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  1. I think she looks fine. She just has a round face, instead of a square or oval face.
  2. Come on, Jabba. These posts are not just rude and insulting in general, but also because her face doesn't look anything like what you and others have described. She's rather pretty.
  3. It's already been detected in Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, France and the United States.
  4. Is this the girl who some said her face looked like it was hit by a truck or something like that?
  5. Ian, here's the reload. This one has a bit larger file size because I increased the resolution (dimensions) a bit and the bit rate is higher. https://mab.to/JLn2Vk8F8
  6. Actually, IP addresses are assigned by your ISP., but the rest was spot on. 👍
  7. It's a wee bit bigger file, but I hope it's more to your liking. These are screenshots from the original video, as well as this version for comparison. Original video screenshot. This version screenshot. Video (Video & Image Content No Longer Available)
  8. Some say I'm nothing but treble, but it's A minor issue.
  9. It's always a pleasure to further along someone's education, tosser!
  10. These are the five URLs used by reallifecamhd (that I know of): https://cdn.reallifecamhd.tv/1325.mp4 https://cdn.reallifecamhd.org/1325.mp4 https://cdn.reallifecamhd.net/1325.mp4 https://cdn.reallifecamhd.com/1325.mp4 https://cdn.reallifecamhd.xyz/1325.mp4 Only the top-level domain (net, com, etc.) and the sub-directory (in this case, the video number) change. Sometimes they all work, sometimes just one will work and sometimes none of them work. If one doesn't get you to the sub-directory, just try another top-level domain (TLD).
  11. Try this one. https://cdn.reallifecamhd.net/1325.mp4
  12. She used to live with Pablo, but someone said she had to move out because of paperwork. Maybe visa stuff, IDK.
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