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ı look for a video pleaseee !

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Guest Squirrel

Awwww, rose petals on the bed, how romantic.

I wonder if that was her idea or his, and was it one of their birthdays or a special occasion?

It was her idea, and he did it to please her. That gave him latitude to continue on his usual progress (deprogress) in his life. He was hedging his bets. Covering all his bases, so to say.

The man is multitasking. I don't do modern video games myself; I can't do the button thing. I prefer using a single joystick. Atari; Commodore; Amiga: I date myself.

Alma is a fine woman; not my primary type, but others love her; I'd be thrilled to please her in my younger days; that's good enough. Video games, no. Alma is superior to any modern video game yet devised. She needs only a single joystick and a well-timed trigger button to operate.

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