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  1. One would need to get some heavier line for the string trimmer. That is one serious bush there.
  2. Looks like you got a good picture at that party the other day in my backyard, Spy! Where are the rest of them?
  3. They're just hoping for a government hand out. Similar to the left leaning side before the pandemahoax.
  4. They may find out that she actually had sex with a guy in college and label her a slut or something else to fit their sic agenda.
  5. The power of the pink. She has the dick and he is the pussy. I never saw the Queen so disgusted as she was at that media show wedding.
  6. I know one thing...They won't be there after a DMCA takedown order.
  7. JB...The Dems are going to blame you for more deaths, than Covid-19. I'm sure that a groups of Reps and Independants would be standing in the same line.
  8. OMG!!! That would give a paraplegic a hard-on. OMG!!! 😮
  9. Talk about a bunch of Neanderthals! What kind of person attacks a woman for wearing a skirt? That's insane. I thought that these Frogs were supposed to have a more liberal mindset toward a woman showing their bodies properly. It appears to borderline the savages that walk the streets of our inner cities here.
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