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Hakeem's Harem


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A list of Mr Boombastic's ladies in chronological order with nicknames. New arrivals added as they turn up ....

1. Asia - remember her? Easy to miss.
2. Camo Girl - wore camouflage top and leggings, possibly a call girl. Multiple visits.
3. American Woman - paid Mr B for sex on first visit. Multiple visits.
4. Ebony Girl - black American student at Prague University. Two visits.
5. Fat Bottomed Girl - first to decline Mr B's advances. One visit.
6. Red Clothes Girl - one visit.
7. Short Blond Hair Girl with tattoos - second to decline Mr B's advances. One visit.
8. Crazy Lady - junkie work colleague and stand-up comedian in Prague clubs. Loud screamer. 
9. Long Blond Hair Girl with big smile - one visit.
10. Sister Big Ass - chubby with short brown hair. Confirmed as "friends with benefits". Multiple visits & sleepovers.
11. First Redhead girl - two visits.
12. Chubby girl - dark hair. One visit.
13. Madame Red (AKA Average Marge) - tall, slim, wears glasses. Doesn't say much. Multiple visits & sleepovers. 
14. Big Boobs Neighbor Girl - wore slippers. One visit.
15. Asian Babe - short, chubby and naive. Suspects Mr B of infidelity 🤣 . Multiple visits & sleepovers. 
16. Mystery Girl - third to decline Mr B's advances. One visit, ignored Mr B all night.
17. Russian girl - possibly work colleague. Multiple visits & sleepovers.
18. Question Girl - slim, red haired work colleague. Spotty skin. Mouth never shuts and has psychological issues. Multiple visits & sleepovers.
19. Tall Red Girl - small boobs, big ass, deep voice. One visit and sleepover.

that's all folks profile GIF

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