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  1. Hey buddy no one wants to hear about your boyfriend.... hahaha
  2. You can block me all you want, but I'm still here living in your head 😜. I feel privileged to be blocked by you, but then again I'm pretty sad 😔 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are you a premium member and support this forum? No I didn't think so. I was never privileged to get my own thread in the forum 🤔 I wonder why that is that you did.
  3. As long as you stay away from behind the sheep 🐑.... hahaha
  4. Don't tell anyone I sent this to you 🤣
  5. I think they are reading your comments and either laughing 😂 or trying not to vomit 🤮..... hahaha
  6. As far as me being Snoop I have no problem admiting that, but most already knew that just by my writing style.
  7. The last option is the one she will choose seeing how you mentioned it... hahaha
  8. I think brian to hard to see something that's not there 🤣
  9. While Iwishicould could agree with what's being said about the apartment and the view. Those who have been around the forum for years, can you honestly say that you agree that both of them were dancing for an audience outside the front room window?
  10. Yes this is the person I would trust to get my information from the same one that just the other day claimed the girls were dancing for an audience outside of living room window. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If you actually knew where they lived you would know that's impossible without a telescope 🔭. So take what information is given here with a grain of salt especially if they are attempting to translate the language.
  11. Doesn't make it right. I am not saying you shouldn't share anything translated, but use your better judgment it's called common decency.
  12. This forum thread and most who participate are a lost cause. I thought most of you would have a little decorum.
  13. I totally disagree with sharing some information. Let's say for instance I over you talking about not being able to get a hard on. You wouldn't have a problem with me telling everyone. Or your wife likes to suck cock whlie making you stick a vibrator up your ass. Or secretly you like piss yourself because it's exciting or you like to wear diapers and be spanked by big hairy women are personal things I over heard you say in public ok to share with anyone? Your kids, wife, boss, people you work with or maybe it's OK if you go to church I share with everyone there. Just because we hear something does not make it ok to share with everyone else. @daerjohn2015 @lwisthis is not pointed directly at you.
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