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    If Trump wins the election, it'll be the first time in history that a Billionaire moved into public housing vacated by a black family.

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  1. TBG 150


    Many of those I use or have used in my shop. Many more I would have never thought of. So... Thank you!
  2. Now, those are some serious 'puffies' there. 😛
  3. I've been a freeloader since I found them. That's at least 6 years ago. And I still find little to post about after watching. Unless playing with their phones is something new. IDK!
  4. It has something to do with Flash player. Antiquated ideas.
  5. TBG 150

    US General Domestic Politics

    Here is another war between the religionists creationists and the evolutionists. I used an incorrect word there. Global warming?? The Earth burned and the Earth froze. The Earth was dry and the Earth was flooded. One volcano eruption does more damage to the atmosphere than man could do in 100,000 years. Get a clue people. Science, for the most part is fact.
  6. Those mega-skinny ones scare me. I'd be afraid that I'd either break them or break me hitting that much bone.
  7. I wouldn't throw any of them out of bed, or the floor, or the chair, etc...
  8. TBG 150

    Veterans Day

    Thank you, Gentlemen!
  9. Maybe it's the lighting, but she has my attention.
  10. I knew this little cutie looked familiar. It's the same one as on page 60 from earlier yesterday. I just can't get both pix to post. 😬
  11. TBG 150

    Need help with chooise sex cam site

    Reads to me like you are shilling for a cam site. In the forum world we call it spamming.
  12. In a lot of ways, I agree with you. But look what happened between 2008 and 2016. Would you really put your faith in the American voter? But when you have shit for candidates to choose from and the biggest bank account gets you in, hey, who needs votes. Can you just imagine how many dead people voted in South Florida this last month? It's amazing how all of these so called ballot boxes are being found in obscure corners of buildings. The whole thing is so corrupt on both sides it's sickening. The Internet has turned what little brains the public is walking around with, further into mush. There is only one side, only one party, only one race and tons of hatred.
  13. They'll prop her old dead ass up in the chair with a hand rammed into her back to make her mouth move. She has vowed to stay seated until Trump is out of office. I think she's going to start really smelling bad by the time he's gone.
  14. I would think that it's just a cover. They make them in all different shapes now and it makes them a lot easier to hold.