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Could it be male chauvinism, hunger, or simply an obsession of sorts, that draws me to the kitchen where the women are (or should be)?  This thread may well fall under the category of "stupid threads," but it would be awesome to see it filled with all kinds of kitchen activities, whether it be cooking, cleaning, etc. 

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Guest noralover

I do most of the cooking in our house but there is something particularly attractive about a woman in the kitchen. When my partner dons her apron and gets to work I can feel the heat rising.........incidentally, she used to have a similar thing about men driving cars (which was good for me as I did most of the driving......LOL)

Nora in the kitchen floats my boat (or makes my bread rise) every time .... :D

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Guest 862286

Sweet indeed Calang. Like NL says, there's something attractive about a woman in the kitchen, especially in underwear. Very sexy.. 8)

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Yes, very sexy.  I posted these pics in their respective threads, but decided to repost them here because after all they are in the kitchen.  Even Lina Slob, and Nora just waking up, look good in the kitchen.  Ariel, also looks good standing by the stove.  Now Lora.  One thing I love about Lora is that when she steps into the kitchen, that woman is clean.  She's washed, clean, hair done, tidy, spic n' spanned, etc.  I would be crazy happy with a woman like her, and a few ripples in her buttockal area wouldn't bother me either, lol  ;D 




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