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Happy birthday to all trolls 10 years old

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3 hours ago, Hard on chris said:

Who is the no 1

Been on here since  2013 not wanked out yet but years ago everybody was a lot friendly  now the CUNTS are here  I'm sorry stncld but they are no friendly  banter  anymore if Donald was here we know what he would with say


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Y en a plein, les nommer est trop fastidieux, mais je pense qu'ils se reconnaitront, j'ai toujours pensé qu' ils étaient de RLC pour donner des informations fausses, c'est leur méthode, ou faire semblant

d'aimer ce qu'ils  voient ( spectacles lesbos mis en scène ect....) et surtout d'être agressif voir plus envers ceux qui les contredisent.

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Chris most people think your crazy 🤣

Melbourne is my home town and I love the place and pre-covid-19 all the big bands plays in Melbourne. Not sure your into great guitar players but if you are you'll love this. 

P.S I was at this concert, there's not many I miss.



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