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RULES - Please Read Before Proceeding

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 Global Rules

(Applicable to all Forums and Boards Unless Otherwise Noted)

(1) First and Foremost it's important to remember that Tenants of any Voyeur Apartment Site that we Host on CamCaps.net, the respective Voyeur Sites have tenants living in the confines of these apartments and sharing their daily lives and they do not use their actual first names. The names they have are given by the Site Operators of the Respective Voyeur Site. This is done for the security and the well being of their tenants and their safety. Topics are created in each apartment and anything posted in those topics should pertain as to what goes on inside the confines of the apartments. Once the tenant(s) step outside the apartment that is their own personal lives and what they do in their own personal lives outside of the apartment confines shall not be discussed in open forum boards of any apartment.   

(2) There is to be no stalking, harassing or posting sensitive material whether that may be personal and/or professional account information of any apartment tenant and/or any CamCaps.net member.  This includes photographs and/or videos from VK, Facebook, Instagram and such sites that are similarly related of personal information in nature.

(3) When in Private Messaging (PM) make sure that any information discussed PM stays and keeps in that manner and is not to be brought out into open forum boards.  Do not publicly broadcast your discoveries. Whatever is discussed in PM stays in PM.

(4) There is to be no spamming, such as posting links to nefarious websites, posting of illegal content or posting of any Hacking Tools, .EXE Files or Java Scripts.

(5) If you wish to view Premium Cams of any Voyeur Apartment website then purchase the required membership. Do not beg or ask any member of the CamCaps.net forum for such information as to sharing their accounts.

(6) Treat all Administrators and Moderators with respect.

(7) Do not Flame-Bait, Flame, and/or Attack Other Member’s Comments or Tenants Actions Without Explaining Yourself.

(7a) Members who cannot seem to get along with one another. If a member finds another members posts annoying then there is an option within each members personal profile settings called ignore. Within that you will see options of how to ignore members. Please use it that's what it is there for. 

(7b) There has been far too many disruptions as of late within forum topics of apartments and these disruptions have to stop once and for all. If one does not like another members posts you have the option to ignore that member. If you wish to call that member out then take it over to Rants and Flames and air your grievance and have it out there. Any disruption in the forum apartment topics such as flaming, flame baiting will be met with warnings and time away from posting activities for all who get involved. It's fine to critique another members posts but do so in a constructive way using socially acceptable language. If that cannot be done then it's imperative to ignore the member.

(8) Do not utilize Third Party File Services that pay you per click, such as ul.to, or other sites of similar nature.

(9) Treat Others and Their Comments and/or Quotes with Respect. Especially in the RLC, VHTV, VoyeurHouse, Camarads, and Old Dudes Threads. 

Treat other Members and Tenants with respect. It's fine to disagree with another's opinion or to critique the actions of tenants, but do so in constructive ways using socially acceptable language.


(Complaints about this Rule Change can be Posted in the Rants & Flame Wars Thread)

Any Violation of the Rules will Result in Warnings Given with a Possibility of being Having Forum Privileges Revoked for a Specified Time or being Banned Depending on the Severity of what had Transpired.


The only exception to this Rule is in Rants & Flame Wars Located in the General Discussion Forum.


The specific rules for this board are at:


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