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  1. Tell us how you really feel HFB! How do you know that what people tell you and what they post isn't meant to lead you on? And who really cares if it's the same old shit. Does it change your life in any single way? If it does, then you allow that to happen. Go to your local massage parlor. Please tell me that you really think prostitution doesn't go on there. Dude, it's everywhere you look, from the streets in a ghetto to the highest class hotels. MONEY will get you just about anything that you could want in this world. If the best you can do is to watch the whores perform on your computer screen, then your really need to get out and see the world.
  2. And y'all watch it every chance that you get. If you didn't, you wouldn't know what was going on there now, would you?
  3. I heard reports today about it being pretty age related as to the severity of it. Persons 65 and up suffered more than younger and healthier bodies. The less informed are already making this a big political thing. Everything is blamed on politics today.
  4. Awww DUDE!!! That's just wrong, Either those are Chebby tail lights or pre-2010 Furd. I've had my F150 Platinum for 9 years and it's had to go to the dealer once for a Coil-On-Plug to be replaced.
  5. Have any of you guys sat back and read this BS from beginning to end? It's nothing but a kindergarteners thread. You're not talking politics, you're call each other names, nothing else! I don't think any of you could sit and have a gentlemanly discussion. This entire topic is a complete waste of bandwidth. Further, I seriously doubt that if you guys were put in a room to discuss this face to face, it sure wouldn't look like this mess does. You hide behind a keyboard and throw insults at each other. If this your idea of a discussion, all of you need a proper education. Grow up already!
  6. Hey...WTF? That's StoneCold 316's scooter. He's a CC Mod. He can park wherever he wants to. 😁
  7. I'm sure she just may be. I was just being a smart ass! Shipping Receiver sounds a bit better.
  8. These little prepubescent fappers are a bunch, aren't they? They want an instant orgasm.
  9. Nasty old hag seems to fit well.
  10. He and his 'gang' should die. At 13, he's already a worthless piece of shit.
  11. Tried a half dozen (that's 6 for you college grads) myself and get the same message.
  12. What an amazing resemblance. 😃
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