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Bella & Leo (2022) Part #1

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Aujourd'hui, le 13 janvier, Bella fait chambre à part avec Léo. C'est la 1ère fois. Hier, un copain de Léo était là et Bella se laisser caresser avec les 2 mecs, sans aucun soucis ni pour l'un ni pour l'autre! Il s expérimentais un trio caressant juste pour une 1ère fois, et tout c'est bien passé. Mais, ce soir, une discussion a eu lieu et Bella a décidé de dormir seule dans le lit, et Léo dans le canapé.  

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They're still in Ukraine 

t’s shame you cannot get to Poland as they are setting up many places here to house people from Ukraine, we have been doing it ourselves today calling friends in the region and making a list of free places.

The biggest problem as you say is getting out of the country as another place on here Emili & Stayls are trying to get out of the country but found the taxi fare was crazy to get to the border of Moldova and then later onto Poland.

Not sure this is true, but one of the posters on that apartment said they are stopping all men from 18 to 60 from leaving the country and they were being turned away at the Moldovan border. But there are many rumours about.

I think you are making the right decision, but also try to make a contingency plan i.e. buy an old car or something like that, so that you have options. 



Bella_LeoVHTV Participant


It’s true. They pick all the man 18-30 for sure at the borders, even streets and will deliver them to the army straight to the battle line

So we are staying home quietly and searching for a new appartment to rent urgently if tomorrow will be more bombs

Leo and Tony have no chance to leave the country and even move from one city to another inside Ukraine

It’s disturbing, but that is a fact - we are staying in and will do everything day by day to protect ourselves

I will try to get a “fake” certificate stating that I am pregnant at my gynecologist. If a wife is on 3rd and more - they will not take her husband to the army, but that works in the conditions of peace in the country. But anyway, I will try everything if there is like 50% that it will work.

Leo also has asthma as a thing that makes you unfit for the army, we will try to get the documents for that

Tony had a sertificate about him being exemption from the army due to health, we will have to refresh this documents

There is 3 of us here and all the arguments in the past - now they seem ridiculous and useless to us)

we went through panic attacks this morning and a reassessment of values happened. We stay positive, protect each other and keep together)



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