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  1. I believe the 1 Millionth post was from either @Amy3 or @itsme. I have submitted a support ticket to see if I can determine exactly. The Post ID and the post count don't match so it's difficult to determine which post is the millionth using that metric.
  2. I am checking right now.
  3. 1 Million posts!!!
  4. I am working on this. There appears to be someone trying to brute force accounts. I am going to dial up the firewall / DDOS settings to hopefully stop it.
  5. No personals, dating, or escort listings CamCaps.Net takes no responsibility for the items posted here Any disputes about payment or delivery are the responsibility of the buyer and seller Items may be removed without warning if they violate CamCaps.Net rules Fraudulent listings will be removed immediately and the poster will be banned If you agree to buy an item you are obligated to pay for it No illegal items
  6. jham

    Admin, would you happen to have the Video of Kamila and her Ex-boyfriend when he would not fuck her on account of the cameras. If you do I hope you could PM it to me,

    Thanks JHAM

    1. Amy3


      Haha! 😂

  7. Just to chime in here, I have absolutely no qualms about this. VH-TV has done a lot to support the camcaps community by allowing people to post VH-TV content here. I personally don't see this as competition as we are not a chat site, we've tried it in the past but it just hasn't gained a whole lot of traction. I completely understand why VH-TV would want to start its own chat community as it gives them more creative control and moderation power. I consider VH-TV and especially James to be friends, and friends support each other. If VH-TV would like, I will gladly sticky a thread for their discord chat so that visitors can find it more easily. - A
  8. please delete account

  9. please delete account thank u


  10. I would like my account deleted.. How can i do that? 

  11. I am not sure what you mean. You'd have to fill out the secure payment form with your credit card details, and you'd still need to register for an account on VH-TV. The only thing that this affects is the payment method.
  12. Several people have noted on this forum that they can't use Verotel to pay. For whatever reason Verotel blocks their credit cards or their credit card company doesn't trust Verotel. Most of these folks have been U.S. based. Verotel is based out of the Netherlands, CCBILL is based out of the U.S. If nothing else this gives those who are having issues paying an alternative method. I haven't heard any reports of U.S. customers being denied by CCBILL. Unless PayPal changes its policy we won't be able to accept it. Believe me I'd love to be able to use PayPal as they have lower fees and its more convenient.
  13. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & JCB. We cannot accept PayPal as they have strict rules about adult sites. In fact, PayPal has been known to terminate accounts for both the buyer and seller if they are caught using their service to buy or sell items in violation of their terms of use.
  14. CamCaps.Net is pleased to announce that you can now purchase Voyeur-House.TV subscriptions directly from our store. We’d like to thank Voyeur-house.TV for this opportunity. This provides another payment option for those of you having difficulties with Verotel and helps to support both sites. Here are the terms & conditions: By purchasing VHTV subscription you agree to Voyeur House TV Terms of Service You must be at least 18 years old (21 in some countries) to be able to use Voyeur House TV services Please make sure Voyeur House TV is available in your country prior to purchasing the subscription. It may take up to 2 hours for your subscription to be activated by Voyeur House TV You will receive notification to your email once your subscription is activated. Please use your real email address. If you enter wrong email address, you won't receive any information from Voyeur House TV and won't be able to access their website Please contact CamCaps support if you run into any issues with purchasing process Please contact Voyeur House TV support in case you run into any issues with VHTV Service Thank You, - A
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