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  1. I don't think she's married but just a couple with this man At least if you look at her hands she ain't wearing no ring
  2. I am extremely shocked that you do not agree with me
  3. So for you, to eat whatever she finds in the apartment and which does not belong to her, the fact of rummaging in all the drawers of the apartment especially in the room of the couple who lodges her or the fact of going stealing things from the couple's neighbors through the different balconies is less serious than putting toothpaste on cameras 🤪 We really don't have the same values in life, that's very clear to me because toothpaste is easy to clean while the rest of the other things can cause real problems
  4. She takes care of her horniness in every shower she takes in this apartment every day 😁
  5. No, I haven't seen her do it, but is it really that important? in fact it looked like wet toilet paper and I especially saw that what she had put on the cams did not necessarily hold during her entire shower, after ok it was toothpaste, no big deal in the end, view that the cameras are protected by a plastic bubble Either way, it's not the worst thing she could have done this week
  6. If you say so I want to believe you but personally I don't have a green thumb, so I will continue to watch Serafima
  7. Kitty packed a suitcase so I don't think she's doing this to allow her family to come 😁
  8. Let's say the word shy was more to illustrate my point, the word weird is more appropriate for her 😁 On the other hand, once Luna makes her understand that she should not touch the cameras, she changes her behavior by trying not to get naked in front of the cameras anymore
  9. So for you having a shy guest is not a part of real life? Come on !!!!!!! It's not tenants who blocked the cams, it's a GUEST
  10. I think more that they are getting ready to go on vacation
  11. People should already be able to understand what they see and it's far from won 🤣 Otherwise to be more serious, there are tools on this forum, you can put the members in your ignore list, so you no longer see the comments of these people or you use the "report" button which will allow the moderators to do their job
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