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utc's New Year's Quiz 2020

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1. Who gave a lapdance in B2 on new year's eve last year?

2. What motif did Aleksander the violent electrician have on his t-shirt in B2 and B4?

3. What are the names of Diane's and Olya's guys at "La Gran Fiesta"

Clue: C & R

4. From what movie is this script? (I have changed the name of the characters..)

Clue: it's not one of RLC's scripts..

Holly: - Do you like what you see?

Bogdan: - I love what I see.

Holly: - Would you like to touch what you see?

Bogdan: - Yes. Yes I would.

Holly: - Would like to go out with me?

Bogdan: - Uh-huh. Yes I would.

Holly: - Would you like to fuck me?

Bogdan: - Bingo.

Holly: - Well then let's see what you've got.

It doesn't interest me. Nothing there.

Bogdan: - Nothing there?

Just exactly, what would interest you? Something the size of a jumbo jet?

Holly: - Have you been circumcised?

Bogdan: - Yeah, I have. Why?

Holly: - Well, your doctor must have cut a big portion of it off.

Bogdan: - No. He was a good doctor.

Holly: - Good doctors make mistakes too.

The first who posts five correct answers in the comments or pm wins a cancelled flight to Barcelona with Ukraine International Airlines.

Good Luck and Happy New Year everyone!


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