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  1. Tesla & Space X

    It was an awesome sight to see that lift-off go as smoothly as it did. Any roadway in the area was a sea of cars parked on the shoulders for a view across the river to the launch pad. While it was not the best vantage point because of the many Oak trees, I did manage to watch it from my back yard. To watch those two boosters come back and land on the pads was like watching a scene from a sci-fi movie. They were perfectly synchronous in the way that they both touched at the same time. And the twin sonic booms upon re-entry rattled the rafters. I wonder how "Star Man" and the roadster are holding up in deep space? Some looney bin wanted to shoot up a school here and that story has taken over the entire lamestream media. @Rammer. My wallpaper is the Curiosity rover on Mars.
  2. What is the best voyeur cam site of 2018?

    I chose RLC simply for Leora. The rest? Meh!! Tattooed weirdos. It's the same story it was 2 years ago, they can be having mind blowing sex, then out of nowhere they have to look at their phone. What's that all about? If I'm hot and heavy with a girl, there damned sure won't be a phone in the bed with me. But then, I'm not a Millennial either.
  3. Now, unless you are a paid subscriber, as soon as the 'house' comes into view, you get an ad to purchase a subscription before you can even see a pair of panties. Sure the cams are open, but unless you pay, you don't even get a 2 second preview. Another one bites the dust.
  4. Ganbang

    I was watching that. One woman on 3 guys and only one could get a semi. Granted, she's no spring chicken, but still. If I had any woman playing with me or sucking me off with another being partially nude and dancing erotically, I'd be standing tall and proud. I don't think that even Viagra could have helped them out.
  5. FUNNY

    Good thing she had the fuzz there as protection. LOL!!
  6. Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    I love the CC Mods. If they all just shut down for a week, we'd be reading about some of you in the world news. Murders, suicides, stalkings, etc... Keep it up guys, you're doing a thankless job.
  7. Fuck this forum and it's Mod's!!!

    WOW!!! I see not much has changed here. I can only imagine what might be said about me if I was still a Mod. I know what they said about me when I was. Some of it not too pretty. My personal opinion. You folks take this stuff a little too far. One of the main reasons I bailed out. Too much hate and discontent with each other. Too many countries, each with their own thoughts and opinions trying to make everyone believe what they want them to believe. There are those here that if/when banned, still come around because they can't get by a day without the controversy. They eat and sleep it. The hate for each other and their opinions is what keeps them alive. There is so much more to life than a forum and a few naked people. Sit back, read, laugh and then go about your life. The only thing that will change will be the happiness inside of you just knowing that you don't have to share the same bed with some of us. Lord only knows that we wouldn't want to have to share it with you.
  8. What is you favorite delicacy?

    Escargot, Grilled Florida Lobster and a Med-Rare Rib Eye. Combine that with a Ceaser salad in a perfectly chilled dish and a fine Cabernet/Merlot blend. Sorry. I don't take pictures, I just enjoy. Hi y'all!! The shit disturber is still in the house.
  9. Florida

    All is good here in Cocoa. The eastern side, Cape Canaveral got the shit beat out of them. The Air Force Base is still closed to all but essential personnel due to severe flooding. I'm 20 odd miles inland and all I took was a little tree damage, but still clocked winds in the 80-100 mph range. I'll admit, I've lived through many H'canes, including a few with direct eye hits, but this one rattled my cage. I think tht age must have something to do with it. That and not really knowing how well this house is build. Otherwise, safe and sound and they are working my ass to the bone. Just shy of 6 figures so far this year. Woo-Hoo!!!
  10. StnCld316

    I have no doubt that he's the best Mod here. That's why I passed the torch to him. I couldn't come near that perfection.
  11. I'd rather get hit with a .45 or .357, than a .22. The big lead will go right through. That little .22 will bounce off of your bones for a while tearing up everything in it's path while fragmenting.
  12. I don't know Woody. I know an awful lot of women that carry. My wife for one would never leave the house without her Glock 19. No where in my house are you more than 10 feet from a weapon of your choosing.
  13. Wine, Beer & Spirits -- Vins, Bières & Spiritueux

    Looks like Woody has figured out how to delete his postings again. That sucks. The deleted ones were the things that would start every day off with a damned good laugh. Now I guess I have to get our resident geek, SC, to tell me how I can read the deleted posts. And Woody. You should know better than to mess with a good batch of Southern Shine. Straight outta the Still man. Of course it does have to age at least a few seconds.
  14. 5000 rounds per second. That I wanna see. LMFAO The reality of that is closer to 13 rounds per second, or 800 rounds per minute.
  15. 5000 rounds per second. That I wanna see. LMFAO