For me, observing Lora & Max and Lina & Mark are enough to keep my interest until we see new tenants in the empty apartments...or until my Lady returns in early April.


No sooner did I post this than I found out that Nora & Kiko are still here.  I'm worn out from MY post...I'll let someone else analyze them.

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I confess that I am still suspicious about the presence of Nora & Kiko in the apartment for what happened today, I have observed this couple since their arrival at the apartment. In the beginning they were a couple active after this intesidade was decreasing day by day, but they always reveal a surprise to observers in and this is what makes them so significant!

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