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  1. Like the word 'tattoo'. Just sayin'.
  2. Protesting is fine. But, are they burning and robbing stores? Are they destroying public and private property? Killing and wounding others? Only the savages that roam the streets of the US, both black and white, do this. Just another George Soros sponsored loony toon event.
  3. Throw the so-called Meds in the garbage and eat properly. You won't need them in 2-3 weeks. I'm 62, take no meds and never will.
  4. Just don't eat anything greasy and you'll be good. That genuine shine will kick your ass if you aren't careful.
  5. I think a few small compact munitions strategically placed or dropped will bring the situations under control. Then just drive through with a loader and dozer and dump the bodies in a big hole and cover it up. They are all nothing but savage beasts.
  6. You Libs and Dems are psychotic. Have you been to the grocery store lately? A decent cut of meat is up $6.00/lb over last week. Why? The media wants you to think that the processing plants are closing due to a virus. They temperature check every employee showing up for work. Over 1 degree above normal and they send them home and classify them as C-19 positive. WTF is that all about? The governments of the world want total control and they are on their way to getting it, because you, the populous, are letting them. A person dies of the flu, of cancer, of surgical complications, of old age and the list goes on and the doctors and hospitals are given a great sum of money to classify it as Covid-19. The sad truth is, you idiots fall for whatever the Lamestream media tells you, anywhere in the world. You refuse to believe anything else.
  7. So...one asshole cop does wrong. It's his superiors that should be questioned and fired along with him. He had 18 prior complaints lodged against him. How many cops both black and white have to kill a perpetrator that is white? Do white people get out and burn their city down, rob small businesses, overturn their neighbors cars? NO! Only the savages do. They are only using it as an excuse to rob, burn and pillage. That is why I label them savages. I know and work with many black men and women. These people think the way I do. They are aware that the savages are giving black people a bad name because of their actions. So don't start on the racial shit. You are a one sided blind person. Stick with the porn threads and keep your lack of intelligence out of here.
  8. I just parted out an 'H' Series Hammond identical to the one pictured there. That monster weighed 500 pounds.
  9. She was the first girl I ever saw on RLC. She was giving Anton an oil massage with candles all around. It was a very sensuous scene. To this day, she will always be my favorite. But, I also have a soft spot for tiny Asian women.
  10. All of that is just typical of inner city savages. Any excuse to rob and pillage the community.
  11. That was the first thing that I thought when reading the caption. Beaches in OK? Did a few other states drop off somewhere without my knowledge? I was going to look at a map, figuring there were some large lakes that I was unaware of. Just a bunch of rivers with some wide channels here and there.
  12. That shows the stupidity of all of this. One lone person fishing and three idiots walking right next to each other to chase the fisherman off of the beach.
  13. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that hates the ugly tattoos on the people. A small one on a butt cheek or something like that is okay but, these people make their entire body's canvases to some really ugly 'artwork'?.
  14. I kept waiting for the lizard to bite the guys tongue.
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