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  1. No personal information from social media on open forum It's against the rules Thanks
  2. sorry to say that but all show in B apartments are clickbate my friend 😉
  3. je dirais plutôt le contraire, que les abonnés profitent des deux filles qui n'ont aucune relation avec RLC (enfin je pense) l'une est une amie de Samantha, l'autre une amie d'Emily et cela reste que mon avis mais les voir nue sous la douche, me permet en tant qu'abonné d'avoir de jolie choses à voir, du coup je me sent complètement pas perdant dans cette histoire 😉
  4. As a voyeur, Rosalie and Alana last night was 100000% better than b1 and b4 show girls 🙂
  5. Voyeur House TV‏ @VoyeurHouseTV 37 minil y a 37 minutes Plus NEWS: Lovenia and Cable are leaving our project. Hope this beautiful and loving couple will have their long and happy life together. Wish good luck to guys, friends!
  6. like this 😉 https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/13_5?ts=1555901207&from=share
  7. I do not have a problem with that, I just wanted to clarify some things that I felt for a while reading your posts Everyone has their point of view indeed but it does not prevent us from living in the real world and unfortunately not in the world of fairy tales where everyone would like each other 😉
  8. Is it me or do I feel that you think that everything on rlc comes from a play with actors? Without wanting to do too much comparison with VHTV, you're more likely to have real friends on RLC than on VHTV (I'm based on what I see and especially what I know about participants, and I know a lot about both projects) So in fact I do not feel that you really understand the situation in most cases because you only stay on the sex aspect and not on the human relationship that people can have The girl who was present was a friend of Masha from Russia, ok she was a bit strange but finally quite nice in the shower This girl seems to me to be also a friend of Masha, and at the moment Masha needs to be with friends because her relationship with Dasha and Sasha is over and although she still loves Sasha a lot, she suffers from the situation This situation will more or less be resolved in a few times and changes will be made in this apartment
  9. Gigi is blonde 😁 she's not Gigi by the way 😉 she is Chloe friend and we seen her only in this apartment
  10. the bed is big enough for four girls she must have lost her invitation 😁
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