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It's fine to post cammers' names and what site they broadcast on like,
Chaturbate (CB for short), Chickstream, etc. You can also post them in
the main apt. forums.

As for VHTV, there is already kind of a system in place. If you look in
each top-level apt. forum, you'll sometimes see a Cam Shows sub-forum,
if someone in the apt. is a cammer, but not always. A lot of members,
here, are against cammers to the point they won't even watch the VHTV
stream if there's a cammer in the apt. (As my Grandmother used to say,
that's like cutting off your nose to spite your face.) But, sometimes you'll
see this.


When you click on Cam Shows, you'll see a topic(s) for the camme(s)r in
the apt., like this.


But, as I said, you won't always find the Cam Shows sub-forum, even
if there is a cammer in the apt. It's hit or miss because so many
members dislike cammers. Never could understand that, but to each
his own.

I hope that's helpful. Oh, you may also find the cammer's broadcast
name in the cam show topics. Sometimes, they're also posted in the
main topic for the apt.

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Sure like most if I wanted to watch "Cammers" would go to Chaturbate. Camgirls on the likes of VHTV & RLC are just a waste of time and Apartment. Most of the time nothing more than fakebate just to earn tokens. Apartments are bad enough without tenants only getting out their pits to do monotonous Cam shows. 

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