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  1. I don't smell any worse than the dark cloud.
  2. With any luck we can get back to the days when the sun shined in this apartment for weeks upon weeks and sometimes months without a dark cloud. As you said she might be sad for a day or two until she realizes how much freedom she really has as she has shown the past few weekends as far as being alone she always has Pepe to keep her company and a few other fluffy tailed creatures and she might even be able to see beyond those four walls and not be so blind. Sometimes you need people on the outside help you,who see things that you have become blind too because you're to close to it. You would think I have ulterior motives to some degree I do, but I do genuinely care.
  3. Fringe benefits, the French have nothing to do with it. Lol
  4. Enjoy the view guys I am off to sleep. Happy Easter.
  5. No complaints from Pepe, would have like to seen more on camera but it just made the tease that much hotter.
  6. She must be waiting on Pepe to return... Let's go have some fun.
  7. I've hung on longer than I should have. Later guys.
  8. Put her in front of windmill she could power all of Russia.
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