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  1. I have removed guest view limits for the site until further notice. Previously, you were only allowed to view 8 threads before you were forced to login. Initially this was done to encourage more signups and thus more participation. However, after taking a closer look at some of the traffic patterns it is clear that the guest view limits were negatively affecting traffic to the site. For example the amount of new visitors to the site is up significantly from last year, yet the amount of page views is down. - A
  2. I've given you a free 1 year Premium membership. I am sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. - A
  3. In the next month or so there is a big update being released which will hopefully address a lot of the system issues that have been mentioned. It's actually a new version rather than just an update or service pack. Until then I will continue to monitor the server performance and speed. Things seem to be working better in the last day or so after I made some changes (it could just be me). As to the other points about moderation and board management I will have a discussion with the moderators to see what we can do, even if it means bringing on some new mods.
  4. Where are you seeing the "show new post button"?
  5. I like to occasionally look at changes, new features, and things that we can do better. So I'd like your input: What can we do better? What features should we add? What would you like changed? What don't you like about the site? Thank You, - A
  6. Issue: 12 hours of downtime caused by an expired SSL certificate. Users received Cloudflare error 526 when trying accessing the site. Resolution: Updated and installed a new certificate. Status: Closed Note: I apologize for the inconvenience the issue has now been resolved. Thank You,
  7. This should fix itself in the next 24 hours. We are moving files around at the moment.
  8. FYI, there are some large tasks still running so things will be slower for the next day or so.
  9. I am actually fairly confident about it this time. I've done some re-engineering and setup a better monitoring system. This time the move was 100% voluntary, I just wasn't happy with how the site was performing under load.
  10. I am still tuning things. I just did another server move. We'll see.
  11. I did a bit of re-engineering to hopefully make the site run a bit faster. Let me know if you notice an improvement. ...or if you don't. This should also help deal with slowness during peak times. - A
  12. I made a few adjustments to hopefully fix those errors.
  13. One note, you have to use the https version not the http version. so if your link is: make it: (just add an s after http)
  14. @Hyperb76I sent you a private message.