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  1. I'm not thrilled with the analogy, mainly because I have a really soft spot for dogs, but it's pretty difficult to disagree with you.
  2. I guess for the same reason that you would buy a 'Rustang'.
  3. I don't recall ever seeing those whores on VHTV! 😲
  4. Then just let it sink to the bottom and don't sweat the petty stuff. Pet the sweaty stuff, instead. It'll make her much happier.
  5. @jjkopiteyou are the one that brought him into the subject. He resides in that political nonsense thread and it's a good place for him.
  6. Cousin Itt from The Adams Family.
  7. That's so mean. Stupid human!
  8. I really think that you mean Joe Biden. Golfer will just follow the idiocy trail with the bug eater in tow.
  9. About all that will be left here is General Discussion by the end of the year. These voyeur sites just don't know how to accept free advertising.
  10. Another oldie, but goodie!
  11. It'll turn into another 'Leora loves me and talks to me only forum' after a while. The same garbage will happen there as it does here.
  12. Still perving at 80, huh? I have 16 years to go to hit that milestone. I wonder if the world will still be here.
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