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  1. moos54

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    you didn't see the post before you 😉
  2. Parce que toute les filles nues sous leur robe sont forcément des filles de joie? C'est dingue qu'en 2018, des gens puissent encore être aussi catégorique dans leur propos ....
  3. They aren't cam shy too 😉
  4. Ne t'inquiète pas, la plupart du temps, ces newbies comme tu les appelles ne postent pas leurs contenus mais ceux qu'ils trouvent sur d'autre sites ils ne craignent pas grand chose en définitif 😉
  5. moos54

    Darcie & Stifler

    failed on this picture too, she has socks 😄
  6. This is no longer a secret since a long time and this apartment is well in Italy
  7. Do you really feel like Aria is sleeping with a stranger? that this is comedy? I agree on the background when the girls make their pseudo lesbian show, but all is not fake I reassure you It was Adri's mom and not an actress, just like Aria's boyfriend is real 😉
  8. I do not really feel when she was in the bathroom to help him shave the balls 😂
  9. He must be present at least for over a year, you had to be more interested by the tenants 😁
  10. moos54

    Kitty & Smith - Pictures (2018)

    bah elle a un bon grand lit, pourquoi voudrais tu qu'elle dorme sur le canapé Ce n'est pas Leora, pas encore ^^
  11. who said the girls are suposed to be naked/nude all the time? who said they can't received people? I do not know if you know, but we could see Adri's mom recently As well as various friends who do not necessarily stay in these apartments It just means that RLC is much more than putting girls in apartments to do the show In fact, we can see that some girls do not necessarily show, it just means that girls do what they want and that people do not oblige them to anything RLC gives the basics, after it's the girls who decide what they want to do