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Luna & Zac - home activities topic #5

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3 minutes ago, Barni said:

I'm afraid that when the guest is gone, the house will be boring 

I agree, but she cannot stay, she has crossed the line. She has to be family or she would be gone. Don't think things will change even after a talking to..

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12 minutes ago, Daleys said:

Luna had a phone call a few minutes ago and she said she was talking to her boyfriend Zac and she was saying and Zac that they don't want her to be there anymore and Luna was happy because she said HAHA. Then Zac said they have helped her enough. Luna then said what is happening with her because she is there and they aren't talking to each other. Luna then said she is pissed she ate her Banana and Cereal and Zac knows about it.

She then went on and said her exams has been cancelled.

Thanks😎.Dont know if its from my sound but is hard to listen the talks.Gess we gona lose guest soon as expected.

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