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  1. Au vue de leur relation il y a a peine deux semaines, je dirais que non 😉
  2. Looking a naked girl on rlc is also crazy 😁 Get a life too ^^
  3. Leora and Eva, Leora and Paul's dog, have been part of the daily life of rlc subscribers for several years, it is perfectly normal to ask how Eva can go, because the dog was close to Leora before the apartments were cut in Russia
  4. I am surprised that nobody recognizes the guy, while he helped Alana to assemble furniture when she arrived at R1
  5. all these people were seen at Eva and Adam's house, so I guess he talks about this apartment
  6. what? Only Nina and Kira come from RLC
  7. the difference between you and me is that I fully assume all of this I still want to tell you that you were a premium member of RLC, so your moral lessons, I think you can keep them for yourself because you are far from being a saint
  8. If you say so, but at least I can see them and analyze their behavior, which is not your case you prefer to say things that have no basis because you believe that we still live with the rules of the 1970s
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