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  1. Diane and Kim bating and real orgasm https://mab.to/QwXiQNz4V
  2. Leora rubs her pussy with a finger and her ass with a black dildo https://mab.to/soFArkMw7
  3. Holly masturbates in the gym on the floor https://mab.to/3MbGiC80y
  4. If that was a question, this is called a whale tail because it looks like an actual whale's tail.
  5. It's a good-sized forum with a little something for everyone. It is, however, an unmoderated forum. Except for death threats, the moderators don't want to hear about any rules violations. And Jabba's right, beware the Ridgerunner. He claims not to be a Republican, but that probably just means he's not a member of the party. He is as Republican as it's possible to be. He's a FAR right, Q-Anon, conspiracy-believing wingnut, with not a good word for anyone who disagrees with him. Forewarned is forearmed. Ask @golfer06or @O_U812about him. https://camcaps.net/forums/forum/64-worldwide-pol
  6. If there was a shred of truth to that statement, they would have impeached the psychopath, convicted him and run him out of office.
  7. Can I have some of what you're taking
  8. Now now, @Folivora, you're interrupting her studies.
  9. lesbo [ lez-boh ] noun, plural les·bos.Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a lesbian.
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