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  1. Does that mean that Maya went with her? god forbid it would only be P
  2. 2 more apartments went under maintenance
  3. Maybe RLC sold their apartments off to one of the other Cam sites?
  4. No I do not think so because Maya's cam is down they live in the same town.
  5. Putin is at it again probably blocking the internet or part of the experiment for Russia only internet.
  6. The only weight you lift is the pound of lasagna from your bowl to your lips. She comes out to make sure you're not able to waddle your tubby butt threw the door 🤣
  7. All this talk of Russia what if they never come back on line again.
  8. At least the two of us together could fit in the drawer. You're so tubby they keep you on the balcony 😁
  9. Now that security is down while all three of the tenants are away being questioned I can get things done around the apartment like chew up some wires on Paul's equipment and maybe get moved into the bedroom closet and out of the panty drawer. Living with this squirrel and he's nuts all over the place has been a nightmare to say the least and he smells funny.
  10. It's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know. 🤣
  11. Really you ask that. I am 99 percent sure the flowers were not from him I could tell by the way they were reading the card. Balloons not so sure about. 😂
  12. I honestly don't think he has bought either of these.
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