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  1. An observation. The only rule (in Global Rules) that pertains to begging applies to free account information, but not videos. 2) No begging for free account information.
  2. Boy, did I set you up for that one, or what? Shame on me.
  3. This belongs in a gallery. It's beautiful! 👍👍❤️
  4. He is a master. I just wish he would post more often.
  5. I get "nose" and "sugar" references about coke, but the flu also involves nose issues, such as a runny or stuffed up nose. Because both coke and the flu have references to nose issues, my understanding was that "the flu" also referred to coke. I never have and never would have associated it with lying until now. Don't misunderstand, I believe what you're saying. This was my just understanding of the use of the "flu" based on what I had read and the context in which it was used.
  6. I guess I misunderstood, as well, because from everything I've read about references to the flu in other topics, I also thought it had to do with coke. I would never have associated it with lying, based on what was said about it.
  7. Mashayang's Upload - Masha lick Roxy ,face sitting - Cut 03.mp4
  8. Mashayang's Upload - Masha lick Roxy ,face sitting - Cut 02.mp4
  9. I had to split this one into three pieces because it was too big to post as one file. If you'd like to put the pieces back together, you can use this little free program. It's very easy to use. http://dvdvideomedia.com/videocutter.html Mashayang's Upload - Masha lick Roxy ,face sitting - Cut 01.mp4
  10. MashaYang - Roxy Stella and Mashayang Squirt play - ManyVids.mp4
  11. MashaYang - Roxy Masha lesbian squirt - ManyVids.mp4 MashaYang - Roxy Stella and Masha Licking pussy hard - ManyVids.mp4
  12. I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks for letting me know. 👍
  13. MashaYang - Roxy best squirt - ManyVids.mp4 MashaYang - Roxy huge dildo inside me - ManyVids.mp4
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