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  1. What exactly are you expecting for your $50 actually? You can get a subscription for 19.95 for 30 days but I digress .
  2. Not watching what's taking place, but if you here her say Pasha she's talking to Paul or what sounds like eba or yeba she's talking about the dog. Easy to figure out if she's talking to him without knowing the language or hearing his voice.
  3. Lol I just heard this the other night Redd Forman of that 70`s show said it to someone.
  4. Lol I've offered a few times myself only to be met with a chuckle 😢
  5. Can't disagree with you, but sometimes it's not always feasible unless you consider Skype which is a little closer.
  6. Right. That I am aware of no one knows her in person, but I am of the mind you can get to know someone talking to them even without meeting. I wouldn't date or marry someone I've only ever talked to without ever meeting. You can become good friends or acquaintances just by talking.
  7. She's pretty bright and intelligent woman. I believe she has a good head on her shoulders now although a few years ago I would have questioned that. I don't think this is a rebound situation. I just don't get that vibe from her. While most only see her as a piece of meat (her words not mine) I see her for a lot more than that, but then again I am biased having had many a conversation with her and Paul. This is not to brag I'm not the only person to have had that privilege. She's young and enjoying some things she missed out on in my opinion while committed to Paul. Still we can only speculate what's happening when she walks out that door.
  8. This conversation is far better than some that have appeared here lately.
  9. Yes of course it's exaggerated and honesty I almost wrote yes I know it's exaggerated in that comment 😂
  10. I always find it intriguing that two people can be watching or see the same exact thing and come up with two wildly different opinions as to what they just seen sometimes adding things that never happened. Just an observation.
  11. She's a female. Leora herself will change clothes 100 times before she settles for one particular outfit. Malia probably wasn't feeling it so she decided to change. If you can figure women out please clue us all in.
  12. If there was any friction as you say that could be do to someone only wanting to lay around and watch the iPad all the time or other things the original tennant is not used to doing so often. Sometimes you need a little separation no matter how much you love the other person, friend or family. The original tennant has broken the chains of being suppressed from back in Russia and is now out making new friends and enjoying all that Prague has to offer after all I believe this will be her new home where she eventually settles down.
  13. I understand you put if , but do you really think with these two being best friends Malia had no clue to what was going on?
  14. I would go so far as to say Malia knew of Leora's plans for the weekend. You're interpting her putting her negligee on and then changing clothes into Leora needs to tell her friend what plans she has. That's a stretch.
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