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Guest Squirrel

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Guest Squirrel

I regret to inform you of the passing of our dear brother NL (aka ____fill in the blank______). :'( :'( :'(

He will be truly missed. His contributions were many and copious; his dedication to his Queen Nora was unending; though he did flirt with a few other RLC girls at times.

Still, he was an honest CC member; always harassed by file services; but always dependable when you were in need of footage of your Queen. He travelled far and wide throughout the world to give support to mankind, never shirking his responsibilities, and always ready to face danger.

He will be truly missed.

(Bets are now being placed on how many days will pass before NL is resurrected. I'm thinking about one week. Kinda hope I'm right...)

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Guest HappyChap

Hi Squirrel Nutkin and Old Dudes Collective

Just passing by before I shuffle off this mortal coil as well......I am the last of many on here, if you know what I mean......all good things come to an end.

Stay Happy Chaps!!!!

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