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  1. Stella & Stephan

    Friend? Isn't that his sister, Chris?
  2. Em, Nyusha

    Too late. He already did it.
  3. Violet & Jeff

    Yeah, Tomi, don't smoke, it'll stunt your growth.
  4. Em, Nyusha

    Thanks. Who's Pete? Another CC user?
  5. Em, Nyusha

    Thanks, Squirrely. Appreciate it. DMCA? At VHTV?
  6. Em, Nyusha

    I'm positive you're right. I have two ASUS ROGs and their keyboards don't light up that brightly. Plus, when you said MSI, I looked up their logo and it's a match. compared to Mods: I know this picture (on the right) doesn't contain the VH logo, but it also doesn't contain any VH tenants or anything remotely resembling a VH apt, so I thought it might be exempt from the rule. If that is not the case, let me know and I'll remove it.
  7. Em, Nyusha

    I'm just curious. Does anyone know what brand laptop that is? I enlarged the logo on the back of the screen and I'm not familiar with it. Thanks.
  8. Stella & Stephan

    I will miss you, my friend. I am sorry to see you go, but I think I might understand why. All the best. I pray you someday get to be the actual woman you so long to be.
  9. What a ham. RLC needs more like her.
  10. Misty - Part #2

    DAMN!!!!! She looks fine in that picture!!! MMMMMMM-MMM
  11. The Perfect Pussy Should Be?

    Very well thought out and excellently written!! I might add, "not reaching for the hedge trimmers," to find the target. I like the first three pussies just as much as I like the fourth and fifth. And, @Oldstalker, I believe you're right. Each one "is as individual as a fingerprint" and "NO furburgers"!!
  12. Linda & Leon

    It's from the 60s, I think. And, back then I think just about every woman on the planet had a full-on furry bush, even the porn actors. I remember when Playboy made such a big deal when they published their first full-frontal nudes. I remember thinking, what full-frontal nudes? All I see is a bunch of furry, black hair.