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What do men talk about??????

van the man

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Guest Squirrel



Barbeque. Yes, even we discuss cooking and recipes. We just do it in a more manly way.


Hard liquor.

Philosophy. Yes, we discuss that.

Science fiction writers.

Tools. Even hand tools.


ZZ Top and George Thorogood & the Destroyers. We don't discuss figure skating or ballet. We have balls.

More tools; usually this regards power tools that we sneak into the garage while the wife isn't looking.

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Guest Squirrel

I don't talk about sports or politics. I have no interest in sports nor do I have an interest in peoples' opinions in political matters.

Other topics include music and TV shows mainly.

No politics? No sports?

Damn, I should hang out with you.

That would lower my blood pressure substantially.

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Guest Squirrel

I try to avoid politics, and nearly all sports.

I like most kinds of motor sports, and don't mind watching a good game of rugby, because my girlfriend is a fan of that code.

Rugby is like Roller Ball. Extremely violent.

Sounds like your girlfriend must be exotically fun!

(I'm a Yankee so I don't know what the rules are in Rugby. I've decided that there aren't any. When I've seen it played, I've decided I'm right about this. I have known female rugby players. They didn't follow any rules, either!)

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Guest Squirrel

I don't believe in the off-side rule, in any sport.

It slows the game down. Not that I know what an off-side rule really is: but when it's called, I just go get another beer.

And for my sports, I prefer naked women, vegetable oil, or mud involved.

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Guest Squirrel

Jelly with Leora; soup with Nora; a big ham bone for Alma; Alina's a fortune cookie; Lora is, well, pregnant. I guess she needs pickles.

Isabel would be hot sauce.

I'll take jelly and soup; you can chow down the rest, while Maya puts on her maid outfit and cleans up after us.... :D

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