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  1. Hey now, don't you be running down my girl.
  2. Either Clara is too close to the camera or you cropped out the best part. Either way, the good stuff is not visible. 🙁 (I know you didn't crop it because that dark grey bar is still there.) Actually, the best part is Clara's beauty, but she also has a gorgeous pussy. 😊 BTW, if you wait a second for it to go away and don't move the cursor and use a keyboard shortcut to take the screenshot, that grey bar at the bottom won't be there. 😊
  3. No, he had the hat on. Just kidding. As he walked down the street, such a large crowd gathered around him that the cops arrested him for basically disturbing the peace. It didn't say if he was convicted or acquitted, but the newspaper was on his side. He was a hat maker and had made the hat himself. It was a stovepipe design.
  4. I don't know about the official name, it's just what I've heard it called here in the US ever since I was a little kid watching old movies. Cylinder hat works. I just had never heard it called that before and didn't know what it meant, so I asked for clarification. According to Wiki, people have worn top hats since the 16th century. The really tall ones were called stovepipe top hats. The black silk top hat was created in 1797. The first person to wear a top hat in England was arrested for disturbing the public order. The opera top hat was collapsible into a flat disk to save space in the opera cloakrooms.
  5. She's not bad. Though, IMHO, she could do with a new 'do.
  6. The spear-fisherman can be a real pain in the wrasse.
  7. Hey, @Dave 27, this one has you, @Just In and @Robwin written all over it. He was so pickled that he was hard of herring.
  8. Yes, fluorescent lighting does play havoc with photography, but if it were the lighting all the cams would show the same yellow hue. Like Jabba and Sparkles suggested, I think the auto white balance is off. Or, it might be something else, but I think the problem is just with that one cam.
  9. Ah, got it. I know that as a top hat. The things you learn on an international forum. Thanks guys. 👍👍 https://www.amazon.com/s?k=%26%2334%3Btop+hat%26%2334%3B&link_code=qs&sourceid=Mozilla-search&tag=mozilla-20
  10. That must be a German or European tthing, but I couldn't find anything online about it. So, what is a cylinder hat?
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