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Banned Content Warning!


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I want to remind everyone that we have a strict policy against posting underage content. That includes embedding images, linking to, or otherwise making available underage content. Consistent with this policy, today I banned without warning a member of more than 2-years for posting embedded third-party image links in clear violation of this policy. I say this as a warning; don't post that stuff here. 

To be clear, do not post content or make threads using or employing any of the following: 

  • Nude beaches featuring children, families, or the unknowing public. I don't care if it is "technically" legal, or legal where it was taken, don't post it. 
  • Stolen, hacked, or illegally "leaked" content.
  • Any type of unethically recorded voyeur content: "up skirts", "hidden cam", "spy cam", "secret cam", etc. Unless it is clearly a work of fiction, role play, or willful act of exhibitionism. 
  • Pictures, videos, links, or content featuring underage persons, or anyone that looks to be questionable. This is a simple rule. Follow it! 
  • Any image or video that appears to have been taken illegally, maliciously, or without the knowledge or consent of the subject. 
  • Any type of "revenge porn" or pictures referring to previous relationships (I.g, "ex girlfriend").  Unless it is clearly a professionally produced work of fiction. 

I am not playing around with this. If you have questions, ask. I won't be giving second chances. 

Also, if you see something that looks questionable or illegal report it. 

- A

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