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  1. This is just my opinion but I think that Kristy will not come back tonight, it is Friday and sometimes she leaves to see her family
  2. kami sit on the window if it's help with one of her friends, dark hair kristy outside
  3. je parle pas de toi, je parle des gens en générale et souvent des qu'il y a un gars et quoi qu'il peut faire il va tout prendre dans les dents parce qu'il a la chance d'y être est pas eux ^^ enfin bref ca me fait marrer de tout leurs mettre sur le dos à chaque fois
  4. J'adore lire certain commentaire, des qu'il y a un gars dans l'appart, toute la jalousie fait que les gens ne veulent pas de lui a part pour sauter les filles ^^
  5. la fin de son visa de trois mois est en effet la principale raison de son départ futur ^^
  6. premium member can see it, you aren't a premium CC member that's why you can't see it
  7. Carina and Sabrina was Italian girls but she leaves at Barcelona ;-)
  8. VHTV send a mail and they went for few vacations days ;-)
  9. Other models yes, Kami does not, each person is different So in fact it is not so strange that it sees that she never really done it ^^
  10. You who seem to know well the social networks of dima and Kami, says me is what Kami puts a lot of photo of couple that it is with Dima or with Yegor. I know the answer and I can tell you that no, and yet we know the times when she was with one or the other. Again social networks do not allow to see that one end of the life of the people and especially what they want to make us see, one must not take everything like cash