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  1. TBG 150

    Delete my Account

    Why? Can't handle it here? Skin too thin? Truth hurt maybe? IDK!
  2. TBG 150

    A females preference

    First of all, 'Hermy Honey', 😉 nowhere did you ask for a females perspective. You generalized in the asking of your question with the title to your poll. Secondly, I, would pretty much figure that about 95% of the male membership here is decidedly straight. After all, it is a voyeur board. Sure you have a few gay's here and there and you may even get them to post their preference in your poll. So, I think you owe the Army Sniper an apology and then you need to get with a Mod to delete the poll and/or reword it so it hits your target gender and demographic. Take the advice for what it's worth to you. You have been around for about 4 years. Plenty long enough to get the lay of the land here.
  3. TBG 150


    I love it when that happens to me. It's not often anymore since the cell phone took over the drivers out there. You used to see something like that at least once a week, now it's like once every few months.
  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭 I love that perfect little 'ax gash'. No piss flaps hanging, no hair to clog your throat as you slurp and swallow the nectar, just pure pink lipped lickin' pussy. 😺
  5. I just now saw that. I thought she had laser treatments to keep it that smooth. Then again, maybe Paul needs directions on where to go!
  6. TBG 150


    Yep! Jeannie is right down the street. Port Saint John here. I miss being right on the ocean like I was in Ft. Lauderdale. Where I am now, I never get a nice summer breeze. Sometimes the pine needles don't even move it's so still. Married? Coming up on the Big 30, in September. That wouldn't stop me from doing what I like. That's what has kept us together for so long. We both do what makes us happy! Fortunately, I don't have to 'carry' while sitting on my front porch. I know that because behind every door in my 'hood' is a small arsenal and we all look after each other. It's a very quiet section 'cept for the assholes and their fireworks. I hate those things. That section in the video about The Monkey House, pretty much quelled my curiosity into the Dark Side. I would love to explore it, but I'm not computer savvy enough to even try and get from box to box. I did check out the website, but it seems not cared for and many items out of date, but I got the ideas. It's a wonder that 90% of the people on this planet couldn't survive more than a week without their creature luxuries. I admit, I'm spoiled, but I damned sure could survive if put in the situation. I can kill, I can fish, I can clean, dress and prepare my kill. I can create my own water and shelter. As long as the old bones don't give out, I can do it. These days, it's just going to take me a few hours longer. I'm a good tender for the boat while crew is submerged. But I have an agreement with the fish. You stay off of my land and I'll stay out of your water. But if you grab my bait, yo ass is on my plate!
  7. TBG 150


    I just finished watching that video. I have to say it was enlightening, captivating and full of what I see as a good knowledge base. Scary? Yes, in a way. It is how you perceive the knowledge being given to you. I have no doubt things like this exist. There are some really sick and twisted individuals out there walking among us. And like the man said, you drive next to them, stand in line at a grocery store with them, even sit right next to them on a crowded plane, bus or train. People disappear off of the face of the Earth every day with little trace. Could you be next? Always pay attention to your surroundings, no matter where you are. Look back and know what you are looking at. There are those watching your every move all of the time and it's not just Big Brother. Thanks for the eye opening video. PM me links to others if you have them. I'd like to sit down and have a drink with you someday. I'm somewhere within a few miles of you.
  8. TBG 150

    Who Should Stay, Who Should Go

    Okay. You know I'm a slacker lately. Still busier than hell. Go SpaceX!!!
  9. TBG 150

    Who Should Stay, Who Should Go

    I didn't see Leora or Kitty, so I can't vote. The rest are 'Ho-Hum'. It would be very hard to choose between the two if Kitty didn't have all of that ink on her. Then again, you didn't include all of them, just a select few.
  10. And those cute red toes are just sooooo suckable! 😍
  11. TBG 150

    Military History and War Machines

    If you are ever in Central Florida, you would love this place. I spent many hours marveling at the restorations and the history kept here. https://www.valiantaircommand.com/
  12. TBG 150

    Tesla & Space X

    No one probably cares by now, but here is the present location of the Tesla and StarMan. http://www.whereisroadster.com/ How close to realistic this, I have no idea. I imagine he's pretty well worn by now. Supposedly SpaceX is still tracking the car and it's driver/rider. I do a lot of work in and around the Space Center Complex and Elon Musk is there quite often doing hands on work to assure his projects go as planned. He has a Falcon 9 going up at a little after midnight tonight. That should rattle me out of bed earlier than I need to be. https://spaceflightnow.com/launch-schedule/ Yeah, I know. I'm catching up around here. At this board you can get a year behind in a day!
  13. It doesn't appear to be anything but a random rambling.
  14. TBG 150

    Am i fat?

    How 'bout it Rodent? Did she send you the pix? I'd like to give an opinion on them too. But I do like a little 'cushion for the pushin', banging against a bag of bones hurts.
  15. And this is a Poll about what??