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  1. You can now add a personal "Tip Jar" URL to your profile. Using the Tip Me button members can send one another tips using sites such as PayPal.Me. These tips are sent directly from one member to another via a third-party wallet link, CamCaps.net does not capture nor store any information related to the resulting transaction. This is a feature that we are testing out. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Tipping is 100% optional, demanding or excessively begging for tips will result in a warning on the first offense, and a temporary ban on the second. How to add your
  2. I want to remind everyone that we have a strict policy against posting underage content. That includes embedding images, linking to, or otherwise making available underage content. Consistent with this policy, today I banned without warning a member of more than 2-years for posting embedded third-party image links in clear violation of this policy. I say this as a warning; don't post that stuff here. To be clear, do not post content or make threads using or employing any of the following: Nude beaches featuring children, families, or the unknowing public. I don't care if it is "
  3. I think that the industry has normalized. Back when it was a relatively new niche it got a lot of attention, now that it has been established for 10+ years I think that the overall interest has gone down, but there is still a large core group that keeps the industry alive. I don't know where the industry is going, but CC will be here to talk about.
  4. Good idea. I think I am going to test this one out.
  5. I can certainly appreciate that perspective, especially given that I am the person who pays the bills to keep it running mostly at a loss. In truth the forum hasn't gotten as much attention or promotion as it should have, it's kind of been the "red headed step child". I've reduced the number of websites in the Depraved Media portfolio to just handful that I want to focus on improving and promoting, discussed.cc being one of them. The internet as a whole and the real life cam industry have changed at lot since 2012 when CamCaps was fist started. I am trying to embrace and better understand the
  6. The history of RLCF is a bit more complicated actually, about two years after having started CamCaps a new forum appeared called "reallifecamfan.com" the new forum was much smaller but potentially a real competitor to CC at the time, it used the same type of forum software and it had many of the same topics. Fast forward a year or so and the previous owner of RLCF shut the site down because of too many DMCA complaints, so I offered to buy the domain. I bought the domain but the previous owner had deleted all the website files so I created a new forum with the same name but new software. My rea
  7. There is a small but tight knit community over there that I don't want to abandon. I don't have any current plans to merge the two forums. My hope with the name change is that it will inspire new conversations, new topics, and a new vision, that will ultimately develop into a larger community.
  8. An explanation of the name change as posted on Discussed.cc: Reallifecamfan.com was recently renamed to Discussed.cc. The reason for this change was to re-brand the site with a name that more accurately reflects the nature and spirit of the site. At its core this is a discussion forum. I also wanted to disassociate the site from the name Reallifecam as I believe that the name may have inadvertently limited discussion, as it gave the impression that this is solely a fan site for reallifecam, which it is not. I am hoping that the name change will broaden the discussion to other topics that
  9. I wanted to provide an update on the recent outages and offer some reassurance that everything is okay from the CamCaps Administration side. On 2/3/20 the hosting company migrated the CamCaps.net web server to a new server with more resources. However, when they did the first migration, they inadvertently used a restore point that was about a week old. Approximately, 4-hours later the website was migrated using the most recent restore point. This resulted in approximately 5-hours of data loss. The good news is that going forward we now have a lot more space, essentially double what we ha
  10. CamCaps was down for several hours today starting around 9:30 AM EST due to a failed disk drive. The disk was replaced and the array was rebuilt. However, when the site came back up there was some odd behavior such as duplicate posts and several issues with editing and creating posts, this was due to corrupted database tables as a result of the faulty disk. The database has been repaired and everything should be functioning properly now. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you happen to notice any further "odd" system behavior please let me know. There shouldn't be
  11. For me, it's Amsterdam. There is so much culture, history, and things to do.
  12. Where should everyone visit at least once?
  13. 1. At the moment any photo that is legal 2. Ideally it would be from the same month, though that's not a "rule" 3. A single poster can post up to 3 entries per month 4. It's open for now, we may add categories in the future My hope is to get some good competition going so I am leaving things open ended for the time being. If it starts to get too crazy we may refine the rules a bit. My apologizes for taking so long to respond.
  14. I am pleased to announce the addition of the "Photo of the Month" competition. How it works: Upload a photo Members vote on their favorite photo The photo with the most likes wins We'll add prizes when the competition gets more than 10 entries by 10 different users You can find the competition on the Home tab on the main menu. Thank You,
  15. I believe the 1 Millionth post was from either @Amy3 or @itsme. I have submitted a support ticket to see if I can determine exactly. The Post ID and the post count don't match so it's difficult to determine which post is the millionth using that metric.
  16. I am checking right now.
  17. I am working on this. There appears to be someone trying to brute force accounts. I am going to dial up the firewall / DDOS settings to hopefully stop it.
  18. No personals, dating, or escort listings CamCaps.Net takes no responsibility for the items posted here Any disputes about payment or delivery are the responsibility of the buyer and seller Items may be removed without warning if they violate CamCaps.Net rules Fraudulent listings will be removed immediately and the poster will be banned If you agree to buy an item you are obligated to pay for it No illegal items
  19. Just to chime in here, I have absolutely no qualms about this. VH-TV has done a lot to support the camcaps community by allowing people to post VH-TV content here. I personally don't see this as competition as we are not a chat site, we've tried it in the past but it just hasn't gained a whole lot of traction. I completely understand why VH-TV would want to start its own chat community as it gives them more creative control and moderation power. I consider VH-TV and especially James to be friends, and friends support each other. If VH-TV would like, I will gladly sticky a thread for their disc
  20. I am not sure what you mean. You'd have to fill out the secure payment form with your credit card details, and you'd still need to register for an account on VH-TV. The only thing that this affects is the payment method.
  21. Several people have noted on this forum that they can't use Verotel to pay. For whatever reason Verotel blocks their credit cards or their credit card company doesn't trust Verotel. Most of these folks have been U.S. based. Verotel is based out of the Netherlands, CCBILL is based out of the U.S. If nothing else this gives those who are having issues paying an alternative method. I haven't heard any reports of U.S. customers being denied by CCBILL. Unless PayPal changes its policy we won't be able to accept it. Believe me I'd love to be able to use PayPal as they have lower fees and its more c
  22. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & JCB. We cannot accept PayPal as they have strict rules about adult sites. In fact, PayPal has been known to terminate accounts for both the buyer and seller if they are caught using their service to buy or sell items in violation of their terms of use.
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