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  1. You forgot that Spain is not Italy Let's stop wanting to be impatient and let it happen because it will happen anyway
  2. it means that life is starting to get back to normal it will be a pleasure to see her again at Babi's for a few days
  3. Elettra has been in Ukraine for several months now, since she really separated from her boyfriend, who we saw quite often at B1
  4. In my opinion, Nelly and Bogdan are already untouchable within the house as long as they do not want to return to Russia, even if the idea crossed Nelly's mind a few months ago, but the things have changed now Megan, I don't know what to think, sometimes I tell myself that I wouldn't mind her leaving but when I look at her in the shower, I tell myself that she still has a beautiful body which is nice to watch 😁 Holly, I will keep her forever if I had the power 😍 Monica and Amira can leave tomorrow that I won't hold them back, or at least the door to make sure they don't miss the exit to
  5. No one really knows where she was before joining Pam and RLC, she may have come from Ukraine as well as elsewhere in Europe.
  6. it's pretty nice to see Zac's friend and his girlfriend again in this apartment, we saw them at Zac and Luna's a few days before the apartment closed for good I find it a shame that Luna and Zac broke up because it would be a pleasure to see her again
  7. With the restrictions appearing to be less severe in Spain in a few days, I think we may have some change soon, if not in May it will surely be in June.
  8. Just like that, I have no more reason than for the girls of B2 or B4 because they too have been present for a long time, so everyone has the possibility of leaving soon.
  9. because it's not an Italian team who play tonight
  10. For my part, I thought more about a departure of the couples of B5 😁
  11. Of course I don't know everything, except that I see when there's a party going on in an apartment and other people in another apartment are getting ready to go out. Everything else is just a deduction from a visit history between the different apartments I can tell you that I did not take much risk by talking about the coming of B5 to B2 tonight 1 hour before they really arrived 😁 I can give you deduction lessons if you want 🤣
  12. another suprise, Loraine and Anthony are there too 🤣
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