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  1. New Feature - Premium Member Signatures

    Click on your username in the upper right hand corner Select "Account Settings" Look under "Other Settings" (right column) Select "Notification Settings" Turn off the notifications that you don't want If that doesn't work please let me know. Thank You, - A
  2. I've added the ability for Premium Members to create signatures. To add a signature: Click on your username in the upper right hand corner select "Account Settings" click on "Signature" Add your signature
  3. New .Gif Embeds

    You can now embed 1000's of pre-made .Gifs directly from Giphy. Simply click on the highlighted button and search for a contextual .Gif.
  4. Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  5. Betty & Rick

    We are working on it with the host, we are going to look at it more this week. We've narrowed it down to a backup, the problem is fixing it without stopping the backup from running.
  6. CC Homepage Gripes

    I've moved it the bottom of the page. All of the images should be clickable. The purpose is to better highlight posts with images/videos.
  7. I am pleased to announce that we've added a builtin HTML 5 Audio/Video player to the forum. You can now upload and play webm, ogv, mp4, avi, 3gp files directly in forum posts. You can also embed remotely hosted files by simply pasting the link in a post. This may seem like a small change, but it's a feature that I've wanted for a VERY long time as it greatly expands the media capabilities of the forum. Put simply, this enables us to display videos directly within forum posts rather than just having the ability to upload a video file or link to an external video link. For example: Here is a remotely hosted .WebM video file. All I had to do was post the link: http://i.4cdn.org/gif/1509472313681.webm Here is an Embedded .WebM file: 1509472402728.webm Note: If you click on the square brackets in the bottom right hand corner you can view the file in full screen at the native resolution, you can also download the file by clicking on the down arrow.
  8. We would never implement such a policy. The whole idea behind the premium membership is that it helps to pay for the server, storage, and bandwidth. You also get access to features like the attachments center, gallery, private boards, etc. Comments, links, and embeds aren't a drain on resources. We don't sell content here, we sell access to extra features and the ability to upload directly to the server, that's it.
  9. Just to make this clear we aren't removing RLC discussion boards, and you can still use third-party hosts on ANY board. This change only effects Premium Members.
  10. Due to Reallifecam’s continued actions against our site we can no longer allow ANY RLC content to be uploaded to any board on our site. This includes Premium only boards, Public boards, and Random boards. It’s unfortunate but this is the only way forward. Thank You,
  11. To whom it may concern, I would like to address your recent DMCA complaint against our site. Let me start off by saying that I am a long time fan and advocate of your project. CamCaps has been around almost as long as your project, and it’s been an exciting journey watching your site grow from a few small apartments to what it is today. As you have grown so have we, and vice versa. I’ve always considered it to be a mutually beneficial relationship even if it’s been a bit tumultuous at times. Our goal has never been to steal traffic from you, or to cause harm to your company or residents. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we’ve tried to be good stewards of the information that people share, for instance we don’t allow people to post personal information about your residents, nor do we allow hacking tools designed to bypass your payment systems. On many occasions, our members have used this forum to provide technical support and guidance for customers and potential customers of yours, to provide positive and encouraging reviews of your site, and to discuss issues and concerns related to the welfare of your tenants and then report them to you. I understand that you have a right to protect your content, and we don’t want to infringe on your rights. However, as a community of fans and supporters I think we would all appreciate it if you would work with us instead of against us. We are not your adversary, we want to see your project grow and become even more successful. I’d like to respectfully request that if you find things on our website that you object to, to please either contact me directly via PM or by e-mail to [email protected], and we will remove it no questions asked in much less time than it takes to file a DMCA complaint. Furthermore, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about finding a way for us to work together. After all, do you really want this community of 70,000+ fans and supporters to just disappear? Can't we just be friends? Respectfully, - A
  12. Here is a list of free image hosts: Pimp and Host, Image Venue , Image Twist, Pic Pie, Post Images, Imgur, Thong Loader, Keep4U, Pic Hoster, My Air Bridge
  13. All, As you may have noticed CamCaps was down for approximately 48 hours (7/24 - 7/26). The reason for this outage is that Reallifecam (Tech Fashion Inc.) filed a DMCA complaint against us which resulted in our hosting company suspending the server that runs the site. Thankfully, I was able to restore a backup and get things up and running again. I’d like to thank @StnCld316 for the many hours of work that he put in to help get the site back online. We wouldn’t have been able to get back online so quickly without his help. However, due to these recent events I have no choice but to institute a new policy for the continued survival of the site. Effective immediately, we will no longer allow ANY Reallifecam.Com content to be uploaded to the public forums. This change ONLY effects Premium Members as they are the only ones who have the ability to directly upload to our server. That being said, you can still use third-party hosts to post content to any board or topic that you like. If you upload Reallifecam content to the public forums it will be deleted on sight, repeat offenders will receive two warnings, after the third time your membership will be cancelled. I apologize for having to be this strict, but it puts the whole site in jeopardy, and I feel it's the only way forward. Just to be absolutely clear, this change only effects Premium Members uploading to CC (as in attaching pictures or videos directly), and it only effects Reallifecam boards. If you are unsure of what that means please ask. I've posted a more detailed explanation on the Premium Members only General Discussion board. Thank You, - A
  14. Hola amigo Admin.

     ...solo era para comentarle que se me acabó el tiempo de PREMIUM al que usted me promocionó el año pasado.

     Me dijo que cuando se me acabara se lo comentara.


  15. A technical problem. As in the server got shutdown.