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These girls need to go


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1 – (Need to get rid of) Shantal, still not showing anything worthwhile, still covering up with blanket. When she first participated in this site, was there any rules and regulations for everybody? Never see her with a man or woman, whatever her preference is unless she goes out and do what she does.
2 – (Need to get rid of) Tani, She shows a lot. Since her and the other guy broke up from the site Nelly and Bogdan is on, since he hasn’t been back you never see her with a man or woman. She just went away for awhile and she got the freeloader that stays in her room so she must’ve did something on the outside wherever she went with that guy.
3 – (Need to get rid of) Gloria and Ashley,  especially the one that acts like a sex maniac. I don’t know which one, but you know who I’m talking about, the one that likes to run around with her underwear on or nothing at all.
4 – (Need to get rid of) Zara and Dana, They definitely need to go. No men or women in their life, they think by doing what they do and dancing they’ll keep people watching them. You gotta do more than that, that’s the 2nd time since they’ve been there that happened.
5 – (Need to get rid of) Aziza, You never see her with anybody else doing anything, just the sex maniac from Nelly and Bodgan’s site and the blonde Mohican guy but I don’t blame him. I just don’t like how all these girls want to have sex with the same guy, even Wendy. They don’t think about any STD’s or anything?

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