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  1. You may be right about L & J's apt, but I was only talking about the pics I posted and the overall lack of camera quality throughout VH. Both of the pics in my post have adequate lighting and that's why I chose them, to show the low camera quality even with good lighting. It could be just a matter of wiping the film off the camera lens that accumulates over time, similar to the film that gets deposited on the inside of your car windshield. I doubt that's the only problem, but anything's possible. (You might be amazed at how much clearer your windshield would be after cleaning the inside, especially if you haven't done it in a while and especially if you smoke in the car.)
  2. LOOOL! Jeez, if that's what you call quiet, I wouldn't want to hear what you consider loud. 🤣🤣
  3. Part of the problem, maybe a lot of the problem, IDK, is we may have been lulled into believing, thanks to the low quality cams in use at VH, that this pic is sharp. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly, it's better than some we see posted, thanks to the adequate lighting in the room. But, compare it to the second pic and you begin to see what sharp is. (View them at actual size, which is 2453 x 1371, and in separate windows (not separate tabs), so you can switch back and forth between the two. You can better see the difference that way. It's the same pic.) Compare things around the room, like the print on the pillows, the square thing on the window sill, the reflections in the mirrors, her hair, etc. Here's another example. In the original, you can barely tell the redhead has wrinkles on her forehead, or the separation between her nipple and areola (they blend together like one, dark blob) or the pattern on the front of her panties. It looks as though someone put a soft-focus filter over the camera lens compared to the other two images. Also, the same pic. (BTW, a friend from across the pond got me thinking that possibly not everyone knows how to view pics, GIFs, etc., at full, actual size within the CC system. If anyone needs that info, let me know.)
  4. Ha Ha Ha!!! I was going to make a similar comment, until I saw yours. Good one!🤣🤣 "Don't show that to anyone," was good, too. You're on a roll. 🤣🤣
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