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  1. In any case, nothing will happen before the early morning like every party, it lasts a long time and then it all depends on who has to stay to sleep, I think we will have the same couple as last night and the best of luck would be the couple of this morning
  2. Because we were just told, if they did it with these two girls, I guess they must have done the same thing with the couple this morning
  3. They passed the message, now to see how the different guests, who now have the information, will evolve with the cameras, it makes me want to put everyone to bed now ^^
  4. thank you it's nice to enlighten us What I find strange is that I do not have the impression that these girls have tried to do it unless I missed something of the evening Good it is a pity, you break my delirium because I would like a real roomate apartment with the girlfriends of Carla
  5. all couples who was here at the beginning of the party are back
  6. I don't know what Yanai and Carla can say to the two girls on the balcony especially since there is no sound and it is difficult to hear with the kitchen camera but that sounds serious, I hope it's to tell the girls that RLC will open a roomate apartment in Barcelona
  7. Surely RLC themselves because they prohibit any sharing of their content Besides, I don't know if it's always a good idea for them to do this when they are losing more and more people on their site Sorry for you
  8. So I'm not going to say that I have Spanish origins through my great grandparents
  9. What is certain is that they all have a passion for dance and that they do it better than me
  10. I don't see the connection, she is still absent every Friday night and only returns on Saturday morning for several weeks now, sometimes she even disappears all weekend, and you don't really know what she does with her ass while she is not present You will have to remove the blinders because Leora has become a real GOV
  11. So Leora would have the right to disappear for a whole night but the girls of B4 would not have the same right to do it? it's kind of hilarious as logic you have
  12. You will be in depression if they close these apartments because you will not be able to evacuate all your hatred and your venom in this case
  13. Young people unfortunately do feel less concerned because it is not the most deadly age group, they simply forget that they can endanger their parent or grandparent In the United States, students hold covid parties to be able to get sick and at the same time touch a pot So in the end, what they do here in Spain, at Carla's, it stays soft
  14. I agree but like everywhere, as long as we respect the framework of the law, then we think that we fear nothing After I find it strange to be remonstrated with a small group of people even when leaders of countries hold meetings to be re-elected in several months without any health rules or when other advocates that it is only a gripette while taking crowds I don't know who are the most dangerous in the end
  15. Do you know the sanitary rules of Spain before saying that they do not respect what is happening in the world? I'm pretty sure it's okay to meet as a small committee as they do
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