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The hazard of a blackout


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Right at this moment, German dumpster politicians do everything possible to run into a blackout this winter. Because we have an European electricity grid, other European countries can easily be affected, too, by a blackout.

Of course, this could have severe effects on the RLC project. No electricity, no food, no water, no heating, etc.

Especially for the people of Barcelona, and other RLC countries, too: What have you already heard of from authorities and your local news? Save electricity, save water, prep with food & water? In Germany they ordered a part of the army to be ready when it comes to a crisis. Riots are expected with food shortages. There goes the rumour, that local authorities are already preparing food stamps for the people. In my neighbourhood people who have their own houses with a chimney are preparing fire wood for heating.


What's the status outside?


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