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  1. Daughter realy? almost same age so her sister is better no?
  2. It is true that there is something to complain about It's annoying to see such a beautiful friendship between Kristy and Kami work to perfection, each one respects the other, this is inadmissible Again, for whoever takes Kristy to bring her beautiful girlfriends in the apartment, watching them laugh, having fun and taking a nice shower, frankly it's really not why everyone looks at RLC and this apartment It's the same, it's unbearable to watch Kami with one of her best friends, the beautiful Yula There is really something to complain about the absence of kami during a day, you were right, it does not deserve to subscribe where deserves only to unsubscribe I hope that you understood well that I was sarcastic, we really walk on the head, especially when I read some comment We have a proverb in France that says, "better to turn his tongue ten times in the mouth before speaking" Some should be inspired
  3. rlc ans cc for me
  4. ok i understand why create the poll in this part of the forum, There is a section dedicated to poll in this forum, just enough to create it down
  5. And you want them to do what CC mods on voyeur house guest acts, they are like you and not necessarily more power, apart from clearing the forum and banning borderline members for better visibility of the forum
  6. I voted no, I will explain This couple has come several times and has had normal sex that you have all enjoyed seeing the large number of comments I am, like most, against violence against women, but I make the difference between a naughty role play, even a bit brutal, and real gratuitous violence without reason (there was the same debate, Not so long ago with guests at taya) I admit that I am a non - attending member of Voyeur House not being a premium member and that I am not seen all the scene, but I trust its creator who understands much more than most of the others, between us And most of all, they are probably friends of the real couple who live in this apartment and we would have the right to say who they have the right to see or not? We walk a little on the head you find not Personally, it is not the guests who are problematic in this apartment with their role play but Alex with his gratuitous violence towards Anna, for that is inaceptable, the rest is Good reading ^^
  7. Alors pourquoi demander le droit de voir les vidéos pour "ces conneries pareilles" et pourquoi trainer ici dans ce cas, après cela est respectable de vouloir habiller et nourrir sa famille
  8. suffit juste de devenir premium pour pouvoir les voir justement, abonnement d'un an, je pense pas que ca puisse tué quelqu'un un tel tarif, a moins que tu soit un de ces gars qui veut que tout leurs viennent dans la main sans lever le petit doigt ^^