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  1. As much of an Obama hater as I am, even I find stories like this utterly ridiculous. About the only truths I could even pull from any of that is he is a Muzzie and did try to destroy America from the inside out. But a fag taking on 10-15 men per day? Yeah, right! Unless he was the bottom....
  2. Damn, Spy! That's a hell of a jab to the ribs there. I wouldn't hang with people that stupid. Up there in Total idiots... those are the people that come to America or are already here that vote Dumbocrat. That sort of mentality hangs together. The 'Necks with the trucks aren't so bright either. But just think, without Dems, we wouldn't have any real entertainment. It's fun watching them all trying for the Darwin award of the year. Even funnier when they die trying.
  3. Imagine having to wake up to this sour puss every morning? What would be worse, Nazi Pelosi, Diane Frankenstein, or this ugly bitch?
  4. He was a great teller of truths and will be sorely missed by many. He wasn't left, he wasn't right, he was an American that told you just how it was.
  5. That would be wonderful if the politicians would actually do that. We could sit back and watch the other 6 5 continents (Antarctica doesn't count) kill each other for scraps of food, because they wouldn't get the Trillions of dollars that the US Government fools gives out to them. There is NOTHING on this planet that we need here that we don't have here on the North American continent, NOTHING. It was our money grubbing government that decided that we needed to 'trade', read that as, give to the world our resources. It's all a big fucking club guys and you and I, we aren't in it. (George Carlin) Of course we would have to take care of Canada. Otherwise SC would feel left out!
  6. Staged, but still a coupla fucking morons.
  7. Just cleaning up the gene pool. Until then though, he'll still be able to vote.
  8. Thanks Spy. The last few minutes are the worst. 😭 But, that's nature!
  9. Christ, if you never fired a weapon before, start out with a .22, to get a slight feel of what it MIGHT do. Then move up is size and power. For that matter, a light load .38 would be better. It'll give a little more 'bang' for the buck, but not take your wrist off. But to give a .44 or a .50 caliber handgun to someone who never even held a weapon before? Sheer idiocy and extremely dangerous.
  10. I've see stupidity on ranges before, but that was some of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a long time. These idiots are watching too much TV. Firing what looked like a .050 pistol with one hand? Not with any kind of a decent load in it. Long guns not tucked properly? Good way to lose your face or puncture a lung from a rib breaking into it. But, I digress.
  11. That's where these idiots got the ice cream licking idea!
  12. Does it count that my grille is under a covered screened porch? Cold, rain, heat, I don't care. I'm going to eat regardless so it may as well taste good. Last night it was raining like hell, the was wind blowing and there I was, standing in front of the grille with a fat, juicy Sirloin searing away. HFB...Grille mats are good for anything that you don't want falling through the grates, no matter what. I like chunks of cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, water chestnuts, even bamboo shoots. You can scatter them over the heat or wrap them in aluminum foil with your favorite seasonings. Shrimp, I like either on the mat or on skewers depending on the size. Jumbo's seem to cook down to a 2 bite size. Brushed with butter and fresh garlic, they'll keep anyone away from you. Scatter in onion petals with your veggies. Dream up what you can. It's all good. Thes...None of it is truly work, it's a labor of love for the results. My wife watches me run back and forth always looking in on the food unless I know what it takes and leaving the lid closed and monitoring the temperature gauge.
  13. Between the heartburn and the other associated smoke problems, I just grille the food and enjoy. I'm a simple person that doesn't like complicated. That's why I drove old cars...simple.
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