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  1. It really doesn't play well when you look in Paul's naked on the bed kissing and hugging the dog
  2. Started in the guest room and ended in the bathroom
  3. It might be a little while but I think chances are good unless the dark cloud arises.
  4. She should move to the living room for closer view
  5. She was up early (for her) 1130 and left shortly after he followed I think a few hours later don't think he has been asleep since yesterday so both are probably worn out.
  6. I can barely control myself ??
  7. Because I don't watch the others so I don't care.
  8. She is entertaining he brings nothing to the project other than to take up space and suck up oxygen.
  9. How about some double action with two toys
  10. Her milk shake brings all the boys to the yard.
  11. I think I will become a Dinosaur... I will be called alickalotapuss
  12. I bet that taste sweeter than honey
  13. Ohhhhhhhh! Pubic hair. Phhhttt
  14. What is this public hair as to which you speak?