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  1. I'm here, Spy. It gets rough wading through the Chaturbate pages. I end up skipping over a few of your good ones.
  2. And here I though that I was one of the very, very few, that think like that. Beautiful women with that hideous looking ink all over them. Save that for the Marines!
  3. I've seen my share of things driving the highways of this land. A nice shot like that just makes your day. Week for that matter. The cell phone ruined a lot of that. These days they get their entertainment from the phone while they drive, they don't need to flash the drivers on the road anymore. The last one...it was the stupid tats that did me in. Even the smallest one just ruins a woman. Take away the ink and I'll give her a great rating.
  4. Hard to believe he jogged right by that. I go out of my way to look for opportunities like that.
  5. She has a mischievous smile. I don't know Spy. That could require some serious thought. But I sort of lean toward 1,2,3 & 4. 😉
  6. She has been learning just how pleasurable playing with that ass can be.
  7. It has to be by me. Pontoons are abound up here. Even the one with an all guy crew has FL numbers on it. Too many high end race boats on Biscayne Bay to make a pontoon fun. I'm working on a guy with a 27 footer he wants to sell. This thing is like a floating living room.
  8. One more pudwacker added to the ignore list. These little teenies playing on mommy's computer are a real downer to an adult based forum.
  9. Chill, shit! It's 90 fucking degrees outside here.
  10. Christ, dave moore. Look at the pictures and STFU already.
  11. Good Lord. I comment on ONE female and the peanut gallery comes unglued. Dude (lad) get your own grip. Look back at the many comments you placed quoting Spy's pictures. There are untold ALL. CAPS. WITH. A. PERIOD. AFTER. EACH. WORD. that can get really annoying to the reader. We are well aware of who each other is. We don't need someone 5000 miles (8047 km) away telling us the program. And it IS NOT the same girl.
  12. This isn't that same girl, Spy. This one has a tat on her right side belly, whereas in all of the hundreds of previous pix she does not. The nipple and aureole on this girl are round, the other are elongated. This girl has piss flaps and the others has a tight ax gash with almost nothing visible even spread-eagled. This ones teeth are even different. But jeez, Rollex, to say I shouldn't even be here is a stretch, ya think? Some clothing adds a little mystery to the picture. Like when you see a girl with nice little panties on, you wonder just what they are hiding. Sometimes when they take them off, two pounds of piss flaps fall out and you get that 😲 moment. Other times you look and can't wait to delve in there and get a taste. We all can't be the same. My favorite part of this thread is in the pictures, I get to see a lot of feet, not just the legs where the picture is chopped off. I for one do appreciate the efforts that it takes to upload all of these pix. I'm still pages and pages behind in the others.
  13. I'm leaving this planet with a carbon footprint that will be memorable. I drive for daily use, a 6500 pound pick up, with a 15 mpg engine, a 1959 Cadillac that has the ass end pictured in my avatar and 2 1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertibles with massive 500 CID (8.2 Litre) engines in them that at best get 10 MPG around town. They all did what they wanted before i hit the planet and I'm doing what I want while I'm here. I have no kids, no grand kids and don't give a pink flying fuck about anyone else's either. I play the hand dealt to me by the former inhabitants of the Earth, let them deal with what I leave them. One more time..."I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE!!!"
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