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  1. Freddy & Jeson

    no but we have rules for posting vids and pics from VH, vids only with attachment center and pics with watermark "Voyeur House TV"
  2. ouais qu'elle soit normal ou alcooliser, elle est forte pour réussir à ne rien montrer, elle est plus forte que des guests, c'est pour dire ^^ mais le pire c'est qu'on est tous la, à vouloir qu'elle nous montre quelques choses
  3. even drunk Angelika happens to show nothing, she's very strong she try to access at the bathroom, maybe for taking a great shower but Victoria close the door ^^
  4. she took showers? because Angelika is very afraid by the water in B2
  5. vic is at B1 ^^ Leona is the girls at b2 with Nita ;-)
  6. ouais je pense aussi, un truc du genre, bon les filles faut se parler et toi la belle brune va prendre une douche que j'aille brûler tes mini short ^^
  7. B2 back online with all girls talking each others in the living room so one thing, Angelika isn't in the shower yet ^^
  8. before UM she's on the balcony, so i have a doubt she took a shower
  9. Lisa

    VKontact, it's almost the Russian Facebook
  10. Masha & Sasha

    nothing sexual, they just put on ber body old coffee
  11. Lisa

    Nice ass
  12. i can say this, i saw more Miss X body than Angelika ^^