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  1. I used to see stuff like that almost every day. Not anymore since the popularity of the cell phone came about. It's hard to even get a panty flash anymore.
  2. Does anyone know how to stop the banner that opens when you open Chrome that notifies you of Flash being unsupported. It's annoying as hell. I'm thinking it has to be in one of Chromes browser updates, but you can't see them or the content of the update.
  3. If you live in a huge city environment, something of that size would be great. HOWEVER...You still have to charge it. Charging will be done through the local utility which generates its electricity from nuclear, coal, oil or natural gas. All of which have a more negative effect on the environment than the fuel hydrocarbons an internal combustion engine would have caused. Get you a 10 mile per gallon Cadillac and enjoy life. 😉
  4. I think the best was done by Arlo Guthrie.
  5. There were attached pictures. The same dude is seen at every 'rally/protest' and he's scoped out on purpose by the media to further the ANTIFA agenda. Reposting FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS ACTUALLY A WITNESS TO WHAT HAPPENED AT THE CAPITAL I was in the thick of the Rally & I want to give you an eyewitness of the true account. 1st Stage: Our Rally crowd consisted of a very peaceful crowd. Guess who was not in the crowd? The police! We knew Antifa would be there we were not protected. Antifa members came with microphones shouting sickening obscenities at people, targeting women, calling for
  6. There are a lot more than three. All the continents of the world have places that I'm sure almost anyone wouldn't want to be born. Maybe even Antarctica would top that list simply due to the weather. 😉 Then again, there is always the political ones with no sense at all.
  7. I'd like to hook up with Harley's recipe for brisket. Dem der Texans know how to smoke the meat! I just don't have a smoker. I can keep the grille at 200F or below if I prop open the lid a bit.
  8. He never posted one. This may be the only thread that HFB stays out of trouble in. 😄
  9. It's good thread Naga. It's also the only one with traffic in the general forums other than the children over in the political section. They'll never stop.
  10. I never had it with cubed beef, only ground. Sounds interesting. Finely chunked sirloin would cook up the best, unless it sat there and cooked for the whole day, then anything works. And yes, refried beans go with Mexican and Cuban foods. They are stomach turning to me and I love hispanic food.
  11. Jeez...7 pages of childish bickering in a day and a half. You guys really need to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine.
  12. You and my wife would have a brawl to see who could eat them first. Just like you said with the ham and cornbread. She's a Southern girl. She also loves Pinto beans and cornbread the same way. I just don't do a lot of bean types very well. She'll make me chili without the beans just so I'll eat some. Otherwise, I don't have any desire. Same with Mexican food. I love it, just keep the beans out of it.
  13. I wouldn't eat them on a bet.
  14. It can't be done. RLC uses your IP address to follow your account. There can't be more than one IP.
  15. Wouldn't go near that noise. It hurts my ears.
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