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    Thank you for the support! I really do appreciate it.
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    I apologize for the late update. I've been working on this for a while. The bad news is that all previous points were lost due to a dumb mistake on my part. In an attempt to fix a failed upgrade I reinstalled the point system which wiped out previous data. The good news is that I have it installed and functioning, and I now know how to properly upgrade it. For those of you who had a lot of points and want them back I can manually assign them to you if you can give me a ball park estimate of how many you had. Thank You,
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    There is an issue with the point system that I am working to resolve. I should have an update tonight. The short of it is that I tried to perform an upgrade which appears to have broken something.
  9. Do not post Teen or Teen related content. If you do, you will be banned no questions asked. This is not a pedo site, we don't want that shit!
  10. Page 31 will become a new thread. Like this:
  11. Correct, it doesn't have to be pinned. We used to pin them so that they were more visible and easy to find. Starting ANY topic will earn 25 points which can then be redeemed in the Member's Shop.
  12. 1. Yes anyone can, but it should be limited to one general topic per board, pinning a topic costs 600 points 2. Pined means that its "stuck" at the top of the forum and it's position doesn't change (Non-pinned topics move up and down with the most recent post) 3. Split means to split a thread into two or more threads (I.e. a 90 page thread would be split into 3 threads with only the most recent thread allowing posts), lock just means that you can't post to it anymore 4. Correct. This is to encourage people to start new topics
  13. So here is the compromise: 1. You can create General Topic threads if you want (1 per forum) 2. CC mods will not pin or create General Topic threads, if you want to pin a General Topic thread you can do so using your points 3. General Topic threads will be split and locked after 30 pages 4. The points for new topics will be set at 25, where as the points for replies will remain at 5
  14. Just to chime in on a few things. First thing, while I might "own" the forum, I don't really consider it mine, it belongs to the community. My job is mostly technical, I try to stay hands off so that I don't inadvertently direct or influence the conversation. Secondly, this change was done for several reasons and it's certainly not set in stone, it's more of an experiment. When search engines crawl the site having one or two threads makes it appear as though there is far less conversation or interest in the topic. Particularly lately there have been a lot of sites popping up that use blackhat seo techniques and spam to boost their rankings, this has negatively impacted the rankings for CamCaps as we don't spam or use blackhat techniques. When our ranking drops we aren't able to reach as many people. My goal is/was to increase the topic count to show that there is more than just one or two threads (even if they are 100+ pages long). Additionally, I tend to think that new visitors will be more inclined to participate if they see several different topics rather than one large thread, it can be hard to follow a conversation if it takes place over 50 pages. With that being said, I can understand your complaints and I think that we can come to a compromise. Fundamentally, this was done solely to increase participation and posting, if it's having the opposite effect then we need to address it. I will work with the mods to see if we can come up with a better way to go about this.
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    Martina and Alberto

    Martina and Alberto joined the Reallifecam project on April 15th 2017. Apartment Details Cams: 10 Free Cams 2 Time Zone GMT+2 Contents External Links External Links RLC | CamCaps.net Discussion Forum | RealLifeCam Fan Discussion Forum