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Stefan packing?

Guest frenchmytoast

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Guest frenchmytoast

It looks as if Stefan is packing, or something, I can't see what's on his bed but it looks like a duffel bag. Is he?

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Guest big stick33

Does anyone think this douche bag is REALLY going to leave.

he's got a girl that loves him,and that he can boss around

she fixes his food

cleans up the apartment

comes and goes when he wants

can bring home and hug other girls

and can ignore her by staying up all night on the computer and  sleeping all day.

even when the computer was in the hallway he spent almost all of his awake hours on it then.

when the HELL is she going to pull her head  out of her ass and put her foot down.

the reason he treat's her this way is because she let's him.

it maybe hard on her at first ,but she will get over it.

Alma i don't know if you read these posts or even know about it,but if you do i believe i speak for a lot of people on here.

                                KICK HIS ASS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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