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  1. I could not say better than you guys Long live 3ks as long as possible, in addition it is clear that these girls are a real pleasure for the eyes 😉 ❤️
  2. moos54

    Zack & Blonde

    Misty used men like this too in the past and she was a queen 😏
  3. hier ils ont fait un twister 😁
  4. moos54

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    Yes She's Bogdan sister 🙂
  5. moos54

    Eva & Sam General #2

    tu es au courant qu'ils sont marier? on peux voir leurs alliance à leur main droite 😉
  6. Not necessarily, she comes from time to time to clean even when nobody is about to leave or arrive But yes otherwise, Mary's time is running out now, even though I think the room will be for Anita and not for a newcomer
  7. moos54

    Ruby Part #2

    NO the best way is to use the report button 😉
  8. moos54

    Adeline & Markus

    Les cultures ne sont pas les mêmes non plus, et surtout la jeunesse est devenu comme cela Suffit de voir dans la rue, tout les jeunes ont leur téléphone à la main tout le temps j'ai moi même ce mauvais réflexe de temps en temps en soirée avec des Amis
  9. moos54

    Adeline & Markus

    tu pourrais être un peu moins familier dans tes propos s'il te plait, pas besoin d'insulter les gens gratuitement, merci
  10. moos54

    Ruby Part #2

    if you do not find the post, it's because the moderators took the decision to withdraw it because it had to be outside the rules But it's not because someone is doing a bad post that we will punish him for it For the rest of the story, I can not say more without having all the information because I am not the person who made the decision, all I can say is that I support it Now, if some of you want to discuss it, there is a topic created especially for that which I put the link on my last post Here is the subject for Ruby's apartment, thank you for respecting it
  11. moos54

    Ruby Part #2

    @oneiropolos please, if you want discuss about moderator, do it in the right topic this one here it isn't the right place
  12. moos54

    Carl & Jenifer

    each managers have their own objective that's why there are more problems with some than others or else the problem comes from the whole country ^^