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Aziza leaving Suck the Life out of B4.

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Now I was one of those guys that said, clean out B4. There wasn't any hate towards Aziza. I though they needed a new start in B4? Man I was wrong, when she left it suck the life out of B4. It's so boring there in B4. But Rachel is cute and has potential. Aya I like her her style. She laid back and she's nice to look at. Lialia she ok, Tani when she there, she nice to look at too. OKs in my opinion, she a RLC Robot. I know that's harsh but come on, She's so predictable what she's going to do. She's on the phone 24/7. She gets naked and goes laid on the bed and angle her pussy at the camera, in the same position for 40 minutes or more. Whenever any guys come over, she loses her clothes wanting some attention. Or she walk around naked all the freakin time. Like I said it's just my opinion. I like it when the girls are more natural. When they just don't angle themselves right at the cameras. But hey, they're here to make money. Aziza didn't do that, she was natural in from of the Cams. Well, somebody has some big shoes to fill?🙂

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