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    If Trump wins the election, it'll be the first time in history that a Billionaire moved into public housing vacated by a black family.

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  1. No thank you. But, I do thank you for the invitation. We know when Quebec opens it's borders. There isn't a cheap hotel to be had up and down the East coast, every WalMart parking lot is full of 5th Wheels and tag along campers, (free parking) and every waitress in any restaurant that you go into is ready to quit because the Frogs don't tip a cent. This will all start the day after Halloween and it will last until Mothers Day.
  2. TBG 150

    Juke Box Split #6

    #1 & #4. Both changed things for years to come.
  3. That's Canadian to start with. And...it's for a family of 5, not just one individual. C'mon Thes, don't do like a Demoncrat, spew truth. That said, who the hell want to live in an Arctic tundra anyway?
  4. You say that as if it were a bad thing. I'm all for dissolving the entire Federal Government, except for the Military. Yeah, unrealistic, I know. But think of what the economy of this country would look like if all of that money that was spent on these useless individuals was used to better the infrastructure, the Military itself, the V.A., the manufacturing sector and countless other good things. The billions that are being pissed away with all of the wild goose chases is simply pathetic. Get rid of the Dems and the Reps and let AMERICANS, run this country.
  5. I saw one old hag get her face on the screen saying that the poor girl (Ford) was so traumatized by the event that she couldn't report it. I don't think that two kids in their late teens would be traumatized unless it was an outright case of rape. I remember very vividly to this day when a group of my sisters friends took turns sitting on my face and other places while the rest held me down. I was 16 years old and that memory is still safely tucked away in my 'spank bank', a mere 45 years later. That was more like a case of rape. And I loved every second of it when I realized what they wanted from me. There were no cell phones or shaved pussies back then. Although a Polaroid would have been nice.
  6. TBG 150

    just think about it.

    Yep! Fished St. Augustine Inlet a few weeks ago. I'd like to get up to St. George's Inlet in Jacksonville. That is some shallow fast moving water. Many times at Ponce Inlet and then work your way on down the coast to Key West. On shore, in shore, deep water, back water. Now residing just west of Cape Canaveral Inlet. I never heard of a port area that closed at night. This one does. Security here is as tight as Tinkerbelle's twat. But my Air Force Base creds keep them from bothering me too much. A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!
  7. TBG 150

    just think about it.

    It is for anyone under 25 years of age. And yes, like a lot of us here, you are an ol' fart too. I saw a few of them in the peaks of passion screaming with the fake orgasms and looking at their phones mid-scream.
  8. TBG 150


    This sorta thing happens every day out there. He was lucky he wasn't killed.
  9. TBG 150

    Nudity & As nature intended

    Nice first post. You came out swinging!
  10. TBG 150

    Juke Box Split #6

    Ahhh! The good days of music. What ever happened to them? Now the shit all sounds the same and trying to understand a word that is said, notice I didn't say sung, is near impossible. You could sing along with them, even if you couldn't sing to sing to save your life, but you knew every word. Even today's County all sounds the same. A bunch of caterwauling. Rock-N-Roll? Now it's who can make a guitar make the most un-listenable noises.
  11. TBG 150

    Creating Multiple Accounts on CamCaps

    I remember when there were several members that had several accounts each and would sit and ague with themselves just to create discussion. It would pull others into the discussion or argument as it may be. That was originally how the political threads got started. Now look at what they blossomed into being. Ain't I a stinkah!
  12. TBG 150

    Delete Account

    Funny! The only post they ever made was to delete their account. No one ever even knew they existed until that point.
  13. TBG 150

    Creating Multiple Accounts on CamCaps

    It's been going on since the inception of forums. Here, is no exception. Adding points and prizes to the fold just adds fuel for the dishonest. That's why I don't play that game.
  14. TBG 150


    The only way that you are walking in a cow pasture, is if you are out to pick mushrooms. 😁