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Absolutely agree with your sentiments Scutus.....But!! Is this the same Masterchef56 ( of three stooges fame ) who logically in a previous thread told HER that she had put on a few kilo's, and that her thighs and butt were bigger and told her to go to the gym three times weekly? I'm sure Leora was thankful and appreciative of his advice, just the sort of logic any woman would be glad to hear.  But I'm sure he is not trying to " Live her life " for her is he.🤔 Pardon me also for tr

masterchef56, Trying to be logical with this " never, ever,  to be happy " group. Is like trying to drive railroad spikes with a rubber hammer !   But, thank you very much for trying.  Leora is trying to enjoy her  "real life ".    It is a shame that some of her viewers do not spend more time  trying to enjoy " their, real life ". Instead of trying to live hers, for her.  Pardon me, Now I am trying to be logical !  

There is a common denominator in most of the abusive remarks on the forum toward other members........You've guessed it....The Skunk !!

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