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  1. Looks like that has been extended to other Nations, and spoofing the I.P. does not help as they wont allow anonymous viewing, Members only from now on it seems as noted in my Post elsewhere.
  2. It looks like they have locked out viewing the free cams for non members on RLC as I and a number of others have noted. The message displayed on the screen basically requires viewers to subscribe to be able to see the cams again. Posting an old link that still works for now - http://reallifecam.com/en/view/03_1 Clearly they don't want people to see the site unless paying, but potential customers wont be able to see it either.
  3. Not a fan of Lima, she resembles a drugged up Lyndsey Lohan, and Malena has a sour face until she smiles, the small brunette is nice though.
  4. Nice pics, pity most can only be seen by paying members, so I can't see them. I don't drop in often enough to worry about a paid membership anymore.
  5. It's flat and she has no muscle tone.
  6. I'm wondering if the blonde guy will get caught tonight cheating or if him and his girlfriend are just going to have hot sex in the lounge room tonight. While Masha and his girlfriend went out, Masha's "little sister"? was cooking and the guy was standing with his arms around her, and she kissed him a couple of times. When the other two came back they act like nothing happened.
  7. Maybe they have, just not in that apartment. Hector might be able to see the website and see what they are up to in there.
  8. Hector's jealous, and his friend is scared of him. Suzan is flirting with the friend and moves away when Hector comes in to the room. I think she wants him, if she hasn't already fucked him. Hector and her have had some big arguments because of his suspicions already. The guest and Suzan would make a better couple, they are so cute together, and Hector just seems evil. IMO.
  9. But at least her tits are on her chest where they are meant to be, I like big breasts too, but not on a girls stomach.
  10. I saw that too, not being a premium member I missed the fight in the bedroom, but the two guys, although they sat silently together in the lounge room after, didn't seem upset with each other.
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