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  1. TBG 150

    Cam Girls

    Imagine those puppies swinging free! Waaaay too big for me, but they might be fun.
  2. It seems pussies are like fingerprints. No two are alike. Some you would like to lick for days, others you want to run away from for days.
  3. TBG 150

    Cam Girls

    Can I trade places with blondie in the red thong?
  4. This one needs to be long dicked sooo hard, she won't be able to sit down for 6 months. That punk/shag/emo look is horny as hell looking.
  5. I know she could make me happy. The question is, could I make her happy? I'd love to die trying.
  6. TBG 150


    That was fucking great!!!
  7. Okay, which one or two do you want. I'll share with anyone but the trolls.
  8. Can't see them all up close, so...ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!
  9. Mmmmm! 110 toes to suck on. Woo-Hoo!
  10. TBG 150

    Nicole´s Bra

    Nice! Now if only Nicole came with the bra. 😵
  11. He could have gotten a hell of a lot more done in his first 2 years if he would have built that wall there. Look at all of the bills Odumbass skated through in the middle of the night when we all slept. He never said a word about it until it was done. He never blabbed all over the Internet what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He just shoved it straight up our asses and laughed. It may be too late for The Ego to shut up now. All he can hope for now is AOC not to shut her mouth and turn a bunch of Asses in Elephants.
  12. Actually, Ridge...Every time OAC opens her Socialist trap, Trump and the Republicans gain another 5000 voters and 1000 of them come from the Democrat side. She will be the demise of the Dems. Keep talking, OAC. You are a complete and total idiot. Economics major my ass.
  13. Never too old. She is just a little sun weathered. The body still looks tight. The smooth young ones may look like fun, but this one knows what to do, how to do it and what she wants. You won't have to waste time teaching her. If she laid spread in front of you, you wouldn't hesitate. I know I wouldn't!
  14. That is your idea of a woman of strength? I'm no Trumper, but that is one psycho bitch there. I wonder if she even passed elementary school with her extreme lack of knowledge of the law, or her lack of ability to act like a human being. What a trash-mouthed dirtbag! That idiot will be lucky if she makes a year without being executed by one of her own kind.