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  1. letsdothis

    Hunter & Piper

    I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, because I don't see it that way and I'm not going to argue with you.
  2. letsdothis

    Hunter & Piper

    How, on God's green Earth, could anything I said be anywhere close to being hypocritical??? This is the definition of hypocritical. "behaving in a way that suggests one has higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case." Here's an example of hypocrisy. "We don't go to church and we thought it would be hypocritical to have him christened." Here are a couple more examples: Admonishing someone for doing something, but turning around and doing the same thing yourself. Or, holding someone or a group to a set of rules, then breaking them yourself, believing they don't apply to you. And, just to be clear, when I say "you", I don't mean you, Misc, or anyone else in particular. They were just examples.
  3. letsdothis

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    Doesn't ask me to save anything. Just gives me this error.
  4. @StnCld316I forgot to say I translated the entire page to English, so yes that is the right button to click. "Just click the Valider et Telecharger le Fichier" button
  5. I've tried to download every video he posted, several of them multiple times. I always get this error.
  6. I'm really sorry you got banned, but they can only ban you once. You may as well reload everything to mab.to, if you want to. 😊
  7. These two girls look like sisters.
  8. Very interesting name, Oksi. Thanks, Noldus.
  9. letsdothis

    Hunter & Piper

    I agree, women are quite capable of being just as big an asshole as any of the guys who have flipped us the finger. In this case, IMO, that wasn't what happened, so no double standard. I didn't see it live, but I didn't see two assholes, saying, "Fuck you!" If that's not what you saw, then maybe it was a double standard for you. IDK. JMO.
  10. letsdothis

    Hunter & Piper

    I never said it wasn't a double standard, but in this case, I don't think it was. They weren't being mean, idiotic assholes, like some of the guys who have flipped us off.
  11. letsdothis

    Hunter & Piper

    It may be because most of us are here for the girls and when a visiting guy flips us the finger, it really does feel like he's saying, "Fuck you, assholes," to the entire audience. And, we don't tolerate it, nor should we, because it's disrespectful, rude and insulting, at the very least. But, when a couple of cute girls flip us off in a cute, funny, playful, teasing way, we realize it doesn't have the same connotation as when the guy did it and we allow them more latitude. Some might even say it could mean, "Come fuck us!" JAT.
  12. letsdothis

    Zack & Blonde Part #2

    I never watched a single second after their illegal behavior with that drugged, unconscious girl. I know you're a woman, so I respect your desire for hot guys, although I never looked close enough to know if they were or not, not that I would be any judge of male hotness. I never come to VH or CC or anywhere else, for the guys, but I understand why you would. I won't spout morality to you except to say, the illicit, illegal behavior of these guys FAR outweighs EVERYTHING else they ever did, IMHO. Anyone who comes to replace them would be a 1000% better than these guys and their crony in crime, tattoo dude. Peace right back at ya. ✌️
  13. letsdothis

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    Doesn't work on a laptop, either. ☹️
  14. I tried multiple times with several files. I always got this error. Could never download any of them.
  15. mab.to seems to work the best. The files last three days, which is about as long as we're going to get before RLC has them deleted. And, they have everything deleted.