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  1. A perfect likeness of that Kardashian pig, dick and all.
  2. TBG 150


    DP ed, Rodent. Double Penetration. And it took an old pervert like me to tell you this 7 days later on a forum packed with a bunch of fappers that knew all along!
  3. You all can joke all that you want to. I do the same thing as Sturmchaser, just not all over the country. If I had a penny for every asshole that tries to be cute, cut the truck off and try to see if my brakes work, I could have retired long ago. Unfortunately, the person in the pick up probably isn't alive to tell his little story. Because there is no story one can only ASSume what the cause and effect were in that situation. I take off for TGiving week for a reason. That is one of them. People are out driving 3000 pound+ vehicles in manners not fitting the roads. They are drunk, stoned, on the phone, not paying one bit of attention to what is going on around them, yet the states give them a permit to operate said vehicles with little to no training at all. What should be law enforcement is non-existent. If there was a presence out there the idiots would not be driving 100 mph weaving in and out of traffic. But the states will tell you, it's not in the budget to hire more patrols. Yet, God forbid a truck driver gets a parking ticket. The company that he works for wants to crucify him and drug test him. Meanwhile at least 20% of the people on the roads today are intoxicated with not only alcohol, but who knows what other chemical their doctors prescribe to them. There are people driving right next to you that are diabetics that could black out at any second, yet a truck driver has to forfeit feeding his family if his blood sugar isn't right. I could go on for pages of the horror stories about the road. It's not the drivers fault he can't pull 80,000 lbs up the mountain as fast as your little shitbox can. You don't need to cut him off and slam on the brakes. You just may get someone like me that never touches the brakes. I just figure you don't care about me, why should I care about you. Besides, 80% of the trucks out there have dash cams and your actions are being recorded for the courts.
  4. The girl on the escalator is at the Dolphin Mall in SW Miami.
  5. Same reason New Orleans, is full of Liberals. It may be an easy way to get rid of them and all of their whining.
  6. That is the most intelligent first post I have ever seen on this board. Thanks mit. It is entirely true. Can you just imagine looking down and seeing Pelosi or Diane Frankenstein sucking you off?
  7. They are pulling their last string now. Like all the rest of the BS that the Dems have tried and failed at, this will be the failure that exposes them for what they really are. Totally useless.
  8. I wouldn't trade growing up in the 60's for anything. As a matter of fact, I should have grown up in the 50's like my sister did. She lived in one of the best times as a teen/young adult. Back then, just kissing a girl was the best. Now you have porn thrown in your face that hasn't even been invented yet. The fun in growing up is gone.
  9. Hey man...we ain't gotst no house, but wes got the Cadillac.
  10. That fun ended quickly. The kiddies couldn't handle someone telling them the truth that they were idiots with a down vote. Mommy...he/she/it, gave me a down vote on the forum that I look at dirty pictures on. Boo hoo hoo! 😭
  11. Thes...Libs don't have brains to train. Why do you think that every city/town/county/state that have these lunatics in charge, are all failing? The numbers don't lie. It's a proven fact.
  12. It won't be too much longer now. They really have nothing to offer that the other cam whore sites don't also offer for a whole lot less money. In RLC's beginning, they were fun to watch. Now it's the same old same old. There is nothing that any of them have to offer for their $30/month that you can't watch on a cam whore sites for free.
  13. No, Dave, it's the truth. Religion is a crutch for the weak minded. They need something to fall back on to substantiate their inane claims. Although it is a great way to get rich and not have to pay any taxes at all.
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