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  1. je pense qu'elle s'en fou royalement suffit qu'il la caresse ou qu'il l'embrasse et elle s'allume comme un sapin de noël
  2. I think you told us you work in the medical sector, are you okay? take care of yourself too and good luck
  3. Not everyone listens to government orders, for example in mine, fines are provided for those who do not respect the rules of confinement, after three weeks, there are already 500,000 fines, so you see they are not alone
  4. parce que tu crois qu'un antidote d'un virus inconnu peut se trouver aussi facilement ...
  5. Spain has just passed the 10,000 deaths linked to covid-19 and the country has extended the confinement for two or three additional weeks, it is better to be careful and do your shopping accordingly to avoid having to move out of your home the most possible
  6. Knowing that not all countries are affected in the same way and at the same time by covid-19, it seems to me very hypothetical to be able to guarantee major world sporting events, especially if no real antidote is yet to be found. Even if this virus is no longer present in some countries, there will always be the fear that it can return by bringing sportsmen and fans from around the world I had to participate in a European Paintball tournament, the first round was planned in Spain near Valencia this week, the second was in the Czech Republic in Prague at the end of May, these two rounds were canceled due to the virus We have two other rounds planned, one in England in mid July and the last in France at the end of August, for the moment they are maintained but I no longer have any illusions, I actually think that 2020 will be a blank year or rather black view context It is better to make sure that this virus is defeated before taking risks again especially when we see the devastation it can do at this time because most countries only communicate the dead who are counted in hospitals without speaking financial problems that he is also doing
  7. Seeing what's going on in the world right now, I don't think this is the right time to launch this kind of site
  8. faut croire qu'ils ont dépassé cela pour devenir un couple solide et puis cela n'a rien avoir avec la taille de sa bite ^^
  9. if we follow a real logic, I think that there will be no sporting event for the year 2020
  10. Il doit en avoir une assez grande pour elle car elle n'a pas l'air de se plaindre
  11. sorry to want to question your intelligence again there are at least three of us who want to explain to you that in the current context, that is to say a planetary health problem that we call pandemic and which is simply killing thousands of people , having Assol and Amelie at B4 will always be better than having empty beds, because it is surely impossible to replace them at the moment We understood that you wanted girls who masturbate all the times, but you will not have them, you will have to get used to this idea
  12. Without wanting to be mean, I believe that you have just demonstrated to everyone how far your intelligence can go, and I believe that it does not exceed the belt
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