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  1. ..and Gina swapped a lawyer for this guy lol
  2. Not really, it's more than 5 km between B1 and B5..
  3. Reply to Happyman88: "Little by little; Viv’s almost there in fact showing more and more if the last hour is anything to go by and she looks superb 😍 it reminds me a bit how Candy was. She started slowly but then blossomed big time only to be spoiled by that domineering arsehole of a so called boyfriend that came stay. Just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Viv 🤞" Same with Jasmin.. She was really shy her first stay and it seemed like RLC was nothing for her. On her last stay she was fucked in the ass by Jimbo who was three times her size.. We have seen remarkable changes of so
  4. Martina. Alberto, Nelly and Bogdan uses their real names..
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