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  1. the translator is functional again, it is at the top of the page
  2. Without wanting to put the subject back on the table, Leora is often on the phone with a man who is not Paul or a member of her family and that happens to disappear for several hours, same for Malia you can conclude what you want 🙂
  3. Why? Have you never met people for dinner in your life? Are you a robot? so no need to socialize or eat 😁
  4. Dans une certaine communauté, celle du tatouage, cela est considéré comme de l'art Il y a des magazines qui existent et qui mettent en valeur ce genre de fille D'ailleurs elle n'est pas si vilaine, j'ai juste un peu de mal avec ses faux seins
  5. this could be true except that your accounts were banned by another moderator than me, besides it was even Stncld in person who did it, I only noticed when I woke up the next day Sorry to disappoint you and Harley, but I wouldn't be your scapegoat
  6. you must have a sixth sense because you seem to see the same comment everywhere
  7. He can no longer use this account because it is banned following violations of the rules of this forum, moreover another account which belongs to him had the same fate, and this one should also follow the same fate if he continues to act the same way
  8. it's still funny that this guy allows to have more comments than the show that the girls did yesterday or the one that is being done at B4 it would almost give importance to his visit tonight eventually
  9. it's still easier to hide the face and tell yourself that it is others who are bad rather than realizing that the girl whose adventures we have been following for 7 years have really changed since she joined RLC as only single
  10. I answered you with honesty from the start You want to defend Leora, it's your right Except you're not necessarily in the right place to do it I'm just telling you that Leora is not better or worse than the other participants in RLC And if we look at what she offers now, there is no longer really a difference between her and the GOVs
  11. Amy and Megan are the first participants at the openning of B2 four years ago both girls have changed a lot because all of them was shy in the past
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