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  1. Pepe

    Delete my Account

    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave 😄
  2. What happens socialism stays in socialism 😂
  3. All the Russian RLC apartments are gone. Only one that can answer your question is RLC or Leora and Paul themselves good luck getting anywhere with that.
  4. She may be gone but never forgotten. There is a slim chance that we may see her again, but I won't hold my breath others might if they get to close to me. 😂
  5. Actually he was sent to Antarctica and was told only to bring his shorts and a pair of flip flops so he can lay out on the beach.
  6. In Leora's case she was horniest the week leading upto her cycle.
  7. The last date was right before they went premium. Leora the Goddess has joined the order of the fluffy tailed woodland sect as the Supreme leader. She now only performs rituals of cuddles and pets for only the fluffy tailed. Signed by: Third in command Pepe the black and white striped one.
  8. They can't tell you anything because there's nothing to tell.
  9. I am working with Bitcoin or berries of your choice. I forgot to edit my original post to include that was a bi-weekly subscription. In order to see fuzzy thumbnails you must by 2000 tokens for 10 minutes of viewing after that the window closes until you purchase another 2000 tokens or you can simply add 50000 for the low low price 39.95 a 13% discount.
  10. Yes I have found her working on a site with Squirrel and Skunk use to be Squirrel and Moose, but Moose passed away unexpectedly. Send me $29.95 and I will make sure you have access too!
  11. I think he wanted to know when was she choked and lifted off the floor.
  12. I like that, one less dime in their pocket
  13. Actually I should probably be Garfield as lasagna is my favorite food.
  14. Oh on IOS the Fisher Price of Phones. I use the more superior Android phone.
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