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  1. I'll look around. Usually, the older they are, the more likely they are to be deleted, even though the link may still be available.
  2. This is my all-time favorite flasher. She's just so adorably cute.
  3. Indian Hills Community Sign... - Indian Hills Community Sign M.FACEBOOK.COM Indian Hills Community Sign updated their cover photo.
  4. Hey, @SOMHO2000I was notified you quoted a post of mine in B1 videos, but it was deleted before I could read it. Could you please repost it here? Thanks.
  5. My Grandpa used to sit in a rocking chair. He had a recliner, but didn't use it because it wasn't comfortable for him. So one night when we were there, Dad tried putting shims under the recliner feet to change the angle, to see if that would make it better for him. While we were doing that, Grandma was rummaging around in the closet and knocked over a box of marbles. That is forever stuck in my mind as the night Grandpa was off his rocker and Grandma lost her marbles.
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